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  1. Musicylak has already served his 28 day suspension and I don't believe King's Lynn own his contract. If the SCB don't issue any further sanction he should be free to ride. There's a free Monday tomorrow night yet Lynn are not using it to fulfil any outstanding fixture! 1 point each for a postponed fixture is something I've been banging on about for years also.
  2. If Lynn pull out of the PL this season without fulfilling their fixtures, the same promotion should not be allowed to compete in the CL next season imo
  3. Only King's Lynn, Leicester and Ipswich not riding on Monday! So many fixtures to catch up on and so few dates available...
  4. From KL website 11/06/24 "We must stress that Tobiasz wants to return to the UK" 02/07/24 "we later received a phone call to say that Tobiasz would not be returning to UK racing this year" Something must have been lost in translation!
  5. @StarBoyliterally wrote "I imagine" and then wrote a list of 19 riders he "imagined" had been approached! I'll remind you that it was @Bagpuss that was originally "bleating and bellyaching" that "Lynn have spoken to dozens of riders, they are desperately trying to replace both unavailable team members." and this despite sacking off a rider, via Twitter, a rider who was in your original declared 1 to 7 at the start of the season and who was deemed good enough to return from the team that finished bottom of the league last year. And now you don't want him back because he's not quite as good as a rider who you binned off from last years team... you couldn't make it up! Now if he was approached to return and he told you to go do one fair enough but there's that little news coming from King's Lynn as regards filling the empty team spots that there's nothing other for Lynn fans to do than imagine just what is going on... especially when they see riders turning up elsewhere at other teams. Anyway, like others have said, give this thread back to the Ippo supporters, they have their own problems, flying high at the top of the league even with an injury ravaged team, packing their place week in week out with a strong consistent team and a consistent regular fixture list.
  6. Why didn't you sign MPT?
  7. Bagpuss said "dozens", without a single name and imagination, because you said "I imagine" Bottom line... no proper team and little fixture fulfilment
  8. Just 5 more to go in your imagination I notice MPT is not on that list or Bartosz Zmarzlik
  9. "Dozens" so that implies at least 2 dozen, that's 24 riders, yet you can't provide a single name... was MPT one of them? Or any of the numerous riders that have been put to you? There's none so blind as those who will not see.
  10. MPT has been hampered by injury though, prior to his injury troubles he was more than solid around King's Lynn. http://www.gbspeedway.com/2024/ridervstrack.php?mc1=s&mc2=rv&mc3=x&mc4=x&name=Michael Palm Toft&track=King's Lynn I don't know why they don't want him back?
  11. Every single time King's Lynn have ridden and required guests? I can't guess what's in your mind, I thought you were making a general point but you seem to be pointing to a specific fixture
  12. Bagpuss said no riders were available, which just isn't true, I pointed out Lynn had just let one go who was comparable to Klindt, which if you look at the stats over the years, he clearly is, then the toys are thrown
  13. Isn't that because they assembled a half decent team to start with? And then had some of those riders improve? Unlike King's Lynn that assembled a bang average team that had little prospect of improving.
  14. What's the weather like in King's Lynn tonight?
  15. Disappointed that you'd sink to such levels of abuse! Expected better from you

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