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  1. topaz325

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Rider musical chairs for many clubs this season
  2. topaz325

    Craig Cook

    Yes Glasgow have to make it pay and work very hard in promoting the club but seem to be still struggling to attract fans this season.
  3. Cannot see this going the distance, hope I’m wrong.
  4. topaz325


    Yes we all know that but we can’t have every meeting at Belle vue
  5. topaz325

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Professional cameras on items not allowed in stadium......professional DSLR ....Nikon D5?
  6. topaz325


    So which clubs want/ need weekend racing, Glasgow, Edinburgh , Berwick, Workington , Newcastle , Scunthorpe , Peterborough, in the Championship Belle vue, Rye House ,maybe Leicester and Somerset all the others in the Premier seem to just get by during the week I think. Do not know about the third division. So it must come down to when the fans want racing and how frequently , will weekly or fortnightly home meetings be adequate . Will one big League work, or will it be two Leagues with one or two from the Championship moving up though this would only be viable if costs were reduced significantly either rider costs/pay or less bigger name riders which would mean no more Doyle, Andersson , Iversen for instance. Not an easy task for anyone/group but some difficult decisions need to be made and this may come at the expense of losing some clubs unfortunately .
  7. topaz325

    Torun 2018

    Still some availability, found one good hotel for two nights, 3 people at £226.00, some cheaper ones too.
  8. topaz325


    Speedway riders often compared to jockeys, Chris Harris now to Poole.
  9. topaz325

    Glasgow 2018

    Speedway lost its credibility many years ago, I go to hopefully see a few good races and a crack.
  10. topaz325

    Glasgow 2018

    Play offs …. maybe?
  11. topaz325

    Glasgow 2018

    Now approved.
  12. Hi Phil

    when do the BSPA/SCB step in and close a club over un paid debts, I,m sure there are, have been many clubs who are in debt or have not paid riders?

    I find it strange the promoters agreed to the fixture list at the start of the season with so many large gaps between meetings (financial suicide), then the fixtures were changed again half way through the season.

    At Workington its not weekly Speedway, its every four to five weeks.:rolleyes:

    Is it any wonder fans are disillusioned by the sport, never mind the poor promotion, long drawn out meetings (this is much better now) and amateur way of running things.


    Thank you.


    Paul Robinson. 

  13. topaz325


    A honest and hard hitting account of the state of British Speedway in the Star this week, will the BSPA listen and act. Will some person or group be enlisted to make concrete decisions for the future of the sport as highlighted in the Speedway Star item, my personal opinion no.
  14. topaz325

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    That’s a £1 off so far.
  15. topaz325

    Glasgow 2018

    Do you mean Workington, I admire most of what Glasgow have achieved and make many trips up to Glasgow, great set up and good fans, sad to see they are starting to struggle to attract as many fans as needed. Glasgow and Belle vue is what most clubs should be striving for but unfortunately the money is not around to facilitate many clubs.....what"s the answer , who knows.
  16. topaz325

    Glasgow 2018

    Not approved yet......
  17. So it feels like the 2018 season is just about to start when the Comets are up against the Berwick Bandits for this Friday evening clash that starts at 7:30pm. As far as I am aware the Comets will be at full strength, not sure about the Berwick line up. A league campaign that will be squeezed into about two months, unless we qualify in the top four.
  18. topaz325

    Glasgow 2018

    Nice little earner for Edinburgh .
  19. topaz325

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Accordingly, each season the SCB produces a Rule Book entitled The Speedway Regulations, that covers all the rules applicable to the sport in Great Britain. It is available in booklet form at a small cost from the SCB Office or as a fre download from the SCB Website www.scbgb.co.ukFinanced entirely by fees generated through the issue of Track Licences, Rider Registrations and Officials Licences the SCB seeks to act as the independent body to ensure that the BSPA, Member’s Tracks, Riders and Officials all act within the Rules and Regulations of the SCB and most importantly within the best interest of Speedway motorcycle racing.The SCB is managed on a day to day basis by the SCB Co-ordinator (Neil Vatcher: neil@scbgb.co.uk) and an Administrator (Nikki Jameison: info@scbgb.co.uk). They are augmented in specialist areas by Track Inspectors (Alan Bridgett: alan@scbgb.co.uk & Mick Bates: mick@scbgb.co.uk) and a Technical Advisor (Jim McMillan: jim@scbgb.co.uk).Further specialist advice concerning Medical and Environmental matters are obtained via the ACU Committees; Environmental Advisor (Peter Gregory: pgregory@ntlworld.com), Medical Panel Secretary (Debbie Walmsley: dg@acu.org.uk)The Bureau consists of 4 nominated Members, two representing the ACU are Tony Steele and Graham Reeve (ACU Members) whilst Alex Harkess (BSPA President) and Gordon Pairman (BSPA Promoter) represent the British Speedway Promoters Association under the independent Chairmanship of Tony Gillias (a former Rider with Coventry & Scunthorpe).
  20. topaz325

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    We could possibly be champions if we manage to race our remaining home meetings
  21. topaz325

    Witches v Champions Elect Comets 12/7 Championship

    I think you should change the title of the thread to Ipswich v Workington
  22. Financial problems were highlighted a few weeks ago in the Speedway Star.
  23. Fantastic win for the Comets
  24. According to the updates its Josh Embelton for Mason Campton and r/r for Ty Proctor.

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