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  1. If you weren't there, why are you whingeing?
  2. Chris van Straaten.  1 The team names were with permission of CVS.  2. The Heathens Select had riders missing and unavailable for a variety of reasons from injury to work to riding elsewhere 3. There were no team managers as the meeting ran itself as long as a rider knew the heat he was in, the colour and gate from the programme there was no tactical moves etc to be made..and these were highlighted on their pit boards 4. Each team did have body colours (none supplied by the two away clubs) but every rider had the correct numbered race jacket as per their number in the programme ...Max Clegg wore his Wolves suit whilst Drew Kemp wore a Cradley race jacket.  Hope this all helps the doubters.
  3. And also that permission had been given for the use of the Cradley and Wolves names. But I don't suppose that information will appease some people's hatred.
  4. James Shanes and Leon Flint were certainly Brummies riders. As for the other teams: you don't think that they would want the knuckle draggers to win, do you? Or the pooches.
  5. Is there going to be a Cradley team next year?
  6. *JJ

    James Shanes

    His CL average fitted ... he replaced Jack P-B who replaced Mitch Davey. This was after he was sacked by Poole.
  7. Bike with Ashtech GM engine, only six heats since rebuild, ready to go. Plus a set of sprockets, some spare frame parts, other spares, methanol and oil. £2,500. In Kingstanding, Birmingham. Ring 0121 354 8995.
  8. *JJ

    Speedway bike for sale

    Yes - he now knows what a badly broken leg feels like, things went all wrong last year, and his girlfriend had a baby!
  9. Majority? What makes you think this?
  10. *JJ

    Speedway bike for sale

    No. Make me an offer?
  11. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    Still your cheerful self I see ... me for a start.
  12. Two ... why do fans of PL & CL teams think that the National League does not exist? It is more successful than the rest!
  13. Good news, but where and how? Alternative rumour is that Leicester are going to run their own NL team.
  14. *JJ

    Play Off Run In

    I was there for the first meeting (were you?) and watched Tom Woolley only manage two laps nearly falling: it was obvious from this that the track was not safe. The Birmingham rider who was due to try it out (Leon Flint; the others had more sense) was not allowed to try and it was the referee who called the meeting off. He could have insisted on it going ahead; referees have done so in the past.
  15. While that may well be a good idea, isn't it true that league speedway as a whole needs reorganising?
  16. Er ... the PL and CL are not the only leagues ...
  17. *JJ

    Play Off Run In

    No they didn't. A Buxton rider tried it out for a couple of laps and nearly fell off, so the referee called it off.
  18. *JJ

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    And Asda, where I buy mine.
  19. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    The new generation seem to be arriving - there were hordes of kids running around! Just like I used to do 70 years ago ...
  20. *JJ

    Gerhard Engine

    One of the Coventry riders - Luke Harris? - was using one last Sunday; he was going well. This is the only one I have seen for a while, though.
  21. *JJ

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Who is worse?
  22. *JJ

    Mildenhall v Brummies NL Sat 9th Aug

    This may be wrong, of course, but I was told that Bacon crashed because his bike hit a piece of car debris. This is not a surprise; I have heard of this before.
  23. Because RR for Walker has never worked. Much better to use RR for Shanes or Hume.
  24. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    It's two miles (3Kms) south of M6 Junction 7, on the A34 main road into Birmingham. When you see the entrance to a flyover, don't go over this, but turn left; the stadium entrance is then just on the left.

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