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  1. iainb

    Covid Plans

    I wonder if there are any plans in place for clubs that may not be able to complete their fixtures for whatever reason? If a local lockdown is put in place and a club can't run or a club is forced to run without fans and elect not to run. Also rider availability is probably going to be an issue, looking at a number of clubs team photos and there are a lot of them with only 5 or 6 riders on show. It'd only take 1 club in the top league to not be able to fulfil their fixtures for it soon to become a mockery. Maybe this season they should have done away with the play-offs and gone to the old style you win the league you win the league format.
  2. It did... but that's easily bypassed with a VPN
  3. I booked yesterday as soon as they went on sale, for all home matches. Had email more or less straight away with the tickets and QR code attached
  4. iainb

    Covid Plans

    Well obviously they can't be sold without knowledge of capacity limits. You seem to be missing my point that why is there a scattergun approach to ticket sales? When Peterborough's finally did go live I was able to buy tickets until the end of the season (which I have), Leicester on the other hand only have 3 matches in advance, Kent ring up on the phone, Belle Vue first 5 fixtures... not sure about any others as they're the only ones I'm interested in at the moment
  5. iainb


    So who is Abi Stephens? Does she have a Speedway background? Her face seems familiar
  6. iainb

    Covid Plans

    George, I think It should be as simple as that, a centralised booking system with each clubs capacity set at whatever the local authority set. I assume those clubs that have got an online booking system have their capacity's set or will they be issuing refunds when it's oversubscribed?
  7. iainb

    Covid Plans

    It's the easiest thing in the world to set a capacity limit with an online booking system... it's just a field with a number in it
  8. iainb

    Covid Plans

    Yes... as has Leicester's. I don't want to go to Eastbourne though as lovely a place as it is. I wonder why the technology hasn't been shared between clubs?
  9. iainb

    Covid Plans

    So, as I expected there doesn't seem to be any plan regarding getting British Speedway restarted, regarding ticket sales at least. I've been scanning around trying to buy tickets for the matches I'm interested in attending and it seems that instead of the BSPL employing some kind of centralised ticket purchasing system each club have been left to their own devices. I bought my first Leicester ticket a week or so ago Belle Vue went on sale yesterday at 9 am as promised Peterborough postponed Tuesday at 9 am until Wednesday and as yet there is still nothing and Kent you have to ring up
  10. iainb


    I hope so!
  11. Come on... they've only had a year to put something in place!
  12. iainb


    Can somebody change the title to the thread, Postponement is one word and it's almost killing me
  13. I watch most of it on FFWD the next day, the beauty of Speedway is you're most unlikely to hear the result before you watch it especially Polish Speedway lol. It's not been VFM so far this season with around 50% of the matches so far being postponed and others being shown on FreeSports. I can't see myself returning next year, as long as life returns to something like normality, but in the mean time I'm happy to pay a tenner a month for some Speedway
  14. Nothing like getting behind your riders!
  15. iainb


    We seem to be blessed with many good podcasts at the moment and while some seem to have fallen by the way, others have come to the party. 2 that I have listened recently that are worthy of mention feature 2 riders from opposite ends of the Speedway spectrum but both great characters. Nigel Crabtree on the Super Seven podcast, no heirs and graces, what a great character, the type of character that Speedway sadly misses, a solid top class club man just happy to have some fun, make some money and no particular desire to become a wold champion. and... Ole Olsen, I don't think I ever really appreciated what a charismatic man he is/was. Listening to him reminded me a bit of Tony Rickardsson. The story about the trophy he won at Newcastle had me laughing out loud https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8yNDg3MzU2MC9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw== Give em a listen

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