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    Quick Update...

    That's the least of my problems mate! We are still in lockdown here!!

    Dave Jessup Book

    Great comments, how true!

    Pat Flanagan

    R.I.P Pat-I recall him riding for Exeter in the early sixties. As others have said, riders like Pat were (are) the backbone of the sport.

    Quick Update...

    I like everybody who posts on here.(But then I am heavily medicated!!!!)

    Swindon 1957

    Thinking of the Jolly Rogers and Bob Roger -got me thinking of the achievement of Swindon 1957-a second division track which when the Leagues amalgamated finished top of the combined NL-even beating out Wimbledon. Anybody in forumland recall that team (gustix maybe)and seeing them ride that season. It was quite an accomplishment. I recognise that we are talking 63 years agobut I'm only 73 and would loved to have seen them as an 11 year old.!!!

    Olle Nygren

    Apparently Olle had throat cancer which was in remission, but he finally passed due to COVID-apparently Peter Oakes will be doing a piece on Olle in the Speedway Star which will also mention this.
  7. The oldest 16 surviving World Finalist list was last updated in 2011 and sadly we have lost a couple since then e.g. Fred Williams. can anybody e.g. Tiger Owl update the list(plus 2 "reserves") . Incidentally Cyril Roger was top of the last list in 2011 and Cyril would now be 101(born 27.12.1921) assuming he's still with us. Hope so.

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Hi all, Reg was in touch with Bengt Jansson, apparently Ulf Ericsson died in the mid seventies in an air crash so he can sadly be removed from the list. Still no word on Olle Andersson yet though.

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Thanks Tigerowl, will see if I can find the birthdatesof the two Swedes you listed by year only.
  10. I reckon some of us posters are posting less-maybe old age (say it ain't so). Here's one-we all recall our first meeting, how many of those riders are still with us? Here's mine- Newport 13.6.1964 versus Long Eaton. Newport riders:- Alby Golden (RIP), Jon Erskine, Dick Bradley, Geoff Penniket, Peter Vandenberg (RIP), Vic White, Ray Harris (RIP). Thus 4 Wasp riders are still with us- the grand-daddy is Dick Bradley at 96 and the second oldest World finalist still with us -a fine gent!! Re the visitors- Ken Adams (RIP), John Mills (RIP), Ray Wilson, Norman Storer, Ron Sharp (RIP), Howard Cole -then known as Kid Bodie, K.Vale (RIP)-thus 3 Archers are still with us. Second Halfers not already mentioned:- Alan Jones, Fred Powell, Bob Hughes Goog Allan. I know Bob Hughes is still with us-not sure about the other three-anyone know (we should never forget the second halfers- I always enjoyed the second halves. Would be interested to see any other comments in this thread-hope you kept your programs.!!!

    Olle Nygren

    Extremely sad to hear this , not sure who now moves into the oldest World Finalist list

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Terry Stone still with us-has done a lot for speedway and has kept in touch with many former riders. I recall him coming to Canada and going out of his way to meet Mike Tams, then close to the end of his life. Good on you Terry - a valued member of the speedway family.

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Also wasn't Pete Bailey killed in a car crash many years ago?

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Well mate, I know that NIgel Boocock and Garry Middleton have passed in addition to Simmo-not sure about the others. Can someone in Forumland help re this ???

    Bristol enquiry

    Do you mean Bristol v. Birmingham in the early fifties. I was long gone in the seventies so not sure they met then.

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Sorry guys my mistake re Mullarkey and Naylor

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Are you sure Kelvin Mullarkey has passed away-I thought he was still living with Len Silver's ex Hazel, near where Len lives and all three were still the best of friends.??

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Blimey when did Clive Featherby pass away- I thought he was still with us.

    Interviews by Lee Ashby - David's Son

    I will look forward to this.

    Pete Wigley

    How old was Pete when he passed?

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Another piece of info I was not aware of. Leo McAuliffe (RIP) a World Finalist, 1963 maybe-I think he was from Wales right?

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Firstly to Steve Roberts, I recall your post Steve, that was what gave me the idea, but I forgot who posted it, it was under another thread heading I think-anyway apologies from me for not mentioning it. Secondly Tracy Bird, thanks for bringing me up to date re Bob Hughes, though naturally sorry to learn he passed. BTW is Tim Bungay still with us-I thought he was gone, signed for Newport in 1967 but almost immediately had a bad injury. Hope he is with us-anyone know anything about Tim these days. Also enjoyed reading the responses , brought back some memorable names to me, thanks everybody.

    Who will help with nationality?

    Good one chunky-can't top that!!!!

    Who will help with nationality?

    Who did Livingston ride for? Glasgow I presume (but not White City)!

    Gab Kadyrov documentary (in Russian language)

    Yup watched the Russian video-Ove Fundin had a segment of his memories of Gab in English, and mentioned a thing I remember- Gab Kadirov always looked a happy guy -great memories.

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