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  1. Characters of the sixties

    I remember speedway in the sixties as being full of "characters"-flamboyant personalities, guys who would put you into the fence as soon as look at you!!. Anybody in forumland recall this-I'm thinking of Jim Squibb, Bill Andrew, Clive Featherby (of course), Colin "Joe"Goody (I'll have another beer thank you!!) and many others. Any memories from other folks of this era-BTW-I think there should be created another category in forum ,called "Many Years gone By" as most of the current years go by posts are after my time-excuse me -the sun is starting to come up, so I have to get into my coffin quick!!
  2. Characters of the sixties

    Hi Tsunami, actually I included Mike Watkin as a character for two reasons a) because he was such a good bloke b) because his fame as Mudlark had even spread as far as South Wales. Chunky mentioned that the thread I started as characters of the sixties had started to include riders of later eras-and that is great because I enjoy reading all the posts. However I wonder if we should start a new topic "Many Many Years Gone By"- I got thinking that I got into Speedway in 1964-(54 years ago)holy smokes-that would be like me meeting some old geezer in 1964 who started reminiscing about stuff in 1910(not that I am an old geezer of course)!!!- P.S.just figured out how to add emoticons!!
  3. Characters of the sixties

    No question white knight-that's what I mean by characters- Mike Watkin was a guy anybody could relate to-had time to talk to everyone-ditto Ernie Baker, Ken Sharples etc etc-also Geoff Penniket (plunkett) always good for a laff!!
  4. Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    OK folks, 3 years have passed and the table may need to be updated- I reckon about six have sadly passed away-Cyril Roger, Arthur Payne, Fred Brand, Geoff Mardon, Brian Elliott, George White and maybe more- can anyone update the list of 16 (+ of course the two reserves), reckon Briggo and Ove should now have "qualified". Glad to see a lot of the finalists have made it into their nineties-including one of my heroes Dick Bradley-a real gent and great rider!!
  5. The oldest 16 surviving World Finalist list was last updated in 2011 and sadly we have lost a couple since then e.g. Fred Williams. can anybody e.g. Tiger Owl update the list(plus 2 "reserves") . Incidentally Cyril Roger was top of the last list in 2011 and Cyril would now be 101(born 27.12.1921) assuming he's still with us. Hope so.
  6. Characters of the sixties

    This is a great thread-thanks must go to the genius who started it-clearly a gent of much distinction!!! These posts brought back memories indeed-Jim Squibb has got to be up there-I can recall seeing him ride in 1966 or so-in his mid forties(which I then thought was old)- Capn' Jim he was called -like a pirate (but I don't wanna be a pirate-Seinfeld allusion sorry). I'd forgotten about Ron Mountford-I recall him wearing contact lenses in the early sixties. Not sure if anybody mentioned "Muscles" Les Owen-he came to a bit of a sad end as some of you may recall- saw somebody mention Brian Brett-don't think I would have put him on the list-what do others think. I reckon he retired too early-may have liked his booze too much!! Other names mentioned-Chris Blewett, Chris Julian-always entertaining-wish I could go back in time and watch some of those harum scarum Provincial League meetings again!!
  7. Characters of the sixties

    You are absolutely right white knight, I said the sixties because I left England in 1968 and sadly the seventies are a blank slate to me-however you are right Ivor Brown was indeed a great character-Ivan Mauger hated him -he is referred to in Ivan's book "Triple Crown Plus" although un-named it was Ivor he was talking about.
  8. Ivan Mauger - Desert Island Discs (Radio 4) 1970

    Needless to say I have never been invited to "Desert Island Discs" (or anywhere else come to that)-but songs I associate with sixties speedway, and were played at the tracks were "From the Bottom of my Heart' -Moody Blues, "Hi Ho Silver Lining", Jeff Beck, "Heart Full of Soul" Yardbirds, "In the Middle of Nowhere" Dusty Springfield (R.I.P) -if I ever hear these songs again it takes me back to Newport 1965-1968. Anyone else have similar memories.
  9. Pie 'n' Mash & Prefabs

    I greatly enjoyed "Pie and Mash" and have already ordered the prequel-keep up the good work Norbold.
  10. Ivan R.I.P.

