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  1. So with the Lakeside meeting now not taking place before the cut off date this is the last chance the Comets have of getting some League points at home. The Panthers side will be no push overs even with their injury worries, ill go for 48-42. I,m still not sure if Ty Proctor will be fit for this match but does not look good at the time of posting. The weather.....ahh, BBC forecast says sunny with showers all day until 6:00pm
  2. This is true.....strange world Speedway, maybe its a play off meeting so the rules change.
  3. topaz325

    Play offs

    Oops yes Torun GP early October.
  4. topaz325

    Play offs

    Probably true, would make sense, Peterborough recently beat at Derwent Park too. So Worky v Glasgow...………. 5th and 6th of October was the rumour? Panthers v Comets final.
  5. Still possible but there are some strong teams out there, Peterborough will never be that weak again I doubt, Glasgow have some big hitters in their team, Lakeside may be not the same team having had to move to Rye House and lost a little home advantage.. Its still all to play for and very wide open, hopefully Ty Proctor will be fit again soon.
  6. A strange sequence of events, finish top but not before the cut off, finish top and not win the League, finish second and possibly win the League.
  7. topaz325

    2018 Season Highs & Lows

    At Workington the biggest low, the sickening crash that ended Dan Bewleys season. The high........hopefully it’s still to come!!
  8. Nicolai Klindt riding in Poland I believe, will need a guest for Dan Bewley and r/r for Ty Proctor I think.
  9. well done Worky, Rasser we are not worthy, Rene back to his veery best, hope Nicolai is ok. after a nasty fall. Thanks to all the riders tonight riding in difficult conditions.
  10. http://www.workingtoncomets.co/news/article.asp?id=101007
  11. with Glasgow getting four points last night we need to win tonight and get a point at Newcastle to be in with a chance, Lakeside still could do it as well?
  12. Hmmm, said in todays SS its Barker guesting for Dan and probably r/r for Ty Proctor. All change them.
  13. Will not take place before the cut off, but will have to be run sometime this season I expect.
  14. One home and one away match to get points, so hopefully no rain offs!!
  15. Confirmed on the SGP website that Dudek has broken his arm riding in Sweden.
  16. topaz325

    Workington 2018 .

    Not sure but posted on Facebook yesterday saying "Cant wait to get out there" ie Racing.
  17. The first meting of a double header and its Newcastle Diamonds against the Comets with Aaron Summers guesting for Dan Bewely with Ty Proctor looking doubtful too.
  18. The second meeting of this double header sees the Comets against the Redcar Bears , again Aron Summers guests for Dan Bewley.
  19. topaz325

    Is Speedway still viable in the UK?

    Agree about the medical cover it seems to be a growing problem at some tracks.
  20. I thought there were some good races in the , Newcastle meeting.
  21. Track was good , probably better in the second meeting , well done to Steve Lawson and all the track staff for providing a great racing surface.
  22. Despite the score line I thought there was some good races against Newcastle . Good effort from all the riders who visibly tired in the Redcar meeting.

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