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  1. I think its still in one of those large containers in the pits, that the wonderful Rugby Club or Council are trying to charge ground rent for.. to the speedway management. They are SUCH nice people arent they !
  2. I must admit, our "Group" that came all the way up from Workington were gobsmacked at how few Monarchs fans were there ! Was this the GENUINE reason do you think ? Or do they have other "conditions" regarding away trips to Glasgae ?
  3. And the mascots would have won !
  4. What I said regarding the likelihood of the Comets taking to the track again next year John, is a combination of your interesting posts on here, and other reports. I am not saying it WOULDNT be happening, but its highly unlikely ! Sorry that you didnt get to know first about this one mate !
  5. There is little likelihood of any bikes going round a track...(from what YOU said anyway.)
  6. Ooh look up..there's several pieces of pale coloured Bacon flying past !
  7. I agree totally ! I love Craig to bits, but promoting this event predominantly on Twitter, is a bad bad idea...as LOTS of people, (like myself) are not on Twitter nor have any desire to be on it just to get any info about his big day ! There have been several replies on here saying that you can do "everything" on his WEBSITE, including booking advanced tickets. Can anyone send me a direct link to the relevant page of his site that lets me do this please ? !! I must be blind as I cant see it ! Thanks
  8. I will vote for the those that are against the same thing I am against....the building of a new stadium, which will be the biggest "Red(s) Herring" that this town has ever seen !! If any labour councillor knocks at MY door, then he had better have already called an ambulance...coz he will need one pretty darned quickly after knocking !!!
  9. A.N.Other

    Workington 2019

    I agree this doesnt look good at all for the future of the Comets, and on the face of it, it LOOKS to many of us that Laura was in much greater debt than we imagined. But this may NOT be the case....Laura and her brother had MANY business interests, and "LJM Asset Management" might just have no financial connection to the speedway business she runs ? So maybe try not to pre-judge the effect of its demise has or has not, on the Comets....yet ?
  10. Shamefully I have to admit, that I have NEVER voted in my entire life..............................................TILL NOW !! No prizes for guessing which party I WONT be voting for then !
  11. So can I ask why on earth are you still taking part in a speedway forum ?
  12. I cannot for the life of me understand why Craig is not promoting this like mad ? I have just this minute checked on his website, and there doesnt seem to be ANY MENTION of it ! Does he want a testimonial or not ? Its now just over ONE WEEK AWAY and as far as I can see there is TOTAL SILENCE regarding things like obtaining advance tickets and intended lineups etc. I spoke to Glasgow Speedway who said (as apparently with all testimonials), they are not involved in any way with ticket sales for Craigs do. They suggested I looked at his website, which as I said previously, doesnt have any mention about it ! I fear this event will either not go ahead, or at least, will be severely under attended !
  13. You are one of those people responsible for the drop in attendances then arent you !

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