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  1. Siggytastic

    Premiership Pairs

    So why not have a junior/development meeting before the main event?
  2. Siggytastic

    Premiership Pairs

    Agree that Ellis was last in the final and minor whinge but the scorecard was poor with nowhere to record the actual winners.
  3. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Lynn June 2nd

    Thought He was going to take Doyle out but done very well to save it.
  4. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Wolves 26th May

    So is it 25% of a teams fixtures or 25% of overall fixtures?
  5. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Wolves 26th May

    Saving Hume for the harder races
  6. Siggytastic

    Premiership Pairs

    Going by Ipswich's meeting against Sheffield, He has to keep up with him first.
  7. Siggytastic

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Don't forget Barker. Hume scored way more than Rowe. Would have been closer with Starke as King and Barker would only have had three rides.
  8. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 5th May

    No doubt it was a much better team performance but we won't ride a team whose GP rider number 1 scores 3 points very often.
  9. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 5th May

    Must be painful flying with ear trouble.
  10. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 5th May

    And no one has mentioned the inspired decision to put Batchelor at 5 who did very well not to wipe out Doyle in heat 11 when on a max. Several riders were picking up extra unwanted drive on bend 2.
  11. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Peterborough LC

    I am sure I read somewhere that Cook stated the travelling to Ipswich was too much for him!
  12. Siggytastic

    Panthers v Stars 18/04/22 5pm

    So the rules don't allow you to replace any missing rider with your own declared No 8 so you have to use a guest? Crazy.
  13. Siggytastic

    Ipswich 2022

    Aa Danny only rode at number 1 in September, (2 meetings) wouldn't a better comparison be to other number 5's?
  14. Siggytastic

    Poole 2022

    It was acceptable
  15. Siggytastic

    Ipswich 2022

    When I read posts on here, I can't help but wonder how a rider such as Mike Lanham and others would have fared today.
  16. Cant you find a wine bar showing it in Canary Wharf?
  17. Siggytastic

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    You are forgetting the free scoring duo of Clouting and Bunyan .
  18. Siggytastic

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    I see heat 13 of this match is on the BSPA website. Why not show heat 9 which was much better?
  19. Siggytastic

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    They got my applause as well. The Kings Lynn team walked around the stadium on the stock car track. Can't remember seeing it at Foxhall before. The phantom stone thrower would have had easy target's.
  20. Siggytastic

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    One of the strangest victory parades I have seen.
  21. Siggytastic

    Ipswich V Belle Vue 20th May

    Is anyone aware of people being turned away because the 2000 limit had been met as the attendance looked like it exceeded 2000.
  22. Siggytastic

    Ipswich 2020

    Got our tickets last night. Email received straight away. Would hate to turn up and the 2000 limit already met (unlikely I know but possible with it being the first one after so long).
  23. Siggytastic


    Arrived home from work and still no SS
  24. I ordered a ticket at 1.13 the Tuesday lunchtime and just got a refund from paypal.

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