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  1. mike7164

    Gareth Rogers

    Gareth Rogers (brother of Lawrence) was the man relating to the starting of this thread, and as I have stated repeatedly it was a genuine question about him not bringing his or any other person with the sane name in to disrepute, however if the mods deem it better for this to be closed be my guest, however I won't as its not done in mails.
  2. mike7164

    Gareth Rogers

    To Answer your question the only reason I posted it here was as he was associated with clubs at second division level nothing more. I started it as a genuine question nothing more than that!
  3. mike7164

    Gareth Rogers

    In light of comments regarding it being the wrong Gareth Rogers is why I never posted links etc! nor did I accuse him or anyone else! So if this is the case I go back to the original question, does anybody know what happened to Gareth Rogers?
  4. mike7164

    Gareth Rogers

    Why close it? at the time I started the thread it was a genuine question to which I knew nothing about and it has taken until today for someone to post findings, although I had red stuff after starting the thread off, and I would like to point out I am appalled at these offences, and I hope these comments and evidence of what he has been convicted and found guilty of reaches as many people as possible. So everyone who is either a parent, kid, or a woman can be forewarned and protected against him!
  5. Whatever happened to Gareth Rogers? I know he was at one time heavily involved with Redcar and if memory serves Newport a few years ago, but I was trying to remember his name the other day when I was discussing with a friend and he seems to be a forgotten man!
  6. Well you shouldn't be so fresh
  7. Very sad to see this happen on the cusp of the season just about, it is bad enough clubs saying they don't know if they are running before the AGM but to have the team in place and supporters hyped up, season tickets on sale etc. I hope Workington can get back on track in 2020 and beyond, however I feel these will not be the only victim of closure sadly. Always enjoyed the speedway at Workington in the past not always my own teams result.
  8. mike7164

    Newcastle 2019

    NO NO NO differently not Diamonds all the way. those bloody bandits used to cost me a fortune (the gambling kind)
  9. mike7164

    Newcastle 2019

    Yeah I remember that if I correctly recall it would of been 2006? and again if I am right another rider to do similar was Steve Boxall?
  10. mike7164

    Newcastle 2019

    No problem sorry if I offended you too!
  11. mike7164

    Newcastle 2019

    Dave I accept what you are saying regarding riders however I am however not just saying that about riders riding for us but also apposing teams too! New interest? I have never and will never stopped supporting the team but sadly the only meeting I am aiming to attend in 2019 at Brough will be the Stuy one if they have one. I hope this answers your questions.
  12. mike7164

    Newcastle 2019

    38 paint limit far a start? same riders week after week team guesting? riders availability due to Poland etc! However if you think its ok then I am glad for you!!
  13. mike7164

    Newcastle 2019

    In response to your post I never totally blamed the riders hence I was kind of expecting some on here to say that which was why I said results etc! I also included that in more recent times we have not been the dearest club, however we and as a sport now and then are/were far to expensive so you have your opinion fair enough I accept it you must do so with mine! As I said earlier it is a RIP OFF IMHO!
  14. mike7164

    Newcastle 2019

    For those prices I want a team full of riders like that and no use of RR etc!!
  15. mike7164

    Newcastle 2019

    Just seen the pricing structure for 2019 & in my opinion it is NOT value for money at any level, weather that be paying on the gate or so called season tickets that only covers 17 meetings RIP OFF! How can any club justify prices like these when the whole league has been watered down as much as it now has is beyond me? I am aware for the last several seasons we have not been the dearest but equally we have not been the strongest team in the league either by results or standard of riders because of finances or Poland etc. But when you look at the standard of the sport for the prices no wonder crowds are falling right across the sport, any thoughts!!

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