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  1. I can confirm you missed nothing (although you've probably worked that out from the subsequent "races")
  2. HenryW

    Is there?

  3. It seems a little harsh to say that he was "woeful" this year. He didn't really get a proper run this year in Poland...What did he do? 10 races across the season or something like that? He was in a team that was set up with a good number 8 and often got replaced in every race...In a different team he might have had a better season. I feel kinda sad to see him retire. As you said, he was a bright hope at one point and hasn't delivered on the expectations, but more that that, it's esentially another Country lost to the sport. Croatia basically have no-one racing now.
  4. HenryW

    SON 2020

    Indoor like the ones they did in the 80s on concrete? SoN on a tiny concrete oval....That's the sort of thing that Castagna would probably sign up to
  5. HenryW

    SON 2020

    It's just another failing of a horrible competition. To me, pairs meetings are rubbish for fans. Even if everything runs properly, as a fan of 1 Nation I am spending more time NOT watching MY team than watching them. That's rubbish. The SWC had my team involved in every race. Can we just admit that this was a flawed attempt to stop the perceived domination of one Nation, which has led to the domination of another Nation, and go back to the far better competition that we had before?
  6. HenryW

    SON 2020

    WHY are you still asking about this? Elite sports people and their support team do NOT have to self isolate in the UK.
  7. HenryW

    SON 2020

    Well done Russia.
  8. HenryW

    SON 2020

    If they don't get to heat 21 anything done after heat 14 will be ignored in the final standings, I believe.
  9. HenryW

    Your 'first world champion'!

    I'm not 100% sure that I am understanding the rules of this question, but I THINK that Anders Michanek would be my first. I think he was the first person that I saw race live who had previously been a World Champion. The first reigning World Champion that I saw race live was Ivan Mauger...I think. Egon limits the list of consecutive World Champs that I have seen race live...I'm fairly sure I have never seen Egon race since his win, but have seen every champ since him....and had seen every champ before him back to the other "surprise" of Jerzy. Edit - Actually, the original question didn't specify racing...Just "the first world champion you saw"....So my answer might be different, but I was too young to remember, so I'll stick with the racing answer... However, I have seen both Egon and Jerzy off track, so my list of World Champs that I have seen could go back much further....Currently trying to think whether I ever might have seen Bjorn Knutsson as he seems to be the next blocker
  10. It's fun to look back at these old videos and compare them with modern times....Lee would have been warned for the ridiculous jump start in the first race of his that they showed and then he would have been excluded with his jump in the second race of his they showed. If he had even still been in the semi final after that exclusion, he definitely would have been gone for tape charging there... Also, much as I love the old Dave Lanning commetary..."It's a very even break" he says, and then tells us Betzl has been left....How is that even when one of the two title contenders is waaay behind the other But, the main thing that I wondered about during that video, as it's something that I have often contemplated when watching these old videos...What were those people typing about behind Dickie Davies?
  11. I'm fairly sure that Orwat is already 21.
  12. I thought Lambert was being rumoured to be heading to Torun rather than Gorzow. If all your rumoured teams come off, there's not much left for Zielona Gora. They could be in some trouble.
  13. That would presumably see one of the Holders become available. Unless I have misunderstood things, they can't fit all 3 Aussies in with the rules for next year.
  14. HenryW

