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  1. Bruiser

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    I think under the circumstances with 6 teams in the league it's not a bad option to cancel the next 2 and stage them after the 19 July when I'm totally certain restrictions will have been lifted... Its a shame as I have just started going again after over 25 years away !.... I thought there was actually a good crowd for the Peterborough match I went to which was sold out so if they can get all them plus the extra allowed then it looks quite rosy for Belle Vue at least... I hope all other clubs can ride out the storm until 19 July.
  2. Bruiser

    Interviews by Lee Ashby - David's Son

    Just to mention, I have just watched the current Sam Ermolenko interview and I have to say it was really good, possibly the best one so far and well recommended.
  3. Bruiser

    Dave Jessup Book

    Thank you….I have now just subscribed…I have been a fan since the 70’s and then on the other side of the fence as such when my brother in law rode in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s so I should like these I think ….cheers
  4. Bruiser

    Joe Owen NL was he the best…?

    I used to like the Old National League and it certainly had some good riders in it…Joe and Tom Owen were almost invincible for a while and Tom was happy to stay at that level as he had business commitments and was earning really good money at speedway as well..fair play to that… we followed Belle Vue but used to visit Ellesmere Port a bit and John Jackson, Steve Finch and Louis Carr were almost invincible as a heat leader trio round there. I was always surprised that some really big scorers in the National League back then seemed to struggle in British League outings whilst some took it in their stride and did ok.
  5. Bruiser

    Masks or no masks

    I went to Belle Vue v Peterborough and you wore a mask entering the stadium and going to the bar and food van but you never had to wear it sat in your seat…seats were pretty booked and distanced anyway with ticks showing the sold seats. So no issue there.
  6. I booked for this right after the last televised match via the Belle Vue site and got the e tickets within seconds...looking forward to this...not been to a live meeting since my brother in law stopped riding nearly 30 years ago !!......I have been a TV watcher since and now my 16 year old really fancied going after we watched the Sheffield match on TV so we are going.....weather is glorious and will be tomorrow...I just hope all riders make it there to ride...Shows sold out on the Belle Vue site now , albeit limited capacity so that’s good.
  7. Bruiser

    Dave Jessup Book

    Same..just read on kindle..I thought it was pretty dull..basically just running out a lot of stats ..I feel anybody could have written it really with a load of Speedway Stars at hand...there was nothing in it that wasn’t known...ok but nothing special
  8. Bruiser

    Interviews by Lee Ashby - David's Son

    I think these are good.. I've enjoyed most of them a lot.. The recent Jeremy Doncaster and Chris Louis one was very good... The only one I wasn't too keen on was Gary Havelock's really..... Lee says he's got Marvyn Cox lined up so that should be good.
  9. A bit late on this but I couldn't believe how quickly the book arrived It's well worth a read..I found the longtrack part the best bit as it went into quite a bit of detail on something you don't hear too much about in England. I would recommend it

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