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  1. Betting in 2018

    The bookmakers are running a cartel between them so that punters do not get a fair deal. Of the six bookmakers I have found laying bets on tonight's three Speedway matches every one has the same odds . this is impossible unless they are working together. I can remember sometimes there has been up to 20 points difference on the handicap and it was not unusual to get up to 8 points difference and if you got on quick before they realised their mistake. Obviously one person is advising him c Currently not laying odds on league speedway now are Stan James, Unibet , Bet victor, Sportingbet, bwin Betsafe Not many left to go before they all stop speedway
  2. Betting in 2018

    Oh dear. One of your bets have already gone down and the meeting has not even started yet
  3. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Chris Louis , the promoter does not own Foxhall Stadium .In fact the stadium has not been owned by a Speedway promoter for at least 50 years Try and keep up
  4. Betting in 2018

    as I do not bet on h2h can anybody explain why Jason Doyle on his home track is +2 against Troy Batchelor or anybody in the world with 2 start
  5. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    But the crowds are terrible It's working so well that the spectators will not go on those nights
  6. How much longer will the fixed night farce go on. It was originally to get GP riders back so that was a complete failure. How many teams are happy racing on a Monday and a Wednesday. End the fixed night's now or you could find out there wont be any teams left. Much better to let the clubs have their own choice of nights Monday is the worst night possible all through the history of Speedway so why revert to it now
  7. Revenues has nothing to do with attendances Please tell me where I said football is on the way to being as poor as speedway
  8. Attendances given out by the clubs are not correct so I would take that with a pinch of salt and would think the average attendance might not have increased at all in the PL. Accrington Stanley were very successful in division 2 yet their average attendance was below 2000 and one home match was below 1000
  9. Betting in 2018

    Betfair better prices than Bet 365 on 13 of the 16 riders`
  10. Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Nicky Pedersen £20 more (10-12) Freddie Lindgren £20 more (10-12)
  11. Fixed race nights... early indications!!!

    We also have to remember that the attendances given out by all the league clubs are not correct as they are all lower than what are printed
  12. Fixed race nights... early indications!!!

    I think you might be getting confused with ground capacity with crowd attendances at matches For example -My closest league club Colchester United In 1948 in the Southern League Average attendance 9,300 This season average gate this season around 3.200. This is in a ground with an overall capacity of over 10,000 Nothing at all to do with health and safety
  13. Fixed race nights... early indications!!!

    Football has less than half the people going today than it used to have in the 1950's Most entertainments and sports are far less today than back then. Tennis being the main exception. Maybe Formula One
  14. Betting in 2018

    I would think that Swindon against a makeshift Kings Lynn would be able to win tonight
  15. Betting in 2018

    I just cannot believe that Freddie Lindgren can be as low as 2/1 to be the next world champion. He is quite accident prone and I would think 2/1 would b a good price for him to go through the season without getting injured I will be opposing him next week on Betfair for the first Grand Prix