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  1. I can't believe that the day before Tai proves himself to be the best British Speedway racer ever there is barely any mention of it on here. On the verge of his 3rd world title he's been head and shoulders above his rivals this year with only a very slight wobble a couple of GP's ago. Number 3 will see him join the greats of the sport and at 28 if he can stay injury free surely TRicks record must be in danger. Ah but I hear you cry... He talks with an Australian accent, he's turned his back on British Speedway, he's got tattoos! I think he's grown up a lot in the last few years and now comes across really well on TV, articulate and arrogant... Which is ok when you can back it up. Woffy! Woffy! Woffy!
  2. iainb

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    If can remember her name, then yes please big shot journalist
  3. As I'm a little bored at work and just seen the SGP Facebook post asking who had the best Race Suit this season... Got me thinking about the most memorable I've seen. Steve Bastable sticks out for me when he had black and white checks, I always think pure white is particularly striking and quite rare, I can only remember Eric Riss this season and Andreas Jonsson a few years back. Wiggy green with his splats, Jan Staechmann
  4. Were you happy in the knowledge that teams probably turned up at Owlerton thinking we don't really have to try against this lot as we'll probably make the top 4 by winning all our home matches, scrape through to the play offs and win the title that way?
  5. iainb

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    Well, it was their lead Motorsport story on the homepage, even with the USA GP this weekend. I don't recognise the name Ana Currasco but I do remember seeing something on the BBC website about a women winning some motorbike race... As I'm not interested in superbikes or MotoGP I didn't bother reading it
  6. Sounds a bit like religion Only because he scored the most aggregated points across the SGP series though... What about Leon Madsen who wasn't in the GP's... Or Rob Shuttleworth?
  7. That's wrong moxey, KT was still riding well into the modern machine era, still riding for arena in 2004... And being an engine tuner I would also suggest on pretty fast engines
  8. iainb

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    As if to prove my point the BBC have very helpfully put a "sports" story on the homepage of their website today (the day of the Speedway cup final) about a transgender Motorsport competitor Charlie Martin (no, me neither), nothing to do with success or popularity but a sports story purely about being transgender in Motorsport. Much like everyday on the BBC website where you can read about the latest transgender "news" item despite that community only being estimated at being 0.2% of this country's population. Speedway needs a LGBTQ+ or female rider and the coverage will come from the BBC
  9. iainb

    All Clubs are For Sale

    The tractor at Wolverhampton is probably valued at £150,000
  10. It says a lot that this has been going for 20 odd years, organised and run by the fans for the fans and the BSPA are still unable, with all the technology at our hands these days, to organise something to replace it for the fans... Mind you, i doubt we'd get some of the comical comments on the race reports if they did. Knowing the BSPA they've probably looked at ways of closing it down Long live live updates
  11. iainb

    Boring formula 1 racing

    There's a lot of truth in what you say here, I watch the F1 and generally afterwards wish I hadn't, yet those that watch it rave about the quality of the F2 races... Yet I've never seen one and won't put myself out to do so. Perhaps British Speedway should be run by an independent psychologist
  12. iainb

    AGM November 2018

    A group of 1
  13. Seriously though, the British public thought so because they bought the record... Just because you thought that Ultravox was better just means that you were wrong... Oh Vienna!
  14. iainb

    Best Race Suit Ever?

  15. iainb

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    How did wearing the Union Flag go down in Wales?
  16. iainb


    Also worth noting that Denmark seems to be shut on a Sunday
  17. iainb

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    Joe Screen and his zebra suit was memorable and the suit he had with arm tassels... I also remember Doug Wyer having arm tassels and was it the whole Mildenhall team or just I seem to remember Ray Bales?
  18. iainb

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    So they did, as did Sudden Sam for his title win... I do think the Kevlars are so much more brighter and striking though
  19. iainb

    AGM November 2018

    Or one little one at the current rate of closures and for sale boards
  20. So we see the same top teams in the semis and final? You'd just be replicating the league in miniture
  21. iainb

    AGM November 2018

    Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."
  22. iainb

    Wild Cards 2019

    KK is rubbish in a lot of stuff... But then he can put a season together from nowhere that bags him a world silver medal. That's possibly why the current qualification system doesn't suit a rider like him, he could have easily not qualified or got a wildcard for the series one year (10th) and then come 2nd in the world the next... And then rubbish again the year after (15th). He's the exception to the rule

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