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  1. Hodgy

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Congratulations, nice to see hard work and promoting gaining recognition. Good luck at the awards dinner.
  2. That was 1 night and extremely rare. I’m sure they all knew that would happen back in July / August. No mention of the numerous wash outs, wasted trips, double headers, do I or don’t I risk it. My point is, it’s so unnecessary.
  3. Very few meetings during the warm July / August evenings v wasted travel to rain offs or standing in the cold 3 nights a week in October. Yes, great planning.
  4. That is a serious accusation, bordering on liable. Don’t see any Poole connection / allegiance with Adam. Quite the opposite reading papa’s posts. You also ridiculed NKI for riding in a benefit meeting for a very sadly disabled legend. Kings Lynn will fight another day but it’s nothing compared to the painful, daily challenges Tomasz has in the years to come. Thought you were better than that.
  5. FFS, two of the worst posts I have ever read. Ward is an immature idiot but you are one sick MF and should be banned from this forum completely.
  6. Hodgy

    Panthers up for sale.

    Yes, here we go again. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Rathbone move into Redcar.
  7. No. They will make offers to retain or encourage new customers. BT Broadband is also not cheap.
  8. If you’re paying for BT you’re not struggling for money, or have you priorities wrong. That’s the reality.
  9. You’re not locked in, go home. Constant delays are my biggest issue (and I would probably have left), but they finished the meeting and the juniors didn’t have a wasted journey.
  10. In my opinion he is to blame. Left the gap for Harris, to which he took brilliantly.
  11. Maybe the mechanic should have just said, “you’re virtually in the final, keep your chins up”!!!
  12. Let’s not lose sight of the essential supporting cast; engine tuner and back room staff. Takes a team effort.
  13. As I see it, Wofffffinden has matured immensely last couple of seasons. Wasn’t a fan during the earlier arrogant (immature) years - guess most of us would be the same thrust into the high life so young. He is a Brit but fully understand an allegiance to the country his parents emigrated. I was cheering him on, despite my £1 on Zagar.
  14. As I see it the majority of SS’s posts are on threads supporting his team and often on the wind up. The usual suspects take it far too serious instead of just exchanging jovial banter, thus resulting in personal vendettas.
  15. Good result for Poole. Still game on - Somerset not beaten yet.
  16. Hodgy

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    Subscription is definitely the way to go. Delivered every Thursday, lower price. No brainer for a regular.
  17. Hodgy

    Belle Vue 2018

    There is only one stalker. Bordering on obsessive.
  18. Hodgy

    Poole 2019

    How are these three ‘bigger’ clubs doing now? Sadly they are all but dead. This one club is bigger than another is absolute BS. What are the rules, criteria and why does it matter? From what I have just read Nottingham Forest are a bigger club than Man City. Belle Vue are a famous name but I believe today, the response (regarding name me a Speedway Team) would very much depend on the age group questioned.
  19. Hodgy

    Poole 2019

    The word is ‘whether’. If 10 clubs had 10 Fords I believe the sport could be in a much better place. Yes he has created controversy, who hasn’t in this game? Appears he’s had enough. Love or loathe, Poole have set the standard for several years. If they go it will be much worse than it is now. In my opinion.
  20. “And even if we have won the meeting, I always put Doyley and Jack in heat 15 because the crowd pay their money to see them. Doyley shouldn’t be sitting in the pits having four rides. If he can do five rides ands wants it, he goes out. I’m not doing the public over.” Garry May last weeks SS.
  21. Hodgy

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2018

    TV Speedway and serial link is annoyingly unreliable for me. Many times the meeting recording disappears so again set accepted serial link. GP’s included, legally on BT. Understand they change channels but expect a reliable service. Not the end of the World, just annoying having to keep checking.
  22. Hodgy

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Isn’t that a summary why we are where we are? ‘Averages’ can certainly serve their purpose, also the route of much evil. Paying customers just want to see two teams going for it, not a pantomime.
  23. Mr unpredictable, Zagar 28/1.

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