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    80s my best decade also like the alligators

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  1. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    There is a metro from central station that will take you all the way there Paulco!!
  2. Be careful or I'll withdraw my offer LOL!
  3. I might even upgrade him to business class! But he has to be on the plane by Tuesday so we have time to fill in the team sheet for Friday!
  4. Bye can we have a whip round for his one way ticket?
  5. It was 2004 before we signed Jason Lyons! In my honest opinion you knew what you were getting with Dickie Juul I would and always have backed him over Lindgren any day the sooner we ditch him the better I say.
  6. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    I have all home matches from all seasons he rode and I was there! To bad you can as far as I know no longer buy them LOL RIP Bob.
  7. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    No dummy out here mate unless you are of course talking about your own, but I have my reasons that I am not prepared air on here but I made it known to the right people at the time, but I will still support the team from a distance!
  8. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    Spot on Arson fire I will not be attending this year had issues last year so I made my decision I would not go back last season, but I do wish the team well especially Carl & Stuy good look lads.
  9. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    Are you sure you don't mean Spencer Timmo LOL!!
  10. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    As far as I know he's retired!
  11. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    Ben Powel for running over Kenni Larsen?
  12. Hi Mauger Magic thanks for the credit but it is Mike7164 LOL and won't forget the lifts you gave me around 2006 and 2007 either!
  13. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    Well at least we would get a better standard in the sport if it was 50, or go one better still and do away altogether with the stupid averages!
  14. mike7164

    Newcastle 2018

    You call it maths if you like I call it legalised fiddle.

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