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  1. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    I can remember a few seasons back when Ipswich went to another prominent club and had not been paid for their previous match away there a months previously . So sometimes it is not the fault of the promoters because they have not been paid either
  2. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    There has been a history of riders not being paid whether in Sweden where all the promoters virtually went broke Poland is also well known for that .One English rider was owed money there and his father demanded he be paid and they drew a gun on him Poland is and still is littered with riders being owed money. So UK are not the only ones
  3. Betting in 2018

    Ipswich Witches started the season with a home defeat against Peterborough. Then both teams won at home on Good Friday against Kings Lynn. Next followed an away win at Peterborough and the bonus point. Then came a 45-45 away draw at Belle Vue. a 4 point victory at home to Poole then losing at home to Peterborough again 59-31.They then won their next 8 matches including 5 that were away doubling Belle Vue, Wolverhampton and three wins against Eastbourne. Then a June defeat of Kings Lynnn. Then Scott Nicholls crashed into the Foxhall safety fence and he was out for several weeks with a shoulder injury. Ryan Sullivan guested at Coventry then the next day Chris Louis was involved in a bad crash in Poland So at one time they had only lost 4 of 17 league matches and at that time they were 10/11 with the bookmakers
  4. Bt Sport Coverage

    The live tv league match between Arsenal and Man City ,the gate given was over 58,000.Looking at the gaps in the crowd I suspect Diane Abbott was on the turnstiles
  5. Betting in 2018

    why.i am giving loads of clues out . Do you really think I am wrong
  6. Betting in 2018

    I must admire your research to prove me wrong but I think you really must believe than I am right. One small mistake I made was they beat Kings Lynn at home by five points not one .Their next match was a 45-45 away draw at Belle Vue. Surely you must be getting a clue now
  7. Betting in 2018

    I loving this I have just told you that the bookmakers at the start of the season laid them at 20/1 not 10/11 which never occurred until nearly the end of June
  8. Betting in 2018

    oh dear another person doubting what I say is correct Another clue then They beat Kings Lynn by one point at home by one point in their second match but lost their third match away to Kings Lynn away by 10 points So they have only go 2 points from their first 3 matches
  9. Betting in 2018

    Now I have told you they lost their opening home fixture and another clue for you is when Scott Nicholls was injured Flying Ryan guested for him. PS you are being rather rude to me . that is not very nice as I have not insulted you I just wondered when young Orion would reply to one of my posts .if you don't know the answer please retire from this conversation
  10. Betting in 2018

    where did I say it was not a year you suggested. I merely asked you for one year when this happened but you have not given me that. Obviously if you spew out loads of years you are going to get one right Big clue for you is they lost their opening home match in this season
  11. Betting in 2018

    I asked you to have another guess and you have given me 7 years. That s not a proper answer
  12. Betting in 2018

    Try guessing another year then.
  13. Bt Sport Coverage

    From the time Speedway was televised live attendances has never stopped falling at the tracks. TV is the worst enemy that Speedway can have.Attendances at the tracks will never go up until they stop showing it live. It does no favours for any sport
  14. Who Finishes Where 2018

    Did you just make these odds up or are they available anywhere