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  1. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    Eyes without a face Billy Idol
  2. topaz325

    The Olympic Games

    Italy beat the Danes on the final
  3. topaz325

    Why speedway is failing

    So.......we really need the promoters to revamp the sport at the next AGM (?) instead of dabbling with rules within rules but will they want to have a major different operating model from the rest of Europe but I suppose we need to really get back to basics and try and build for the future.
  4. topaz325

    University Challenge 2021/22

    Only four or five last night.
  5. topaz325

    The Olympic Games

    Will the Danes be excluded when Nicki crashed into Chris Harris ?
  6. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    After forever Black Sabbath.
  7. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    Perfectly good guitar John Hiatt
  8. topaz325

    Terry Cooper RIP

    Sad news, another one of the Leeds greats gone.
  9. Its a secret...shh, im going to donate it to Boris and Carries new Baby!
  10. Received a letter inviting me to take part in test for COVID with a monetary incentive for taking part.
  11. topaz325

    Club Merchandise

    Most individual rider merchandise seems to be better designed and better quality?
  12. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    Lovely day Bill Withers.
  13. topaz325

    Song Title Game

    Man of the world Fleetwood MAC
  14. topaz325

    Dusty Hill

    RIP Dusty.

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