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  1. *JJ


    Who is doing that?
  2. *JJ

    Bradford To Return ?

    Possibly the same as the Accrington Archers and the Blackburn Bees?
  3. *JJ


    Not difficult!
  4. *JJ

    The top ten NL riders.?

    The system in which riders with averages over 4 in the Championship are then ineligible for NL works well enough. As for the riders mentioned, Roynon is on his way down, and Flint is just turned 15 and has no intention of going up yet. Don't forget that there is a big gap between all leagues: an invincible NL no. 1 is a stuggling 3 point reserve in the Champ.
  5. *JJ


    Um ... Dean (Felton) is an ex-rider!
  6. *JJ

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 13 JUNE NT

    Well, they made that at least, thanks to some determined riding from Wilson, Tom Woolley and RTD.
  7. *JJ


    I collect programmes (sad, I know) and have got them back to 1971. This year, I am a season ticket holder so get a free programme anyway. Promotions supply a racecard - just the centre pages of the prog - to riders; maybe it would be a good idea to offer some of these to fans to see if anyone would prefer these at less money?
  8. *JJ

    Brummies v Eagles Wed 7th June NL

    I don't like saying this, but Cupitt has had his chances, in several teams. Butcher, though, deserves more time.
  9. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    So what was stopping Stoke etc. signing Shanes? In any case, Shanes was replacing another top rider, JPB.
  10. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    Last night, the promotion said that it had been agreed with the BSPA; and it is in the BSPA web site now, so it would seem to be kosher.
  11. *JJ

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    It's just that he can't spell 'tier'.
  12. Hasn't Adam Ellis being riding for France? He is a Frog ...
  13. *JJ

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Oh well, goodbye Coventry Bees, it was nice knowing you.
  14. *JJ

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Talk about cutting off your noses to spite your faces ... I can't see Bees getting back into Brandon any more than Cradley getting back into Dudley Wood Road.
  15. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    It happened with Zach Wajtknecht a couple of years ago.
  16. *JJ

    Gerhard Engine

    Duh ... what's a spoke straw?
  17. *JJ


    Actually, it was an NL reserve - Jamie Sealey - who crashed! The ones who can't slide were well behind. The fact is, that Sealy and Spencer crashed through trying too hard. The Development Leagues are an essential stepping stone to the NL and onwards.
  18. *JJ

    Gerhard Engine

    Because promoters insist that NL riders have two bikes and a van and a fully-professional setup. Are you expecting a rider to cough up ten grand for engines on top of that? They often buy second-hand anyway. The days of a rider turning up with one bike on the back of a car have long gone: even at amateur level.
  19. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    Maximum last time out, mind you only against Stoke, but he is doing extremely well at PB.
  20. *JJ

    Gerhard Engine

    Layne Cupitt.
  21. *JJ

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    A couple of years ago, I was with an MDL rider who fell off because he got his foot in a hole. And last year, I walked out onto the track, and was horrified at the state of it: it was like broken-up concrete. It seemed a bit better whe I visited last month, but not by much. When the home heat leaders keep falling, there is something wrong.
  22. *JJ

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    This is quite common, especially at Stoke.
  23. *JJ

    Team Suits and/or Race Jackets

    At least with the present Birmingham race suit, you can easily see them!
  24. *JJ

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    It didn't seem much worse than usual from the outside, but when Tom Woolley tried to ride it, he was hitting a hole on the third bend and continually lifting and losing it.
  25. *JJ

    Kent 2018

    Just riders being brave and trying too hard.

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