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  1. Well that was impressive all round…Discovery certainly took the sport forward with that production..and Kelvin Tatum and Chris Louis were excellent Everything looked very professional and a great advert for speedway its up to the other riders to compete with Zmarzlik and I for one never tire of watching him ride and he is probably the most exciting rider I have watched since my time of starting watching in the mid 70s
  2. Bruiser

    Belle Vue 2022

    I’m from Manchester and not a City or United fan but no doubt United are a way way bigger club than City …..sits back and waits for the abuse !…true though its obvious Belle Vue had signed Zagar before the season start and were waiting on visa confirmation so signed Jake Allen on a 28 day contract to cover the delay….I can’t see any rules broken and surely it’s better for all supporters to see a rider like Zagar visit their track …I know I’m really pleased to see riders like Jason Doyle back and riders like Musielak ride here and for me the more real top level elite riders ride here the better
  3. Bruiser


    Seemingly I am in the minority but I made several visits to Halifax for matches against Belle Vue, Test matches and occasional other matches and I thought it was a poor race track…very very fast and very very processional…even videos I have since watched back show the same to me…..Odsal was a far superior track in my opinion
  4. They had agreed a deal with Bewley who as a GP rider would not have been cheap so Zagar would be in the similar pay scale so they obviously can do it…and with a top 5 with Etheridge and Allen in it they are going to have a fan drop off so Zagar would definitely stop that and attract others
  5. Bruiser

    Belle Vue 2022

    Quite rightly it was voted out as well…would have been a disaster for British speedway if it hadn’t.
  6. Bruiser

    Belle Vue 2022

    I don’t think the Belle Vue side is at all bad when compared to others…a lot depends on the final rider and if that’s ok then it’s an incredibly good and attractive team in my book
  7. Bruiser

    Olympic Commentators

    I really disliked Peter York’s on field commentary….however years ago I used to watch racing at Claremont in Australia and the on track commentary was superb and really added to the night…..it never works over here though
  8. Bruiser

    Olympic Commentators

    I have not seen much of the Winter Olympics but I have no problem at all with Nigel Pearson and Kelvin Tatum…at least they sound enthusiastic and try and promote racing to a casual viewer….and producers want enthusiasm in commentary now, times have changed from old style commentary so if you don’t follow then you are replaced.
  9. I have to be honest and say I used to read BackTrack years ago and really enjoyed it…I have re subscribed after many years and it’s a shadow of what it was…I can skim it in 5 minutes , very disappointed
  10. I must admit I never saw Ravn being a dirty rider, he would lock up on corners sometimes but that was his riding and definitely not deliberate….Evitts was definitely quite dirty at times in my opinion and not an easy rider to ride with as a team mate for me……but I honestly cannot remember that incident with Ravn..I obviously wasn’t there
  11. Bruiser

    Belle Vue 2022

    People seem to know for a fact it’s Belle Vue, or know for a fact is not Belle Vue and it’s Denmark ….I love people who know things as fact before anything happens. !!……..nobody in Perth seems to know so I think we can only wait until anything is announced officially tomorrow and only then will anything be fact
  12. Bruiser

    Belle Vue 2022

    He certainly knows Sheffield really well, Wolves he rode for and I know he likes Kings Lynn and Peterborough….I don’t think he’d have any trouble getting around Ipswich so that’s every track sorted !……barring injuries it should be great for him
  13. Bruiser

    Belle Vue 2022

    I don’t think Eastbourne when they came to Hyde Road and lost 64-14 thought the track was brilliant !!……there were certainly some teams and riders that did struggle there but generally I think it was a track , if you were a proper rider, that riders did really enjoy racing at and the same for the new Belle Vue , although Jason Crump said he really enjoyed the fact not many riders looked forward to coming to Kirky Lane gave him and the team a big home track advantage and that’s something the team doesn’t have now
  14. Bruiser


    I have Sky Q and you do get 12 months free of Discovery plus in the apps section…however it is Discovery Plus Entertainment package Sky give for free and not Discovery Plus Entertainment and Sports so you don’t get all the live sport….Discovery Plus website when you log in tells you that your package is provided by Sky and to upgrade you need to contact Sky….that is purely for Sky Q ….I haven’t bothered as there’s nothing on it currently worth watching if I’m honest that would warrant an upgrade
  15. Bruiser

    NSS - South Stand

    All the five-1 shows are on Spotify…..The Five-1 speedway show in search……the 2 Chris Morton ones are there

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