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  1. Sir Sidney

    Belle Vue v Leicester 8/8/19

    My 3rd visit to the NSS this season whilst on holiday in the area. Introduced 2 local newbies who were impressed with the evening and have said they will go again. An entertaining meeting with some good passing. Well done to the Colts
  2. Sir Sidney


    Thanks HT. I've been before so need no convincing. I am intending to take along two locals who have never been before so don't want a less than good first impression. I will keep an eye on the weather today, but I may postpone their visit until next week
  3. Sir Sidney

    Poole v Peterborough. Prem. 1/8/19

    You'll have to travel at some speed to get from Edgbaston at close of play to Poole for the first race!
  4. Sir Sidney


    I'm on holiday not too far away and am planning to go. It's been very wet where I am. How has it been at Belle Vue? Is the match likely to go ahead?
  5. Glad to hear that the crowd is usually bigger. British Speedway needs Belle Vue to be successful and I wish you every sucess
  6. Rob, difficult for me to make a judgement as it was my first time. However, my view tonight was any rider who moved wide lost ground. I agree that heats 10, 12 and 15 were good and I shall certainly be visiting again when I am in the area. Interesting what you say about the wide line and changes. How did the attendance tonight compare to other meetings?
  7. My long awaited first visit to the NSS tonight, and to be honest I was somewhat disappointed with the racing - perhaps because my expectation was quite high. The outside line didn't really seem to be working, with the quickest line generally being on the inside. Indeed, most of the passing was riders going past anyone who moved off the line. The racing was fast and close in the main, and I enjoyed the view from the South stand. You are certainly close to the action. Two or three good races, and I certainly want to visit again.
  8. Sir Sidney


    Very true. I think like so many things, some liked it, some didn't. In this day and age surely it wouldn't be too difficult to have a race commentary app, that those who are interested in could listen to via their phones or a headset. When I go to Premiership or international rugby games you can buy a Ref Link and listen in to everything the ref is saying. I'm sure a commentary option would be doable - perhaps the issue is scale of investment to make it worthwhile
  9. Sir Sidney

    Swindon 2019

    Good luck. I quite liked the remodelled track. The racing improved as the meeting progressed, with some excellent heats If you want to sit down don't forget to take a seat in with you. Enjoy your night
  10. Sir Sidney

    Swindon 2019

    Hello Bunce I went myself (for the first time in many years) on Bank Holiday Monday and asked the same question. The advice I was given was arrive by 6.30pm to 7pm and it would be fine. I arrived at about 6.15pm and had no problem. It still looked as though there was room to park at 6.45pm
  11. I'm thinking about going to this. Is there still plenty of car parking on site please or has that reduced with the ongoing development? Thanks
  12. Sir Sidney

    Wimbledon Memories

    What a shame I'm not a journalist. Thank you for pointing out my failings. I tried and failed to indicate that you asked the question on Facebook. The point remains that you already well know why cars continued and speedway didn't. Nothing to do with viability - all to do with the commercial aims of the owners. Off out now to have a laugh at myself. I frequently do so. Are you going to the Dons Den event on Friday? Perhaps I could buy you a drink and we could have a chat about it. Enjoy your day
  13. Sir Sidney

    Wimbledon Memories

    You make me laugh Gustix. You know the answer because you asked exactly the same question / made the same comment on Facebook. You asked 'The puzzles is how after the end of speedway at Plough Lane did Spedeworth Motorsport and short circuit car racing survive there for I think another 11 seasons?' and Ian Perkin responded to you ' the reason why cars continued and speedway did not was because to run speedway the BSPA require that you enter into a contract with the stadium you use to help provide assurance that you can complete the season and not pull out mid season. Once the GRA sold their stadiums to Risk Capital Partners they were no longer prepared to lease Wimbledon Stadium to us anymore. The cars on the other hand never had a lease with the stadium they ran on a week to week basis as the didn't have to produce a contract to get licensed by their governing body so Risk Capital Partners could end their events whenever the re-development started. Ian'

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