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  1. Skidder1

    Poole Pirates 2020

    They are probably the extra catering caravans in case the glass grandstand/ restaurant isn't functioning?!
  2. Skidder1


    Perhaps they haven't realised that a 1930 meeting start time actually means no earlier than 1945hrs?!
  3. Bearing in mind where some of the riders are travelling from, we still don't know the confirmed line-ups? It surely wouldn't happen that the full 1-7s are announced and then on the day several rider changes (guests/rr etc) are confirmed - would it?!
  4. Skidder1

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    The snooker was one of the official 'trial' events, as was the music event in Liverpool at the weekend. Some of the upcoming football matches are also 'official trials' to test out safety aspects. Everyone attending will have been tested for Covid. Presumably they will be checked over the next 2-3 weeks to see that there isn't any upsurge of the virus.
  5. Skidder1

    Jon Cook RIP

    Such a shock and very sad for all concerned. Jon would often drop into Poole Stadium on matchdays if he was going to or from the West Country for his surfing. We always had a chat having worked with him on one of the indoor meetings. A good friend to Matt Ford - see his words on Poole website - RIP Jon.
  6. Skidder1


    Like everyone else - waiting for the final confirmation that speedway can/will start.
  7. Skidder1


    I thought all this weekends extraliga meetings were cancelled due to weather forecast?! If Premier/Freesports are still showing meetings on todays TV schedule then I guess they are re-runs of last week?
  8. Skidder1

    Poole Pirates 2020

    With confirmation about Step 3 on 17th May still to be announced, I note all Prem clubs are going live with their online ticket sales from 11th May at 0900hrs, presumably based on a nudge nudge wink wink from Govt by 10th May. Expect those remaining Championship clubs to make their announcements on a similar timescale - if not sooner.
  9. So all Prem tickets available online from 9.00am on 11th May.
  10. Skidder1

    Ipswich 2020

    Do you mean Nicolai??
  11. Skidder1

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Bjarne 2nd top-scored with 11+1 in the away defeat at Holsted!! (Masters only scored 5)
  12. Skidder1

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Lee quoted in Speedy Star as 'fully expecting to be back at Swindon for 2022'!
  13. Skidder1


    I think the start of the Swedish League has been deferred to June!
  14. Surely a change of normal rules for a less than normal season?! Maybe for TV meetings as the last thing TV would want is to see a couple of 'wobblers' (no disrespect to NL riders) in addition to the rising stars.
  15. The big question is whether both teams will have a full 1-7 or if guests will be in demand. Should be interesting bearing in mind 5 of the 6 Premiership teams are due to be racing that night!

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