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  1. Hodgy

    Scam Warning

    1572 is the BT previous call number block. The problem is when they have numerous ext numbers in call centre type offices. I often get stages of early morning calls on the landline. On pick up there is no one there. They are automated calls to identify live lines that they then sell on.
  2. If your good lady was having a suspected heart attack you would be calling 999, not your local surgery. Do you really not understand the pressure these people are under? Let’s not get in the way of another opportunity to have a good old moan.
  3. Hodgy

    'the Donald' Trump

    Is that now Jan 6th 2021? I really don’t care - just politely asking if you could start your own copy and paste conspiracy thread or just limit it and debate your own opinion. We can all view Twitter crap if we choose.
  4. Hodgy

    'the Donald' Trump

  5. Hodgy

    'the Donald' Trump

    You don’t even know the answer to your own question. You keep guessing then whistle your way off when nothing comes of it. I don’t attempt to shut down people’s own opinions, just get so bored with copied opinions of others posted from social media. Have your own mind, not that of others. Even if you agree with said posts, at least make it look like it’s from your mind.
  6. Hodgy

    'the Donald' Trump

    To Blu to me. Have a nice evening my friend.
  7. Hodgy

    'the Donald' Trump

    Just give it up man. You really are running out of straw. I’m just a member of the realist culture. A few weeks ago you were done with politics but you’re still clinging on with nothing substantial to go on. If you still really believe in that plank, after all his recent antics, that is your prerogative. We just don’t need the numerous, daily media pastes that rarely prove anything.
  8. Hodgy

    'the Donald' Trump

    Oh please Blu, can you start your own thread titled ‘Blu social media copy and pastes’. Every day paste after paste. FFS post your own opinions for discussion. You’ve embarrassed yourself time after time, and been proved wrong so many times with your continuous BS links. You really only have Wolfy, who is now completely lost, desperately hanging on to your every post (others opinions). If, after today and recent Trump actions, you still believe in his childish antics, take his ball home and just admit it’s for the best.
  9. Nigel Pearson will have a brief slot on TalkSPORT in a mo talking about Speedway’s situation.
  10. As others have said it is only a Lockdown by name. Some (many) shops and businesses are open and running as normal, yet others are ordered to close. There is no consistency therefore a high number of people say ‘sod it’ and carry on as normal. I live near a small park, most days it is full of kids playing and parents all chatting together. Which is why we will never truly know if a complete Lockdown (quarantine) would make a big difference or not. Anyway, I’m off to B&Q - it’s ‘essential’ I get a new kitchen tap.
  11. No, I was pointing out your contradiction. You continually state Lockdowns don’t work but openly admit you don’t adhere. As per usual you try and deflect and put words into others mouths. Sounds very familiar....
  12. It may not work but it’s much more credible to prove it, by all following it, rather than deliberately flaunting it.
  13. We will never know while people ‘that look very similar to you’ openly admit to ignoring the rules.
  14. The GP’s have kept me going with my fading long term Speedway support. All those responsible for this pathetic scoring points concept should change it back immediately or be sacked. If they continue with it I will almost certainly be out for good. Judging by the comments, so will many more.
  15. I’m with BUPA. They are charging an extra £47 for a check up and clean for their PPE, in addition to the treatment bill. Every appointment.

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