    SON 2020

    Even with 50% allowed it seemed a strange choice.
  15. HenryW

    Unusual individual meetings

    Didn't the FIM do away with dead heats in recent years? Edit - Apparently not. The SGP rules still mention them.
  16. All the excitement of being in Torun and planning my quarantine on return made me forget
  17. As surprising as it may seem, he's a mere 43 years old
  18. It's hard to know what would have happened if someone didn't exist... Don't get me wrong, TRICK WAS an absolute legend of the sport, but you seem to be forgetting another great that was there at the same time as Jason. Why didn't Jason win the World title in 2003? He finished 17 points ahead of Tony that year. Why didn't Jason win the World title in 2007? Tony had retired! Why didn't Jason win the World title in 2008? Tony was still retired! 6 times champ was there for Jason if there hadn't been someone better than him...Nicki Pedersen. Don't get me wrong...Absolute respect for Jason. Great rider. Great Champion...But he could have had that 6 world titles alongside Tony, but there was a Dane who was better in those years.
  19. I'm wondering whether I am the only person that thinks that Lee wasted his own talent and all the excuses and claims of victimisation are just that....excuses. What would the British speedway authorities have to gain from victimising a British World champ? For me, the defining memory of him wasn't a world title win in 1980, it was his dummy spitting effort at Ipswich in the 1984 test match at Ipswich. The man couldn't accept the change to starting procedures and so spat the dummy and huffed off, got talked into coming back but did nothing other than pootle around acting like a victim...Pathetic. An absolute embarassment to his Nation that day and, if I remember rightly, on national live (or close to live) TV as well... Personally, I just have him down as another one of the riders that disappeared from the top level when drug testing came in properly around that time...
  20. Yeah, back in the day when it was a one off World Final in "longtrack" and there were some proper top stars of shale sport competing, it was always on genuine long tracks, at least as far as I can recall. Once it moved to a GP style series all sorts of weirdness seemed to happen. Grass tracks, sand tracks, speedway tracks...I guess that there just weren't enough proper 1,000m tracks in enough Countries to run a GP style series, but the FIM wanted one anyway. Before the GP days, it was pretty much Germany and Czechia that held the finals with the odd appearance of Denmark and Yugoslavia (Slovenia). Still, the mention of a round at Rzeszow reminds me of the 2013 round there where Jonas Kylmakorpi did his best to turn a speedway track into a long track.... Gotta love his wide lines...and feel horrible for him when it all goes wrong on lap 4...
  21. Madsen 100 More Janowski 100 More
  22. I'm not sure about mobile devices, but if you have a laptop or PC and can do frame by frame on youtube - "." key (full stop) to move one frame forward and "," key (comma) to move one back, it really looks to me like he didn't move until the tapes were moving. Don't get me wrong....He clearly anticipated the start. That was NOT a reaction to the tapes being released. Apart from anything else, he was looking at the tapes in front of himself rather than the pole and when he moved the tapes in front of him hadn't moved...I'd love to hear any theory about why Leon does that when everyone else looks at the pole/magnet. However, as my understanding of the rules are, that was a perfect start. He didn't move until the tapes moved. It was impossible for him to have reacted that fast, but I don't think the rules say anything about reaction time...I could be wrong, though, as I haven't checked any rule changes in recent years.
  23. HenryW

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    For some reason the BARB website doesn't seem to have Premier Sports 2 included in the channel listings for data, and I'm not sure which of their channels live Polish speedway has been on, but the last time (what I assume was) live Polish speedway made it into the top 15 of Premier Sports 1 was was on the week beginning 3rd of August....The Friday meetings both made the top 15, with the 17:00 meeting getting 500 viewers and the 19:30 getting 3,100 viewers. I kinda hope that other live meetings have been on Premier Sports 2....Because, if they have been on Permier Sports 1 and not made the top 15, it's a pretty sad indictment on the popularity of the sport, as the top 15 in the week generally bottom out in the low hundreds of viewers. In the most recent week published (31 Aug to 6 Sep) Polish speedway on Monday at 19:30 and Swedish Speedway on Thursday at 21:00 both made it into the top 15 with 100 viewers Actually...now I think about it...Was that 19:30 Polish match actually a Live one? I kinda dismissed a Monday as a day that Poland didn't race, but that day actually had meetings....Jeez...100 viewers for a live meeting Freesports has some better numbers for Swedish speedway...although not exactly stellar numbers. 18,700 is the best I saw in the last month.
  24. As I have said earlier, I think that Madsen DIDN'T jump the start in semi final, so he could possibly be going away feeling cheated out of points, although I accept that he was lucky to even be in the semi final as he definitely got away with one earlier... However, I feel like the warning system isn't right. Does it not seem more sensible that if you get excluded for a 2nd infringement that it clears the earlier warning? You were warned that if you did it again you'd be excluded. You've now been excluded...Why does the warning status stay with you? It feels like punishments are being doubled up. Or, alternatively, why do warnings get cleared at the end of a round? If they want to punish persistent offenders, why not roll them across rounds? Why should someone who moves at the start of a final get no further stress as there are no more races? Keep those warnings rolling and have Doyle, Madsen and Janowski (possibly some others too, but those are the ones that seem to be the most consistent offenders) regularly getting excluded from races during the series?
  25. Yep. I totally understand your point and was just trying to add some extra "colour" to the argument that things have never been totally "fair". However, I do understand why so many are feeling a little grumpy or uneasy with the scoring this year, and that's because we have had a scoring system that actually worked really well for a good while now. It had its issues, but it's hard to argue against the concept that "every point counts" through a GP. To me, last year's scoring has been the closest to a "fair" system that the GP series has had ..and there doesn't really seem to be a particularly good reason for the change this year...but I think you probably agree with that anyway, you have just making the point that there has never been and never will be a "perfect" system, which I agree with.

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