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  1. An foi request has found that Wales had no grounds for shutting nightclubs or having no crowds at sports events as they don't know where people catch king flu. Drakeford says he's following the science.
  2. Wales looking to roll out UBI . Another conspiracy theory coming true .
  3. Out of curiosity , was he jibbyjabbed ?
  4. Drakeford to scrap all restrictions in two weeks
  5. I just had to call an ambulance to an attempted suicide and was told the wait could be up to 8 hours. The nhs would appear to be ringing it's own death knell
  6. Bingo. All part of the plan to kill off the nhs at the same time as changing vaccine passport to digital ID and bringing in the social credit system.
  7. The son was also up for grooming. I know a guy who worked with drakeford for years ,said he's a lovely guy with not one ounce of sense.
  8. Rumours that our Welsh leader who has ruined new year for hospitality is currently having the time of his life in Bristol.
  9. predictive text called it civic
  10. Covid explained https://thegrayzone.com/2021/10/19/health-wealth-digital-passports-surveillance-capitalism/
  11. Even though the Govt data says different. He's a character is Boris .
  12. Daughter has now tested positive for the sniffles. She's young , fit and healthy . Was with us all over Xmas
  13. dave69


    Boxing day runaround at Caerphilly. Only 50 allowed to watch the game pitchside but 150 watched it on the cctv in the clubhouse.

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