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  1. Jo_1515

    Andreas Jonnson

    Does anyone know if Frida is Joonas Kylmakorpi's sister, as I know AJ was going out with her a couple of years ago?
  2. By the highest level I mean the highest league ie. the elite league. He hasn't proved himself in the elite league so why should he be any better than someone who has performed well in the elite league?
  3. I wasn't having a dig at Woffinden, but a lot of people on here are saying he should have been included last night. I was making the point that he hasn't proven anything at this level either. Olly has had two good seasons in the Elite League, Woffinden is doing well in the Premier league. Pearson keeps bigging him up, and he may well turn out to be a massive talent and successful in the GPs, but putting him in a competition like this, expecting him to do a good job may destroy him.
  4. This is what I don't understand. What has Woffinden done to show he should be considered? Yes he's doing well in the Premier League and the U21, but he hasn't ridden against the best riders to prove he can do it at this level. I'm not saying he doesn't have talent, but he hasn't proven it at the highlest level yet.
  5. He was a fantastic captain for Coventry, whether things were going well or not.
  6. It's all very well saying he shouldn't have been in the team, nor should he etc becayse Great Britain, as a nation, haven't got the riders. Bridger, Kennet or Woffinden wouldn't have done any better last night. We are not up to standard, and as with any sport in Britain, there isn't the same backing and investment as foreign countries. Changes need to be made, right from the top. Our riders have lost too other nations before they even get on the track because of the lack of backing we get. How can people expect us to be on a level playing field when our country won't spend the money or time on development. I'm not saying our riders weren't crap last night, but the blame can't just lie with the 5 riders. Hoping for a better performance on Thursday.
  7. Jason Crump 50,000 (CAPTAIN) Leigh Adams 50,000 Andreas Jonsson 40,000 Scott Nicholls 35,000 Niels Kristen Iversen 25,000
  8. Jo_1515

    Scott Nicholls

    Your telling me that in that situation, any rider wouldn't have gone for that gap? Nicki, Hans etc. Bomber would have done it himself if it was the other way round. The move wasn't malicious in anyway, just hard racing. They are not team mates in the GP so that has nothing to do with it. Well done Scott for qualifying, and now Bomber will get a wild card.
  9. Jo_1515

    Chris Harris

    Massive congratulations to Bomber! He thoroughly deserved the win and he should be so proud of himself, as we all are! He never gives up and that certainly paid off! The actions of Crump and Hancock were also really pleasing to see. Also, just a mention about Scott. I thought he rode really well and was unlucky only to make the semis. Let's hope this is the turning point for him to go forward for the rest of the season.
  10. Jo_1515

    Chris Harris

    Well done Bomber!!! Fantastic performance, one we all at Coventry knew you were capable of! I backed him in the GP game and it paid off!!! We get to see passing moves like that every week!
  11. Well done to Morten. Lets hope this is his year where he gets no injuries leading up to the final!
  12. Well done AJ! He was brilliant last night and totally deserved his first win. It was fantastic to see a Bees rider on top of the podium! He was one of the only ones to attack the track, flying around the outside. It was great to watch! Well done again AJ!
  13. Jo_1515

    Dive Bomber Harris

    Thought this topic had been done to death. There was contact between the two. I think every single rider has gone down in that situation a few times in their career. If Bomber didn't think he had been hit, him "diving" as you call it, would have earnt him an exclusion, I'm sure he wanted that. And as for supporting your country, I'm with Leo on this one. You wouldn't get a Swede, a Dane or an Aussie supporting and cheering for an English rider over one of their riders in a TEAM event, even if they ride for your team in the league. Of course you want them to do well, but you don't want them beating a British rider. This isn't saying who you can and can't support, it's just my opinion.
  14. Jo_1515

    Chris Louis

    I always feared it was a bad decision bringing Louis in. Yes he may be having a good season, but he's just not international standard anymore. If he doesn't gate, it's not very often he actually overtakes anyone, and he doesn't mix it up in the first turn. Stead's not afraid to get in there and mix it up and he is certainly a lot better from the back. Louis has had his chance, Stead deserved his place in the final. Next year, Simon.
  15. Jo_1515

    Hans Andersen

    Whether Andersen was rightly or wrongly excluded, the reason he has gone down in my opinion is what he said about Bomber. He has no right to call him a child or say that he should be in the CL etc. How many riders have fallen in a similar situation? Hundreds. And the comment about Bomber looking him in the eye...classic. Bet he feels a right twit when he sees that interview on tv. For him to see that, he'd have to have been looking right as he was going into the corner!!! Also, for Nicki and Hans to go and have a go at Ole Olsen was pathetic. What can he do about it. This is my opinion of Hans as a person, because I think he is a great rider. Australia had the same dodgy refereeing decision when Lindback should have been excluded, but you didn't see them kicking the pits, swearing and throwing things around. You could say that cost them the world cup. But you didn't see them having a childish fit.

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