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  1. *JJ

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 15th Aug NL

    You are certainly making yourself appear an idiot by insisting that you have been 'lied to'. Walker was ill: he had to take time off from his employment, as well as speedway. He was interviewed last night and said so; or are you going to insist that he was lyning as well?
  2. Anybody who can do 53 seconds is superhuman! Track record is 56.6!
  3. 63.82 and 64.97 (when he shut off). There was also a very reckless crash with Sealey.
  4. *JJ

    What is going on at Eastbourne.

    He told me ~18 months ago that his British passport was coming through that year. No-one has explained exactly what is or has gone on with him.
  5. *JJ

    What is going on at Eastbourne.

    In which case, what is he doing in the British National League? And why is it OK for Eastbourne to sign a German of British ancestry, but wrong for Birmingham to sign a British citizen of Polish ancestry? No-one has ever explained the last ...
  6. Bike with Ashtech GM engine, only six heats since rebuild, ready to go. Plus a set of sprockets, some spare frame parts, other spares, methanol and oil. £2,500. In Kingstanding, Birmingham. Ring 0121 354 8995.
  7. *JJ

    Speedway bike for sale

    Make it £2,000: also includes a Blixt clocking tool.
  8. In the early days there, I spoke to David Helmsley (at a training day), and he said that he wanted a 'fast' speedway; this is why it was built with long straights. He obviously refused to listen to Sam Ermolenko who left the promotion before it opened, as his ideas turned out to be wrong, which is why the track has had to be rebuilt twice.
  9. *JJ

    Rr and number 8's

    If a team using R/R loses a reserve, it can be in trouble, so it needs a no.8. However, if the R/R is for a good heat leader, just using the no.8 is not on, unless the opposition is also using R/R for a similar standard rider, when both teams SHOULD promote the no.8. This gives the fans two full teams.
  10. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    Well, he will be at Perry Barr tonight!
  11. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    No worse than IoW's reserves ... or most other NL teams now that the likes of Flint and Drew etc. have been promoted.
  12. *JJ

    Speedway bike for sale

    I should have said, includes a set of boots, steel shoe and body armour.
  13. Birmingham closed in 1984 because the stadium was sold for redevelopment: the promotion was perfectly viable at the time. The present Brummies are in the NLbecause it was too late to apply for the PL (then) in 2015. NL proved to be very successful since with the supporters; the NL in general is, frankly, more viable than most of the present speedway. Any putative Braefield promotion would, like Kent, be best advised to join the NL.
  14. *JJ

    I O W v Brummies NL 28th June

    Turned 13 at the beginning of the season, so will be eligible for MDL only next year.
  15. *JJ

    Lydd Speedway

    Usually on Facebook, 'Amateur Speedway'.
  16. *JJ

    Kent 2018

    Did Birmingham really 'opted against' Hampshire, or did he decide to go to Kent himself? If he rides like he did last year, I would have him back like a shot.
  17. *JJ


    Who is doing that?
  18. *JJ

    Bradford To Return ?

    Possibly the same as the Accrington Archers and the Blackburn Bees?
  19. *JJ


    Not difficult!
  20. *JJ

    The top ten NL riders.?

    The system in which riders with averages over 4 in the Championship are then ineligible for NL works well enough. As for the riders mentioned, Roynon is on his way down, and Flint is just turned 15 and has no intention of going up yet. Don't forget that there is a big gap between all leagues: an invincible NL no. 1 is a stuggling 3 point reserve in the Champ.
  21. *JJ


    Um ... Dean (Felton) is an ex-rider!
  22. *JJ

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 13 JUNE NT

    Well, they made that at least, thanks to some determined riding from Wilson, Tom Woolley and RTD.
  23. *JJ


    I collect programmes (sad, I know) and have got them back to 1971. This year, I am a season ticket holder so get a free programme anyway. Promotions supply a racecard - just the centre pages of the prog - to riders; maybe it would be a good idea to offer some of these to fans to see if anyone would prefer these at less money?
  24. *JJ

    Brummies v Eagles Wed 7th June NL

    I don't like saying this, but Cupitt has had his chances, in several teams. Butcher, though, deserves more time.

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