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  1. MattK


    Let's say £5k for arguments sake. Do you think it would be easier to persuade 500 people to pay £10 each to stream the meeting or 1,250 at £4 to stream the meeting? I'd say 1,250 at £4 is a far easier sell than 500 @ £10.
  2. MattK


    How much does it cost to stream a meeting live?
  3. MattK


    This is why you conduct market research. I'd pay £3-4. Personally, I don't think that watching speedway online is worth any more than that. Others may differ. If the costs exceed the price times the number of sales, then it isn't a viable product.
  4. MattK


    I might consider it at £3-4 but definitely not a tenner. I wonder how much market research they did to come up with this price point.
  5. MattK

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    I went to the office every day last week and probably most of this week. Wore a mask for 10 hours a day (minus eating and drinking). Didn't die to oxygen deprivation or feel oppressed.
  6. Therein lies the juxtaposition between clubs balancing the books and wanting a winning side. So this is my question, why do clubs need to balance the books? As long as promoters go into the sport with their eyes open, then what is the problem. If you look at the clubs who have closed over the last few years, how many have done so because the promoter has simply run out of money and no one wants to take it over compared to teams who have been forced club due to stadium availability or other reasons?
  7. It isn't rider's demands which are killing the sport, it is clubs bowing to rider's demands. If clubs set a pay scale which was sustainable to their income then riders would have a simple choice. Accept that is on offer or find gainful employment elsewhere. They problem is that clubs, in an arms race to secure the best riders, offer money their businesses cannot afford. However, this doesn't get away from the fundamental point that demand exceeds supply, hence why riders can make such demands in the first place.
  8. MattK

    Season Cancelled

    I can only assume that speedway classes itself as an elite sport and therefore is following these guidelines: Elite sport - return to competition: safe return of spectators Pilots announced for return of spectators to elite sports events Compared to much more relaxed rules for general outdoor activities.
  9. MattK

    Season Cancelled

    Presumably speedway classes itself as elite sport and therefore has to comply with those government guidelines, whereas stock car racing classes itself as an outdoor public event where are there a different set of guidelines.
  10. MattK


    The BSPA should pay Oxford City Council to share that report, as no one in speedway has been able to consistent make a profit over the last decade.
  11. MattK

    Brandon Update

    And let's be honest, most of the money Terry Russell did make from the various TV deals has been ploughed back into Swindon over the years. I doubt he made a net profit on those two activities.
  12. This suggests the government is taking a practical and logical approach to opening up the economy. They're not. You can spend 2 hours shopping in Primark or from next week sat inside a pub eating and drinking, but you can't spend 2 hours outside at a sporting event. It wouldn't surprise me if BJ has a dart board with all the industries on it and that's now they determine what can open next.
  13. Can you imagine the uproar if speedway clubs are forced to record the contract details of those attending meetings? They have resolutely resisted any kind of marketing for the last twenty years and now it could be introduced via the back door.
  14. Funnily enough, I was looking at the Smallmead site on Google Maps the other day. Can't for the life of me remember why. I always thought a site the other side of the M4 would be ideal, as you're away from all the Reading-side development which is always going to be more lucrative than speedway.
  15. I can't say I am to be honest. Companies have stepped up with so many offers of free this and that during lockdown that there's not enough hours in a day as it is. If I wasn't so busy I'd furlough myself so I could take free guitar lessons, learn a language, complete some technical certifications...

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