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  1. 10,044 and a half actually.
  2. Less planes,less carbon emissions,less tourism,less carbon emission,work from home,less carbon emissions.All planned.
  3. I see Adolf Johnson has just extended the Coronavirus Act until July 17
  4. With the Brazilian variant I presume your pubes fall out as well.
  5. I don't have a doctor.They rung me a couple of years ago saying as I hadn't used them in years they were taking me off their books.
  6. Yet people are still too dull to see what all these Govts. are doing. It's all in the open and people are blind to it.Probably because it's not on Aunty Beeb or in the Daily Mirror.
  7. Not really a virus but does choking on a toasted teacake count ?
  8. What exactly is UBI and does it affect workers salaries ?
  9. Also no post mortems were to be carried out.
  10. Here's a question. Why do we still see nurses bimbling to and from work in their scrubs? Surely a health hazard either way or are they expecting people to clap them.
  11. Close the supermarkets and open up all the other shops.Smaller ones will be easier to social distance and let them have a share of the profits instead of bankrupting them.
  12. We must have rules.But not have the piss taken. When we first went into lockdown it was for an unknown.Now we know the demographics of who is affected there is no reason for the lockdowns anymore.Even the ONS data basically counters everything the Govt is now doing.
  13. Yes.The West Midlands Comissioner said they actually have no powers,you can go where you want and no right of entry.You can have 20 people in your house drinking and they are powerless.
  14. Next thing will be another Eat Out scheme limited to crap like Mc Donalds and KFC.

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