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  1. Dave67

    Jason Garrity

    Anyhoo, as fascinating as this discussion is. What news of Jason Garrity & his reappearance in British Speedway?
  2. Dave67

    Jason Garrity

    Having watched the interview with him it's clear he's fit & healthy & keen to come back. Plainly someone is backing him with having all his own kit in place. Why not? He's bound to be targeted by drug testers when he does which will help keep him straight. The only way he is going to prove the doubters wrong is by his actions & proving he can lead a useful, crime & drug free life. If speedway is what he has a talent for then let him use that talent. The alternative is rejection & probably going back to his old ways which benefits no one. It would be nice as well if his stated wish to make amends to those he wronged was not just him paying lip service to the idea & if the victim is willing he is actually allowed to do something towards that.
  3. Dave67

    Name your favourite five riders.

    Gary Gugluemi - absolutely wild & very entertaining when he started out. Andy Hackett - cracking little racer whose career was blighted by injury John Jorgensen - spectacular when in full flight Michael Lee - nuff said Chris Harris - always entertaining
  4. Dave67


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/55057985 Looks like Bradford Bulls want to go back to odsal. Deal agreed with stock cars & they also want speedway... Good luck with the latter....
  5. Dave67

    Sheffield 2020

    Good drills by Sheffield. Haven’t been to a live meeting in 15 odd years, partly through exile up north & partly through lack of interest. I shall definitely be wandering across to Owlerton to see NP pure box office despite his advancing years. I would also imagine he’d be of great benefit to the other 6 in terms of watch & learn from a master. Quite enthused about 2020 season now & that hasn’t happened in a long time.
  6. Dave67

    Tommy Knudsen

    The back injury was just prior to the 89 season I think whilst racing in Australia. Think he was lucky not to end up in a wheelchair. The Bees had to shuffle late on just before tapes up with Kai Niemi coming in. I think he officially retired after that injury but then made a come back towards the end of 1990? IIRC there was some animosity between him & Ole over TK racing/not racing with a broken arm in a Danish test match. Ole wanted him too, TK was reluctant but did only to pull out halfway through his first ride. I watched him from his first steps as a second half rider at 16 all the way through to the end of his Bees career. For me he was Mr Coventry Bee. so many great memories, beating Ivan Maurer in a tight match, Ivan being a tactical in the #2 & 7 race, Tommy being a raw #7. was a world class ride who had no luck in big meetings & always seemed to pick up niggly injuries when flying that always set him back that little bit.
  7. Dave67

    Coventry 2017

  8. Dave67

    Coventry 2017

    Can I just say good luck to you & those working with you to restore the Bees. Grew up supporting them. Saturday night was speedway night. My interest has wained in recent years & I no longer live near Coventry but to me speedway is Coventry & a league without them is a poorer place. I can't believe Brandon is gone, so many good memories of the place. People like you are the unsung heroes of minority sports & deserve support not vilification..
  9. Dave67

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Time for some fresh young talent in 2018. There should be no place for sentiment. Hancock & Pedersen have had a fantastic run & should be remembered as great champions but there time has passed. Holder, Zagar & Iversen are just not cutting it this year & unless they find form & the hit top 8 should be dropped. Be good to see the likes of Lebdevs & Milick (sp!) in there.
  10. Good job Mr Cook. Looks like we'll have a proper Brit to cheer in the GP's next year...
  11. Am I right in assuming the ban will start once he coughs up the 3k fine, ala Danny Bird. I.e. If he doesn't pay the ban will just roll on & start if & when he does? If so the fine is more painful than the ban. Unless he crowdfunds it or has a benevolent sponsor?
  12. Dave67

    Lindback Arrested...

    FWIW for it to be rape in England & Wales child has to be under 13. Above that age it becomes unlawful sexual activity with a child. This is presuming consent either way consent cannot be given if under 13... Can't comment about Swedish law mind...
  13. Dave67

    Coventry 2016

    Spotted this on Twitter, is this genuine or pie n the sky.? Apologies if it is I have been away. @SaveCovSpeedway: Has anyone read the speedway star article about Mick Horton buying Brandon for £2 million? Any other details?
  14. One of the "originals" RIP girl
  15. Dave67

    Name Of Famous Rider Who Committed Suicide?

    In that case we shall have to agree to disagree. My personal opinion is that there can be no excuse for what he did.

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