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  1. hasta la vista

    British U21 Final

    Anyone having a bet? Not sure why half the runners are missing here but all have prices! http://www.oddschecker.com/motorsport/speedway/british/british-u21-final/winner
  2. hasta la vista

    Swedish Elitserien 2014, Round 12

    Cheers Ghost.
  3. hasta la vista

    Swedish Elitserien 2014, Round 12

    Weather going to affect the matches Ghost?
  4. hasta la vista

    Swedish Elitserien 2014, Round 5

    Ghost, Who does Schlein replace?
  5. hasta la vista

    British Final

    Shop around. other firms have each way and heat betting. BET 365 aren't the be all and end all. have a look on Oddschecker.com
  6. hasta la vista

    British Semi Final Rye House

    Who do we all fancy? Tai very short price to win! http://www.betvictor.com/sports/en/speedway/speedway-outrights/coupons/96610/174715010/491242700/0/0/PE/0/0/0/0/0 Boxall should go well.
  7. hasta la vista

    British Semi Final Sheffield

    Betvictor have prices up for tonight. Harris and Nicholls favs. Any fancies?
  8. hasta la vista

    Leicester V Wolves

    People getting bit carried away here. Whatever way you deposit is pretty safe with these firms, do you realise how big Bet365 are?! Min deposit is a fiver and you only need 1p in your account to watch streams on there. Just enjoy having pics at last.
  9. hasta la vista

    Speedway Best Pairs

    Anyone got a racecard? Cheers.
  10. hasta la vista


    Thanks very much!
  11. hasta la vista


    Any joy SCB?
  12. hasta la vista


    Are you doing one for the ERC?
  13. hasta la vista

    Speedway Betting 2014

    Not sure as he's been declared in the team.
  14. hasta la vista

    Speedway Betting 2014

    Have seen that first odds are out for Best pairs with BetVictor. Russia faves, think Holder and Ward should go well.
  15. hasta la vista

    Has Iwade Closed

    Is Graham Arnold still running it at Sittingbourne?

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