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  1. Janowski £100 More Lindgren £100 More
  2. Lambert 50 More Lindback 150 More Spread Stretcher ACTIVATED!
  3. Madsen £20 more Dudek £20 more Vaculik £20 more Lindgren £20 Less
  4. MattK

    Advertising in ASDA 2019

    I don't think that is an insurmountable challenge. When I worked for a large local employer I knew most of the people there who attended speedway. Therefore, let's say I was a Robins Ambassador, I could "invite" 20 people from my work to attend speedway for free each week and escort them through a meeting. If clubs were really invested in this the it could also include a pre-meeting pit walk, meet and greet with a rider and even watching a heat from the centre green, all things that cost nothing for a club to put on. If there were 10 ambassadors, each bringing 20 new fans per week and if only 10% of them returned as paying customers, over the course of a 20 meeting season it would generate 200 new fans and increase income by over £30,000. All for little more than a bit of effort.
  5. MattK

    Advertising in ASDA 2019

    I think speedway is quite a hard sell. Convincing someone to spend £18 to watch four blokes going round in circles needs more than just a leaflet. For me, you have to offer newcomers free entry and then a "guided" experience in order for them to get the most out of their first time and encourage them to return. I leaflet simply won't do that in my opinion.
  6. Lambert £100 more Zagar £50 more Doyle £50 more
  7. MattK

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    Looked like a three into one scenario which you see often on the first bend, but unfortunately Doyle took a very heavy fall. Presumably we'll go R/R tomorrow night.
  8. Found it myself. Yes. Boo.
  9. Is the scoring still 3, 2, 1, 0?
  10. MattK

    Swindon 2019

    I agree, Zak is an investment long term and needs a chance to fit his feet at this level. Lampart, I'm not so sure. I'll be polite and says he's inconsistent!
  11. MattK

    Swindon 2019

    There is no doubt that some teams have very strong reserves. The problem is, when Heeps and Allen move into the main 1-5, who will replace them? Certainly in Ipswich's case their lowest averaging 1-5 riders are King and Bellago. I can't see our reserve fairing any better against those two than they did against Heeps and Allen. The other issue is that we are effectively carrying three riders. We knew this would be a risk with such a top heavy team, but the consequence of this strategy is that it requires tough choices to avoid a very long tail of riders who only pick up points from each other.
  12. MattK

    Swindon 2019

    I agree it would be incredibly harsh, but we also have to accept the possibility that at this stage in his career Shanes is not a Premiership calibre rider.
  13. MattK

    Swindon 2019

    Does Bacon have a Premiership average as his 2019 Peterborough average is 4.78 and Shanes is 3.15, therefore I don't think he fits?
  14. MattK


    Speedway is four blokes going round in circles - how much commentary does it really need? I am always baffled at the innate ramblings of the commentators on TV, having it at meetings would be even worse. How often do you see a piece of great television or a scene in a film set to an uplifting piece of music? If you want to make the racing more exciting, why not try having music during heats.
  15. It is a reshaping of the old track, which the new stadium is planned to be built around. The old plans, to move the track and stadium to a new position, approximately 45 degrees from the current location was scrapped last year.

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