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  1. Maybe you are right, that 2019 season wasn't good for him but I've seen enough good heats from him to at least say he is comfortably better than KK and Lindback. He was one point away from qualifiying to the GP series again this year which would have been interesting to see. I also realise he hasn't done so well in the international competitions but we are talking about a guy who has the 2nd best average in the ekstraliga this year, can't be to bad surely
  2. Hoping for it, such a skilled and entertaining rider to watch
  3. Such a shame, with the way Kolodziej has been riding in Poland it would have been really interesting to see him in individual competitions internationally
  4. Lorenzo558


    Love this. GP Challenge deserve to be a bigger thing, it is a massive part of our season and the fact that it oftentimes have gotten overlooked and not even been broadcasted is a disgrace.
  5. Lorenzo558

    Swedish league Thursday 30th June Live on TV

    Yes I was wrong on this one, misread the rules
  6. Lorenzo558

    Swedish league Thursday 30th June Live on TV

    I'm 95% sure R/R got changed coming in to this year meaning there are no limitations regarding the average. Think Lambert will be able to take a ride EDIT: this was completely wrong by me
  7. Lorenzo558

    Polish and other Speedway videos 2022

    European u19 championships qualifier in Vetlanda (also "Nordic championship") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItnJcQn3Oys
  8. Certainly a possibility, one thing I thought of the other day is, if the situation in Ukraine gets better the pressure on the wild cards get a lot tougher with Sayfut and Laguta both probable to get one each. Then having 3 left for all other riders is not a lot to go around since rider placing 7-9 in the standings have often performed quite well
  9. Reasonable to argue he is even the favorite in that qualifer right? Perhaps not with the track being in Britain and some others maybe being more experienced there but in terms of quality I would put him up there, fantastic rider.
  10. Swidnicki is really performing well when Czestochowa are riding at their home track
  11. Lorenzo558

    Killing the sport

    Reading this is truly sad. Being from Sweden I'm sometimes worried about our league over here in different ways getting worse but by the looks of it it's nowhere near as bad as in Britain
  12. Was about to say! Crazy good, especially for his age, maybe worth looking to back in the futures market if his contributions isn't fully priced in the odds?
  13. Lorenzo558

    Speedway Betting 2022

    Can't see where the points will come from for Grudziadz today, the handicap is big but Leszno -16 is a play for me
  14. Lorenzo558

    Swedish league Thursday 30th June Live on TV

    Definitely, really sorry for him there. What did you think about the heat where Janowski crashed and got excluded? From my point of view Thorsell completely cuts him of on the straight and should be the one seende responsible for the crash.

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