    Still can't believe he's gone. Recall speaking to him at the British Final at West ham in 1965 at the rained off meeting-he said it gave him another week to recover from his injury-so went back the next week, and he performed creditably. Of course next year (1966) he made his first World Final appearance-best ever rider in my view.
  11. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    I posted my comment in years gone by-maybe mistakenly-recall Ivan in 1964 and 1965-best ever in my view.
  12. Ron Bagley R.I.P

    Sorry to hear of this-how old was Ron, I think I recall Ron riding for Sheffield in Provincial League days-am I correct or is my memory playing tricks?
  13. Oldest Surviving Team

    I was most distressed to read your post frigbo-and of course I meant no disrespect to Ian- I spoke to Ian a number of times in the sixties. He was born the same year as me and I always liked him. Died too young from my point of view a dam shame- do any forumlanders recall Ian? another great trier and I think when Div 2 started in 1968 he may have ridden with distinction in that league. R.I.P. Ian- a great guy who should not be forgot..
  14. Oldest Surviving Team

    Re previous post.-how about this. I attended a meeting in 1967 where all the riders from both teams are still with us(I think). Long Eaton v. Halifax on 25th April 1967-almost 51 years ago. Long Eaton represented by Jim Lightfoot, Vic White, Ray Wilson, Norman Storer, Anders Michanek, John Boulger and Ian Champion and Halifax by Dave Younghusband, Greg Kentwell, Eric Boothroyd, Bert Kingston,, Eric Boocock, Dennis Gavros and Maurie Robinson. Despite Eric Boocock scoring a max.- Long Eaton scraped by 40-38-seemed like a cracking meeting.
  15. Oldest Surviving Team

    I was interested in this topic and have dug thru' my old programs. Think I've got one for you . I'm looking at Leicester v. Belle Vue 30.04.1968. The Leicester team wasRay Wilson, Norman Storer, Anders Michanek, George Major, John Hart, John Boulger and Vic White. Think they are all still with us -certainly hope so. Sadly only 4 of the B.V. riders that night are still with us-.
  16. Do you remember we had a topic on this item some years ago 16 names + 2 reserves. Can someone help me reconstruct it as many folks on the list e.g. Cyril Roger, Fred Williams, Brian Elliott etc have passed away. I am sure Split must be #1 and Dick Bradley maybe #2. I would guess a number of riders born in the thirties who are now in their eighties would now qualify so we would be getting into the riders we all know e.g. Briggo, Ove, Ivan etc, Henry Long if still with us would surely make the list Peo Soderman also. What do forymlanders reckon the list would look like now?
  17. Who is the Greatest ?

    These sort of discussions are what makes this forum so interesting to post to-many good points you make there Sidney
  18. John Mills

    Wasn't John the reason that Wolverhampton instead of Stoke won the 1963 PL-because Stoke put him in their team when they shouldn't have for a crucial fixture
  19. John Mills

    Anybody know what John is up to. Usually a second stringer-but a trier-as I recall it-he rode for Stoke in a match in 1963-wasn't supposed to and then had his points rescinded. Stoke thereby lost the match and Wolverhampton got the title as a result.Anyone else recall this.
  20. The first Pole to race in Britain

    It seems that now Poland is the top country for League Racing with the greatest support-is that right??
  21. George White rip

    There was talk of George coming back in 1965-wish he had would have loved to see him ride-there was similar talk about Ian Williams coming back for Newport
  22. Happy Birthday Len

    Is Len the oldest speedway rider left?? Anyway many happy returns Len!
  23. Ian Macdonald Speedway Mail

    Allo witchfinder- and all other Canadian posters. Yup today we are above zero temps-the first time since December 23rd- its been colder than a witches t--, lets just say all the witches have been wearing heated bras!! (Don't think there are witchfinders anymore-(except maybe in Wales!!) Glad you enjoy Murdoch Mysteries -wonderful show-they always manage to introduce some real historical thing e.g. Murdoch doing an investigation in Newfoundland in the early 1900's- runs across a guy fiddling with an electrical wire trying to send messages across the ocean-he says maybe try higher ground like Signal Hill-asks the guy's name and the guy replies " Marconi"-lot of stuff like that in these shows. Back to speedway-even though I emigrated I got my mum to ship over all my personal effects-the most important of which were of course many Speedway Stars(no they are not for sale) and the programmes of every meeting I attended (ditto). For some reason I knew that Jack Parker was a "ladies man"-may7be mentioned in Reg Fearman's book-if you don't have it would highly recommend(also of course anything written by Norman Jacobs!!) As regards the oldest World Finalists, will try and keep it up to date (free of charge)-just thinking of the one time World Finalists who could have achieved more -how about Brian Brett, Terry Betts and Trevor Hedge for starters. I also think , like some others the best ever speedway season was the first year of BL in 1965
  24. Ian Macdonald Speedway Mail

    Hi Ian, always enjoyed your publication. Take a look at the Oldest Surviving World Finalists list and let us know how many you saw ride- I think the highest number posted by people responding to this site was 13-you might be able to beat that.
  25. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    Sadly Norbold , I may be a little closer than you (just a little, not a lot)!!!