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  1. The track is like that as that is the way Len Silver prepares it. With some investment, Kent could house a track on par with the best in Poland if it was laid outside of the current circuit.
  2. Of course not! I suggested earlier in the thread that "Kent" may be a viable option, and there could be a good argument made for a switch to Oxford. Whatever transpires, you can be sure it won't be Jon Cook's gamble, it will be Stuart Douglas calling the tune........and he was introduced to the sport at Rayleigh. The Rockets that captured Stuart's imagination as a kid, eventually moved into Rye House and made that their permanent home for many years........history could repeat itself, but in my opinion the move to the other side of The Thames would be a much better business decision. I guess we'll all have to play the waiting game?
  3. KevH

    Edinburgh 2018

    He rode 13 matches for Belle Vue in the upper league and 18 for Edinburgh in the lower league in 2010........he had no official meetings in 2011, or since.
  4. KevH

    Dave Gooderham

    A brilliant little rider on his day. He made an immediate impact at Canterbury when he arrived on loan from Ipswich back in the day. So sorry to hear this........RIP Dave, and thanks for the memories.
  5. I was just playing devils advocate.......I have no idea what the answer is, or even if there is one!!
  6. Just a thought, but if the rest of the season had meaningful meetings (i.e. not play-off qualifiers), crowds could be increased in twelve (not two) meetings throughout the season :/
  7. It's not really........football is a multi billion pound business, while speedway certainly isn't.
  8. There was (seemingly) serious talk a couple of years ago about The Hammers moving across The Thames into Sittingbourne.......maybe those plans could be resurrected? Personally, I think crowds would improve and it would be successful.
  9. The Environment Agency will have their hands tied with that one lol.
  10. You made a statement which I have proven wrong.......if that is expecting too much, then yes you did.
  11. KevH


    And I guess you're hoping they don't, so your argument is upheld.
  12. Actually they are!! If you shot someone and then claimed it was an accident, do you think you would walk out of court?
  13. But illegal nonetheless!!!
  14. Not a thought echoed by Niels Kristian Iversen........he said the complete opposite.
  15. Jon Cook and Stuart Douglas have been looking for a new home for the Hammers for a while now..........let's hope there is some positive news to follow.

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