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  1. The Marketa may put on the SGP in June, but will there be any flights to get us to Prague? BA cancelled our flights this morning very pissed off. Can't re-book as no idea when or if it is going ahead.
  2. I see Prague is on lock down, all events with more than 100 people suspended or cancelled. Tickets for speedway GP suspended.
  3. paul666

    bandits 2020

    Thanks for your reply
  4. paul666

    bandits 2020

    Hi any idea when the fixture dates come out. Need to know so I can book leave. Many thanks paul
  5. paul666

    SGP 2020

    Any ideas for the dates for Prague 2020 yet?
  6. Hi guys. Sorry for bothering you all. Trying to get hold of the Poole fan I met at the Prague GP last night. He helped out Darren who was showing us around the pits. We were on the roof together. I got the stuff you lent him back after you had gone. If he sees this can he send me an email and I will post the stuff back to you (afraid I got back more than we lent out). Paul (a cheetahs fan).
  7. paul666

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Hi Steve the 1st guy for the tickets has pulled out you now have first refusal. Can you let me know asap if you still want them and we can sort out what day and where in warsaw to meet. Paul
  8. paul666

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Hi Steve. I'm just waiting for someone to give me an answer on one of the Facebook pages. Going to work now so will be off line. Will get back to you in the morning to let you know if the are still available. You are the 2nd to contact me so have next refusal. Paul
  9. paul666

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Hi. If anyone is going to Warsaw and looking for tickets I have 2 silver VIP Tickets spare. There should of been 4 of us going but 2 have pulled out. I don't want any money for them just buy us both us beer. I'm puttng this on the Save Oxford Speedway and other Facebook pages as well. Paul
  10. paul666

    Warsaw info

    If you want to try a selection of beers and cider's go the 'Piw Paw' on Foksal a turning off of Nowy Swiat. It has 92 - 95 different tap beers and cider's, and around 120 different bottled beers and cider's. Will be in there on Thursday and Friday evening. Another bar worth a visit is Hoppiness, on a road behind C&A. Only 12 craft drinks (a very nice stout called 'Coffee and Cream'), but they do some nice pub grub.
  11. Hi all, I'm doing the Croatian Gp for the first time. Does any body know what hotels there are in Donji Kraljevec ? I'm having trouble trying to find one, Where are most people staying ? Many thanks in anticipation of any help, Paul
  12. paul666

    Leigh Adams

    My thoughts go out to Leigh and his family. He has given 20 years of enjoyment to the fans, at least we can all send him a card so he knows he's still respected and loved over here. I only spoke to him a few times, at the GPs. He was always friendly and would make time to pose for a photo, unlike some. Here's hoping he makes a full and speedy recovery.
  13. paul666

    Can The Mk Knights Ride Again

    Hi Guys, Good luck getting the speedway started in the Keynes, I will certainly attend meeting as I live near the Keynes and Oxford is closed (If Oxford start up I'll have 2 teams to follow). I know a number of people from work who would also like to see the Knights re-appear, living in the Keynes or the Aylesbury Vale area. So I think you would have a good following. Anyway once again good luck and wait to enjoy speedway on my door step. Paul
  14. paul666

    Prague Gp

    Thanks for that, I hope the Beer is cold to cool me down if the dancers are too hot Paul
  15. paul666

    Prague Gp

    Did Sandie say she was buying the first round?...... Are there any decent bars near Wenceslas Square? Need to find somewhere for the thursday night. Cheers All the best Paul

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