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  1. YEs so i see now - Mistake on updates page lol
  2. Be interesting to know how many blank spaces there were in the programme?
  3. I thought it was Richard Lawson who was meant to be riding not William Lawson? can't help but feel there are going to be a lot of disappointed fans.
  4. Craig Cook Testimonial (Glasgow) 20/04/2019 7pm 2 minutes ago via mobile Quote minutes ago Line ups are; Glasgow Cook Lawson Starke Stewart Edinburgh Masters Sedgmen Pickering Wethers Workington Wells MacDonald Jorgensen Lambert Belle Vue Fricke Worrall Palm Toft Bickley
  5. Nope he's not in the line-ups even though Bewley & Garrity aren't riding. McDonald has withdrawn from the mascots race to participate in the meeting for Workington though.
  6. I thought that perhaps with his connections with the Glasgow promotion this would have been one of the few opperchancities fo him to have a ride at Ashfield so he may well have made the effort. He still has Glasgow Tigers and Allied Vehicles as sponsors on his website.
  7. There's more than him not there!!!
  8. In the race against the mascots?
  9. BV: Max Fricke, Steve Worrall, Dan Bewley Michael Palm Toft Edinburgh: Sam Masters, Josh Pickering, Justin Sedgman, William Lawson Glasgow: Cookie, Paul Starke, Greg Hancock, James Sarjent Worky: Ricky Wells, Richard Lawson. Tom Jorgensen, Kyle Bickley Bearing in mind the secrecy surrounding the line up a Mason could have been a good inclusion. (assuming he is even over here)
  10. I did suggest that earlier: cinderfella Members 162 218 posts Gender:Male Location:Midlothian Interests:Speedway (since 1968), Music, photography and computers Team:Glasgow but speedway in general Report post Posted 22 hours ago Just had a thought - is Cookie not really publicising his meeting because he wants folk to turn up who genuinely support and appreciate him no matter the standard of the meeting rather than fans who only go along to see big pull names!
  11. Since there is only one other meeting on in the UK do we assume if it is a problem with rider availability there are all sunning themselves for Easter. I find it a bit strange that few of his Team GB teammates haven't been named especially as only Bomber is the only one currently injured? Who knows maybe the final names will include Woofy, Lambert and even Greg?
  12. ....and sadly for Craig possibly reduces the attendance of what should be a big day for him?
  13. Just noticed that even the SGB page can only name the team captains on their preview page. This has got to be the most secretive meeting ever
  14. Thomas rode for Workington. MPT has never ridden for any of the four clubs apart, as previously suggested, as a guest.

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