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  1. Modelling says 60,000 cases of monkeys a day by Xmas. Best start tucking into Cocopops to fight this terrible , terrible , terrible virus.
  2. I see govt has just put out tenders for £2bn worth of pcr kits
  3. Not in Lidl by moi. When I got there , the shelves were bare , so there .
  4. Just had my new has direct debit price. £214.36 per month. My wood burner will be going into overdrive.
  5. Starmer and Rayner to be given fixed penalties apparently
  6. Don't forget they were closest to the science so knew how deadly covid was or wasn't.
  7. dave69

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    You forgot the word "slag" in front of bag.
  8. Everything about the nhs is now rubbish. It clear that it's to force people to go private leading to the break up of the nhs,eventually , which both main parties have said is unsustainable.
  9. dave69


    The bottom line is Wales is too parochial.it will take generations to get over it .As for me , I'll never accept regional rugby and will never attend a game again. I know a lot of guys turned to following the County.
  10. dave69


    As soon as regional rugby was introduced that was me done with Welsh rugby. I,ve been to 2 Dragons games and suffered 80 minutes of no passion at both .I hated it.v I played for over 20 years and basically walked away overnight.
  11. Our 9 year old granddaughter has received an invite for her jibbyjab. It was filed in the wood burner .
  12. dave69

    Sending Refugees to Rwanda?

    Personally I think Vince is one of the most reasoned posters on here but everyone is different .
  13. I put a house on last Wednesday and it sold in 3 hours . Here in Newport everything is gone in a week
  14. Don't forget who shut most mines , ps. It wasn't Maggie.
  15. dave69


    I'm now lucky enough to be takingin a refugee

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