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  1. Just came across this on youtube.... Now if there was EVER a lesson in promoting the sport, and yourself, THIS IS IT ! Others may want to take note ? (!)
  2. Jenga I stated in my post that it was the BERWICK fans that thought that we would be better with r/r than N Klindt riding for us at Berwick ! It wasnt ME that said that...it was THEM ! They were obviously remembering his previous appearances at Shielfield Park. There is no need for such an aggressive and sarcastic post to me !! I apologised to you, and that should have been the end of it.
  3. My mistake Jenga. Klindt hasnt ridden at Berwick for a while. Sorry
  4. Jenga If you read the "Berwick v Workington" thread, you will see that most fans consider r/r to be FAR the better option, based on their views on Mr Klindt's previous performances there !
  5. Geoff I think u owe the management an apology...the news about Ty being replaced by Charles Wright was posted on their official site at 1016hrs...20 mins BEFORE your remarks !!
  6. Workington 2018 .

    In relation to the catering issues :- Laura did say at the "meet the riders night" that INITIALLY her unofficial forum was taken down for maintenance. But after discussions with fellow management members they decided to PERMANENTLY close the forum. The reasons given were because of the negative and sometimes vociferous comments on it from some fans. They felt that this did nothing to improve the atmosphere at D.P. and generally gave a bad impression of the club. She did say of course, that fans can still post on THIS forum. I suspect that there has been no reply from management on here, regarding the many strong complaints about the poor catering, because none of them want to start contributing to this particular forum. They must have their own reasons for this. However I would have thought it prudent for one of them to post a reply on the Comets OFFICIAL Website in relation to what efforts are being made to resolve the catering issues. So far its disappointing that they havent done so ! Just a final point, but surely ANYONE of us can start a new forum up with the company that Laura used to use ?
  7. Workington 2018 .

    John Walsh was a great servant to Speedway. The way he would carry out his "master of ceremonies" role at any Comets function, can never be bettered in my opinion. He had the knack of embracing the audience and carry out his role in a very professional way. However, he is not getting any younger as they say, and I think he is in his 70's now. So he is thinning out his involvement in sport, and sadly the Speedway part was never his first love. I think that coupled with a change in management several years ago, helped him to decide to take a back seat in relation to speedway. He still maintains a busy life, and if you ever seen him in town, he is always dashing here or there, will little time to spare to stop and chat ! Lol. Keep up the pace John...you are sadly missed at Derwent Park !
  8. Workington 2018 .

    I entered the stadium at 6.10pm, intending to purchase something from the burger van near the pits. There were about 15 people infront of me queuing for food. FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER...not one person had been served !! The staff seemed totally in chaos and completely disorganised. In the end I ran out of patience and I decided to trek round to Lauras Cafe on the back straight. There was no queue there, and I asked for Cheeseburger and Chips. The burger was good and the bun was very soft and pleasant. HOWEVER....the CHIPS WERE DISGUSTING ! They were totally uncooked ! I overheard a member of staff (at 6.25pm mind you), say that "there were no more chips left" after serving me ..with 35 mins to go till tapes up. I could not eat my chips,. they were completely anaemic. I was charged £4.50 for my meal. I went to Laura in person, to complain at the end of the meeting, about the problems at both venues. She had also received complaints about long waits at the pits burger van. with several fans missing 4 or 5 races whilst waiting to be served. In fairness to Laura she was horrified to hear what had happened. and has given an assurance that it will be looked in to, and put right by next Saturdays meeting. In the case of her own Cafe and the uncooked chips, she was embarrassed. I cant make it to next Saturdays meeting, so will await any reports from those who attend, as to any improvements in the meal quality, before deciding whether to ever eat at the stadium again. I have to say that when "Lakes Caterers" operated the franchise at the pits, their food was second to none.
  9. Hi All Does anyone know if there are any fans who are going to Cardiff for the GP weekend, that are running a bus from Central Cardiff to the PL Fours at Somerset this year ? I heard that Edinburgh Monarchs have ran them in the past but havent heard about this year. Any information would be really helpful. Thanks in advance. D
  10. Edinburgh 2016

    Hi Guys Sorry to post this question in the wrong place, but I wanted to draw the attention of Monarchs fans who I am told MAY be able to help me ? I am trying to find out if anyone is running a bus from Central Cardiff to the PL Pairs at Somerset this year ? I need 5 tickets if so. The reason I am posting this message on the Edinburgh thread, is that I have been told that Monarchs have ran buses there in the past. Can anyone help please ? Thanks
  11. Hi All Can anyone tell me if any supporters are running a bus/coach from Central Cardiff, to the PL Pairs at Somerset this year please ? I would like seats for 5 people if anyone is. A direct email to me at derekkkx@btopenworld,com would be appreciated. Thanks in advance ! D
  12. Workington 2013

    I had a look round the perimiter of the stadium the other day, and a new and faiirly large car park has been built between the third and fourth bends near to where the freeloaders stand. It was just hardcore when I looked but I imagine it is going to be tarmaced. I was also pleased to see that at present, half of the area where the riders vans park has been tarmaced and it looks good ! Again I am assuming that the remainder of this parking area will also be tarmaced before the start of the season, but at present it would be pointless, as heavy machinery seems to be being used inside the stadium, which of course would damage any newly laid surface. New UPVC windows and security roller shutters have been installed in the walls of the "Gus RIsman Bar" (vip lounge). Of course fencing has been installed all around the stadium, with security gates to access the riders vans parking area. Painters were busy painting various doors when I visited, plus it seems that the turnstiles are getting a revamp, including some turnstiles that have never been in use for years ! I have been told that the old wooden seats in the grandstand have been removed and new ones are to be installed too. And also I believe that the Derwent Lounge is having a total refurb too. Just my assumption and I may be totally wrong, but it wouldnt surprise me if eventually the long term plan is to close vehicular access to the stadium across the small bridge, (as this was causing problems some time ago), and the access by road will only be permitted via the rear of Tescos ?? All in all, quite some refurbishment, and one that I am delighted to see !