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  1. mickthemuppet


    It will end with an ultimation to Russia to withdraw from Ukraine by the West or will will bomb you out
  2. Now Oxford are back what are the chances of other tracks returning like Coventry, Bradford, Swindon, Workington, Exeter, Arena Essex or even Reading
  3. mickthemuppet

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    I have to admit to having seen all these riders. My first world final I saw was the 1949 World final when English riders finished 1st,2nd, and 3rd Dan Forsberg was an excellent heat leader for Birmingham and Aage Hansen rode for Ipswich in 1957
  4. mickthemuppet

    Belle Vue 2022

    probably because his was owed money
  5. mickthemuppet


    Whole waste of time is the award ceremony now scaled down and Emma R will not be there as she will be in the middle east preparing for a tournament .Tyson Fury asked for his name to be taken off the list.
  6. No S O N shoud have play offs and finals. Should have been 42 heats and that's it. Poland were far the best team and should have been crowned champions. Rather silly that the team scoring way more than any other team only come second
  7. mickthemuppet

    UK speedway betting 2021

    Interesting to see Bet 365 individual scores and on the two previous meeting at the EESG only Jay Etheridge @ 6 scored higher in both matches. Surely MPT should get more than 3 and Tom Brennan more than 2 and Jordan Palin more than 2 although he has not scored a point at home against BV at home. With Craig Cook a home win looks likely
  8. mickthemuppet

    UK speedway betting 2021

    This might be the last time that the bookmakers put up odds on a league match ever. Possibly around 4 left and at one time there were around 20 Tonight Peterborough at +6 looks quite generous as the have not lost at BV this season and BV have had a few close meeting where they should have done better Hans Anderson over 5 looks interesting as does if fit Michael Palm Toft over 5 as well
  9. mickthemuppet

    Beat the Bookie GP 2021 prize competition

    I'll take zmarzlik more for £25 Bernzton- £25 less Fricke £25 more
  10. mickthemuppet

    UK speedway betting 2021

    surely Peterborough must be a good bet at -8 as they have already won the previous match by 18
  11. This is terrible/ Too many one sided races. Although must be good for anybody who backed Poland at 10/11
  12. mickthemuppet

    belle vue v kings lynn 13/9/21

    Go horse racing on the flat ---That's around 6 minutes of actual entertainment
  13. mickthemuppet

    Emma Raducanu

    Emma cut her leg just below the knee in a fall. Under the rules of Tennis any injury with blood must be treated immiediately which the umpire proceeded to do. Fernandez complained saying it was gamesmanship not realizing her opponent was injured which afterwards she apologised for
  14. mickthemuppet

    Emma Raducanu

    Although not mentioned anywhere John Salisbury a tennis player from London and with a singles ranking of 599 should also be feted by this country. He won the USA men's doubles title with his partner Randi Ram and followed this up by winning the mixed doubles title as well
  15. mickthemuppet

    Beat the Bookie GP 2021 prize competition

    Thomsen £25 more Berntzon £25 less

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