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  1. So far this season Leon Madsen seems to be one of the very best riders in the world... Yet he was overlooked for the SoN and isn't getting wildcards into GP's with the same old faces being named as wildcards and replacements NKI, MJJ, AJ. Why? Has he upset people in high places?
  2. iainb

    Bradford To Return ?

    That was the plan at Leicester with 5-a-side pitches, bmx track and study facilities etc. the planned area is still wasteland
  3. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    Do they not use the next best from the GP Challenge anymore?
  4. iainb

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Trouble is with riders if you ask 14 riders at a meeting, you'll get 14 wildly different answers... it's probably just best to prepare it to what you know produces the best racing. Listening to Danny King's interview after the Swindon match he said the track was getting better and better each week and is nearly where they want it... but going on the reports of how the racing was at this match it doesn't seem to be how the fans want it
  5. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    it's a strange case isn't it...according to this forum he's dragging in £340k a year... so who needs the GP's
  6. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    yes but it's this year he's probably one of the top 3 or 4 riders in the world... and we keep getting NKI in the GP's
  7. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    it's a while since he was given the opportunity at this level in the closed shop GP/SoN
  8. The track is garbage, everybody knows it, even those that try and defend it use comments like "it's not perfect". The improvement in racing in recent years coincided with the move to EL, I put this down to better quality riders, but as the EL gets watered down year on year the racing is deteriorating again... add to that the abysmal preparation, dirt not being pulled back in, a total lack of watering during a meeting. As nightshift says I think the straights are too long for the bends, the pits need moving into view, either have a separate area for warming the bikes up (like a smoking area) or have perspex pits like some of the football dugouts, people need to think outside of the box https://www.plasticsolutions.ie/product/3mm-polycarbonate.html
  9. iainb

    Leon Madsen

    Sounds a bit like a certain "Englishman"... and I'm not talking about Edward Kennett It does seem like the SGP is becoming more and more of a closed shop
  10. Come on this is Speedway! World Championships have been decided on rock, paper, scissors before now... Get over it
  11. In that case I stand corrected, I only saw the one. I wonder why the medics would elect not to send him straight to hospital and call an ambulance? I'm glad to hear Ulrich is OK after such a horrific looking crash
  12. 2 hours and 40 minutes to run that! Why aren't tracks required to have 2 ambulances in attendance at a meeting? Cost one assumes? ATB to Ully
  13. iainb

    Leicester Lions 2018

    For one wonderful moment I hoped they were ripping the track up and putting a new one in... oh well
  14. That's just the type of lack of imagination that has left us with a track that's really not worth going to , where you can't see anything unless you are up against the fence, in the grandstand or don't mind getting hit with shale and the pits are tucked away where nobody can see anything
  15. Who wrote the article?
  16. Well done Russia, but who cares? If you want to read people giving credit to Russia you best sign up to some Russian forums... As a Brit I'm more interested in seeing Britain win and not come 2nd and to not even try and win the final was puzzling at best and unforgivable at worst... especially with all the work now going into the Speedway GB team, why bother with all that if you're not even going to try and do the basics If Speedway was featured in the papers can you imagine the scrutiny the tactics (or lack of) would have come under? It wouldn't have made for good reading... we may even have seen Rosco with a turnip on his head!
  17. Agreed it is the same shape as last year, it was just about tolerable last year or 2, since they've gone top league in my opinion but has nosedived this year. I'm no expert on what does or doesn't produce good racing... All I know is what I'm watching is total crap. Don't agree they can only move the track out, it needs to be smaller if anything, I think maybe the straights are too long, and what's with the hill on bend 2?
  18. OK, keep them enclosed, did it say they had to be hidden away around the back?
  19. I think it would probably have to be smaller... but any space left over after alteration I would look at moving the pits somewhere in the open, like in Torun for example. Give the punters something to look at during the tractor racing, instead of them being tucked away out of view like they are at the moment. And as for the inevitable question of how it's going to be funded... they're sponsored by JCB, get them involved in some way
  20. It should be carried out as soon as the season is over... if they make it until the end of the season. They can get somebody in who knows how to design a track, look at the more recent new builds, BV, Somerset, Scunthorpe. Any more questions?
  21. That's the same throughout the sport though isn't it... nobody seem to look at things as a punter. Like when I was stood on the back straight at Peterborough on Sunday with my ears almost bleeding because of the volume of the tannoy... all it needs is for someone to check before going ahead
  22. ... and shape, there's only so much you can do to polish a turd
  23. properly remodel the track... or watch attendances drop off and the club die

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