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  1. didn't start the season as Workington pulled out before it began so he is a free agent
  2. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies v Edinburgh Monarchs

    all the merchandise in that hut
  3. think it's because the tv crews and vans take up a lot of pits space that is needed for the bikes etc …..plus after the meeting they are taking down the rigging etc ...it's been he same at most tracks when there have been televised meetings
  4. Speedway fan

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    or the other reserve
  5. Speedway fan

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    No tac subs but reserve subs allowed
  6. Speedway fan

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Who could predict the thunderstorms etc were not going to be as heavy as predicted ? 9mm of rain was due --- all TV and radio weather was saying hail even
  7. Speedway fan

    Birmingham v Leicester

    hindsight is an amazing thing. The weather forecasts all predicted almost 9 mm of rain in a 4 to 5 hour period and the costs promoters face with late call offs is large with no income coming in ….. this was the Brummies local derby and a big crowd was predicted …..how many would have been turned off coming with the forecasts on radio stations and tv alone ??? Promoters can't win can they ?
  9. Speedway fan


    one fixture swap .. Thurs July 4 now IOW v MK and Tues Aug 20 IOW v Birmingham
  10. Bruce Cribb will be in attendance taking orders for his book ..Cribby's Storybook , with ALL profits via the Ben Fund to permanently disabled UK riders . It was hope the book would have been ready in time but it is about 7-10 days from release ..price is £12 + £3 P+P //Bruce should be found near the entrance and programme booth.
  11. Speedway fan

    2019 Dev League Regs

    It is as it reads ...if a rider has had two FULL seasons in the NL then he / she is not eligible . So named in a NL side and ridden for 2 seasons in that league then they cannot be used in the M+SDL .
  12. REVAMPED DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE FOR 2019 Following a successful AGM for the Midland and Southern Development Leagues at Perry Barr Stadium, Birmingham the format and teams for the 2019 season is now known. The new campaign sees a revamped set up with the amalgamation of the two leagues following the withdrawals of several clubs in 2019. The league will now be known as the Midland and Southern Development League (M + SDL) with six teams involved with a possible seventh with Weymouth awaiting news of being based at another track in 2019 . The teams will meet once home and away with the league decided on points only with the team at the top of the table at the end of the season crowned champions. Coming to the start line definitely are Birmingham Bulls, Carmarthen Dragons (at Stoke), Isle of Wight Wizards, Milton Keynes Knights (at Birmingham), Plymouth and Reading Racers(at Eastbourne). Missing from the 2018 two league set up are Belle Vue, Kent, Peterborough and possibly Weymouth for differing reasons . It means that 2018 champions in each section Kent and Peterborough are not back to defend their titles. Plymouth return to the fold taking over from Exeter who raced out of their track last year. The league will again be co-ordinated by Birmingham co-promoter Laurence Rogers , who continues his long association with this league. Each team will nominate squads of six riders with a rider pool of others formed to enable sides to use these riders when they are missing and although guests can be utilised when sides are shorthanded the use of rider replacement is to be a last resort when at short notice a side cannot track four riders. Any interested riders who are not in squads and want to be included in the rider pool are asked to e-mail their contact details and base to : laurencerogers@blueyonder.co.uk Additionally the Northern Junior League and the new M+SDL co-ordinators are preparing rider lists so that any opportunities for meetings in the two leagues can incorporate them when teams are in need of riders. The race format for the M+SDL remains unchanged with four rider teams over 6 heats with opportunities for 125/ 150 , 250 and Y500 races after heats 2, 4 and 6 but points scored not counting in team totals. Eligibility for teams has changed slightly with clubs allowed to still use two riders named in National League teams at the start of the season. This can be one rider with a NL average of less than 3.01 and one less than 2.01 or two riders less than 2.01. If their average goes above this throughout the season they are still eligible to ride in this league. Additionally if another member of any squad gains a NL team place after the start of the new season this does not affect their eligibility or that of others in the initial squad. Riders must be British on a UK passport riding on an ACU licence. The six clubs are looking at staging the League Riders Championship with a possible neutral venue being looked at . League Co-ordinator Laurence Rogers was very pleased with the outcome of the AGM, “ There was a lot of co-operation between the clubs at the AGM and the solution to amalgamate the two leagues was the most sensible solution . It is a pity that we have lost a few clubs but the league will continue to offer young rider their first step into team and league racing. If you look at he long list of riders who started at this level from 2011 who progressed on to higher leagues then the Development League certainly has and will continue to do its job in British Speedway.” “Belle Vue will do some challenge meetings at this level and Scunthorpe have shown an interest in doing the same. It is a pity that Peterborough are not back to try to make it three league wins in a row whilst we hope that Kent and Weymouth can be back at the tapes again in the near future.” “The most important thing is that this level of league speedway continues and that the sides trying to get the sport back at Milton Keynes, Reading etc finally achieve that aim but whilst they strive for this they keep those club names alive” 2019 M+SDL : Birmingham, Carmarthen , Isle of Wight, Milton Keynes, Plymouth, Reading. Weymouth (tbc).
  13. Speedway fan

    SDL results and scorers 2018

    Exeter raced at Plymouth ; Reading + Weymouth at Eastbourne
  14. Speedway fan

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Revised Championship list of teams on BSPA site today with Workington out and Birmingham + Eastbourne included
  15. Bad news regarding Peterborough Training School this Sat 7th Feb as for the second week in succession the weather has beaten us and we are OFF. Next week's session on Sat 14th is fully booked . Spaces still for 21st and 28th at moment. Like ·
  16. Next training and practice at Coventry next Saturday 18th may. 9.30 – 1.30 Bookings to ; laurencerogers@blueyonder.co.uk or text 07801429304 or 07510768392
  17. David Hemsley has asked me to mention that the next training at Leicester is on Sunday March 3rd. . The cost for Sunday’s event is £40.00 per person with a start time of 10.00 am for booking in and on track for 11 going through to 4.00 pm. Hot food and drinks will be available all day with free entry to the stadium for anyone who wishes to watch. So just park in the bottom car park and come and take a look! To reserve your place please telephone the speedway office on 0116 235 0082 If any rider wants me to book them in text me on 07801429304 or 07510768392 or e-mail : laurencerogers@blueyonder.co.uk
  18. Unfortunately rain has beaten us and its off. Re-staging next Sunday 10-4 .
  19. Was talking to Matt and his lovely wife Claire at Sheffield last Sunday at Sean's Cracker and they told me that he is staging a Farewell Meeting at Somerset on Friday September 22nd. I haven't seen mention of it anywhere as yet --so thought I'd just start the ball rolling for it. I know it is a long way off yet but if you are like me I like to organise my diary and days off etc early and this is one I am most definitely going to put in it. Matt was looking good and getting around , albeit on his sticks, but says he does get tired easily. After his horrific crash and major injuries it is just great to see him around. I know he misses riding and although he would love nothing more than to get back on a bike , he realises that this is but a dream now. He was an all action rider who gaves his all and became a bit of a legend down at Somerset --especially with that wicked smile of his !! So folks no doubt more news will be forthcoming as time goes by , but for now please book Friday September 22nd in your diaries and get yourself down to the Oak Tree Arena at Somerset to give Matt Read your support.

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