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  1. A.N.Other

    Workington 2019

    They had better keep their hands off OUR Razzer...else there will be a certain Comets "witch" setting the most unpleasant curse on them !
  2. A.N.Other

    Workington 2019

    I dont think there will have been any need to....you bet TJ and Laura will have said to him before he boarded the flight home..."Rasmus..IF we run in 2019, we WANT YOU " !! Fantastic news for management, riders, and fans, that we are running in 2019. I have ALWAYS been proud to be a Comets fan, ever since going there with my dearly departed dad, way back in 1970. But I am prouder than EVER right now !! Lets hope TJ has a MUCH easier year planning fixtures etc...he has been through HELL and back this year. Congrats to all involved in bringing us back next year. "WE BELIEVED" !!!
  3. A.N.Other

    Workington 2018 .

    Hi...I have just sent you an urgent PM..can you reply asap please ? Thanks !
  4. On announcing the abandonement of the 2nd meeting, Dave Hoggart said that checks had been made with the SCB before doing so !! So there will be NO FINE !
  5. A.N.Other

    Play off final

    There will be live BBC Radio Cumbria commentary from Derwent Park on Sunday evening...with James Philips and John Walsh (remember him ?) . They also have a guest commentator doing his bit too.. I beleive he is called Stonehewer (or something like that!)
  6. Met Office now showing TORRENTIAL RAIN from 3pm till 9pm at Rye House ! This competition could end up with a "one leg final" at Workington tomorrow.
  7. A.N.Other

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    I agree..GO OUT AND BUY A NEWS AND STAR NOW.....fantastic coverage !!!! NOT TO BE MISSED ! DO IT !
  8. A.N.Other

    Workington 2018 .

    I have a sneaking feeling that "Stobart Air" might have a teensy weensy issue if you build a speedway track on their newly laid runway ! It would also make an interesting touch down if you have just travelled with them from Dublin !!
  9. For those that dont have "InstaGRAN"....can you repost exactly what he says there please ?
  10. The A66 roadworks is a MASSIVE obstacle to those intending to go to Scunthorpe or return from Scunthorpe at the weekend ! I believe that the A66 is closed in its entirety between Penrith and Brough at the weekends. And if you add to that the fact that Junction 40 of the M6, where the A66 from Scotch Corner meets it at Penrith, is completely closed after 10pm each night, then you have big big problem in getting home from, or getting TO Scunthorpe ! It seems that the advisory diversion during the day is via M62/M61/M6/A66. But after 10pm at night, you cant access the A66 from the M6 junction 40 ! It might well be advisable to check the highways authorities for the exact situation, but these sites arent always reliable.
  11. A.N.Other

    Workington 2018 .

    Hi matey I assume you are asking because WH Smith have stopped selling it from this week on ? I bought a random copy of SS there last week, and there was an article in it from the publishers, saying something about the fact that extremely high charges were being levied against them,for them to continue selling it there, so regrettably they have had to withdraw from selling SS in WH Smiths. I think the Petrol station in Seaton sells them..so you will have to jump on the big red bus to get one from there..lol. Not sure if anyone else does. ? Let me know if you find out ? Cheers
  12. A.N.Other

    Derwent Park

    Chaps Can we get this subject back on track, and deal with SPEEDWAY ! Thanks
  13. A.N.Other

    Workington 2018 .

    Read the Workington v Scunthorpe thread...and then make your own conclusions...but something had happened in the pits between management and Ty Proctor. No idea what though ?
  14. Quite a shock, when some Comets riders actually came into the Derwent Lounge tonight, well after the meeting had finished and when they have normally long gone ! Rene, Rasmus, and Nicolai, all came in for a while, to rapturous cheers and applause from the people that were there at the time !! I dont think I have EVER seen Nicolai in the bar before ? But they all seemed happy enough anyway. No sign of Ty, Kyle, or Mason though.

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