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  1. I think it is more a case of Britain claiming Monday and Thursday as all of the other race nights were already taken, rather than there being any meaningful discussion about their feasibility.
  2. For years, various people, fans, promoters etc. said that fixed race nights wouldn't work in Britain because clubs didn't own their stadiums and that availability is limited. This was despite the obvious advantages that fixed race nights offered in terms of reducing clashes and potentially encouraging back the top riders. Last year we saw the BSPA actually grasp the nettle and actually make a positive decision. Monday and Wednesday was always the most obviously choice as it mean limiting disruption to both Premiership and Championship clubs, however given that not all clubs own their stadiums and that availability is limited is was unlikely all clubs would be able to achieve this from day one. I think the solution, to allow Swindon to race half their home meetings on a Thursday, while all other clubs move to the fixed nights is the ideal compromise for the first season of fixed nights. Hopefully over time Swindon will be able to reach an agreement to allow us to fall in line with the rest of the league. In terms of advantage, as Grachan says, this is available to both teams, so Swindon will have no more of a pool than their opponent.
  3. Shame I can't make it tonight, as I have always enjoyed my visits to Poole, especially for play-off finals. However, if Poole can get their Poles firing and with Kildemand wanting to prove a point, I think the Pirates will have too much for us unfortunately. Either way, it will be a good chance for the lads to get their eye in ready for another victory in the 2018 play-off finals.
  4. One or more of the following perhaps: Sponsorship, partnerships, cash wash, merchandise, fundraising events, crowd funding, murder mystery night, Team GBFC, corporate prawn sandwich meet 'n' greets?
  5. Belle Vue 2018

    Isn't it a little bit premature to be picking riders before a wheel has turned in anger? Why are we putting out a team which is strong in the qualifiers and not looking to the final? I hate to say this but Chris Harris actually top scored for GB in the SWC Final last year.
  6. I didn't realise his average was that much higher than Worrall's (8.48 v 6.77)
  7. is Kenneth Bjerre sitting out Britain this season?
  8. All the indications are that Rosco is staying on as manager.
  9. Polish Match tonight

    Tungate rode for both sides in the same meeting the other night. I get the feeling these warm-up meetings are not taken too seriously.
  10. Rosco has alluded to how the BSPA needed to franchise the team, due to the loss of TV money. This would suggest that VXR paid very little for the rights. Similarly, if the BPSA wanted to maximise value they would have had a much more publicised bidding processes. The fact that there didn't seem to be any mention of this until after the franchise was awarded suggests the BSPA were keen to get rid before they incurred any costs for 2018.
  11. How many fixtures run over Easter?

    Presumably clubs have some input into how their fixtures are arranged? So King's Lynn have home four meetings in April, whereas Swindon only have two and KL have four in August whereas Swindon only have two. I assume this is at the request of the KL promotion and explains their lack of meetings in June/July? Swindon also have three home meetings which clash with World Cup fixtures, whereas King's Lynn only have one, although bizarrely it is an England match.
  12. Swindon Stadium

    Can you provide one example of where this has happened?
  13. Where do you get "hundreds of thousands" from? I think people are reading too much into this. For me, if VXR can professionally market TeamGB (or whatever they are called) to sponsored and ensure the team is properly funded they have done a good job. The value of test matches in an era when the top riders race in all major leagues seems needless.
  14. How many fixtures run over Easter?

    Not only will they lose out on bumper Easter crowds, but it will also cause short term cashflow problems. Let's hope for a dry April/May so that meetings can run and as many fixtures as possible can be immediately rearranged.