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  1. Do you reckon foreign travel will be binned again ?
  2. No food shortages today in Lidl.Rammed with scoff
  3. dave69


    But a presence is kept in Korea for peacekeeping.Why not Afghanistan ?I must admit I'm fuming. .women and children treated like rubbish with no future , absolutely awful.
  4. dave69


    Well what a total feck up.All those lives lost for nothing and Raab can't be arsed to make a few phone calls. If ever there was a case of misconduct in public office then get that bastard before a jury.
  5. Daughter in law went to a concert in Newport yesterday with thousands of others.To enter you had to show jab proof or a negative test.She said the reality was that no one was asked for anything on entry .
  6. dave69

    Plymouth shootings

    Sporting purposes ? clay shooting ?
  7. dave69

    Plymouth shootings

    Don't forget children can have licences.I had my first shotgun certificate at 14.
  8. dave69

    Plymouth shootings

    That's the trouble with Spams.Haven't got a clue
  9. Convicts being treated like , erm , convicts.
  10. Just back from N Wales.In the pubs , clubs , shops ,etc. I'd guess about 90% are not wearing masks anymore even though they are still mandated.
  11. Just done big shop in Lidl a day early as I'm off to N Wales tomorrow.Shelves rammed and very few wearing masks even though I'm in Taffyland. Social distancing in queues non existent
  12. ......and the travel bans will come back in when Summer recess is over , no doubt.
  13. Weekly shop yesterday and the only thing missing were ice lollies but it has been 30 degrees. There was even bog roll and pasta.
  14. I know one , but he was an obese pudding with many ailments who was ripe for picking.
  15. I believe it automatically updates

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