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  1. There have been a couple of enquiries on different topics in the EL Section about Rolling Averages and so in case I've missed any similar in the PL Section, below is a brief explanation of how they are calculated. Rolling Averages are calculated using two seasons results (2010 & 2011) to a maximum number of matches equal to the total League Matches for the current season. (2011 EL=28 Matches/PL=38). As the details of each 2011 Meeting are added, the race details from corresponding meeting in 2010 are automatically discounted from the calculations. If a rider completed 29/39 or more matches in 2010, the Spreadsheet automatically only uses the last 28/38 meetings from 2010 for calculations. If a rider completed less than 28/38 matches in 2010, then all of the 2010 figures will be used up until the total number of matches (2010 + 2011) exceeds 28/38. Riders on Assessed/Converted averages will maintain that average until they have completed 4H & 4A. All other riders' Rolling Averages will be effective no matter how many matches they have ridden this year with the usual 23rd of the Month cut-off date. The first revised Green Sheets are due to take effect on May 1st. By the end of the season, a rider who completes 28/38 matches in 2011 will have a Rolling Average that would consist of just his 2011 scores. ATB Dave
  2. One thing that has puzzled me for a while, and not just referring to last night (but just using Klindt's performance in Heat 12 as an example), why is it that a rider off the worst gate or makes the worst start will often finish a long way behind the leader and not just be the couple of bike lengths behind that he lost at the start?
  3. The German line up has changed. Dominik Moser, Fabian Wachs, Marius Hillebrand, Niels Oliver Wessell. No Reserve. Hajek no longer in the Czech Line Up. Kvech moves to #1. No Reserve.
  4. Gambo

    Poole 2018

    Sent him a text?
  5. Gambo

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    It seems that some of your post has been missed out. I'm sure that it should read.. "Thanks for showing how wrong I was, so can any of you etc....."
  6. Gambo

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I suggest you re-visit to see what (nothing??) they have done!:- http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/86166-save-coventry-speedway-objection-document-now-available-to-download/
  7. Gambo

    Poole 2018

    Blimey. Hit Men come cheap these days!
  8. Gambo

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2018

    BT Sport will be showing a programme featuring the Thompson Twins, Tai Woffinden and Gary Stead immediately after the Cardiff GP. Included in the feature will be an interview with Gary, as well as visit to Dan & Joe's home workshop, coaching sessions from Tai at Leicester and the recent British Youth Championship round at Rye House.
  9. If anyone knows of a Peter Harvey from Exmouth, please get them to PM me as I have received their Cardiff tickets.
  10. Gambo

    Workington 2018 .

    Dan is officially classified as 2nd after a 3-man Run-Off.
  11. Agreed, plus, I believe the 'trainee' Referee is now a 'Probationer' and as such, when the probationer takes charge of the meeting, the qualified Referee has to leave the Referee's box.
  12. I wasn't passing judgement. Just showing the possibility.
  13. Unlikely, but possible? Bearing in mind this is 2 days…. Team A score 12 x 3-3 (2nd & 3rd) = 36 points. Team B score 10 x 5-1 + 2x 3-3 (1st & 4th against Team A) =56 points Team A ‘win’ Heat 43 (2nd & 3rd) 39 total. Team A ‘win’ Grand Final (2nd & 3rd) Total 42 points. Team B (1st & 4th in the Final) Total 59 points!! Team A lift trophy having never provided a heat winner!
  14. Gambo

    Poole 2018

    I'll explain why.. then..... I'm just guessing!
  15. 3. If the scores are shared between the two teams taking part in the Race Offs heats 22 & 23. Final 2 heat 22 (Semi Final) and Final 2 heat 23 (Grand Final), the team taking 2nd and 3rd position will be considered the better place team.
  16. 2a. In the event of equal points for two teams after the conclusion of the heat 42, the team that scored the most points when the two teams met will be considered the better placed team. 2b. If the tie cannot be decided by 2a. The team scoring the higher number of bonus points will be considered the better placed team. 2c. In the event of equal points for three or more teams, after the conclusion of the qualification heats, the team scoring the higher number of bonus points will be considered the better placed team.
  17. Gambo

    Team Suits and/or Race Jackets

    Whilst not intending this as a slight on Coventry Storm, oops, I mean Bees, or any other NL team, Eastbourne and Birmingham really looked the part in their team race suits. Eastbourne even had matching green boots!
  18. Gambo

    Gerhard Engine

    Respectfully, what is the answer then?
  19. I don't think they were given a reason, or explanation.
  20. Nothing strange about having a meeting rained off.
  21. All rides taken in a meeting are included in the GSA.
  22. The FIM is pleased to announce that the FIM Long Track World Championship will be streamed live on the FIM YouTube Channel. The events will be transmitted by Polish company Sabmar TV who have long experience covering FIM and FIM Europe events as well as Polish League meetings. The highly respected Alex Raby will be commentating, and the programmes will include interviews, behind the scenes clips, the occasional outtake and the live draw for the following round. Herxheim, Germany 10th May La Réole, France 16th June Roden, The Netherlands 15th July Eenrum, The Netherlands 19th August Mühldorf, Germany 30th September Morizès, France 1st September (Team Event)
  23. Gambo

    Poole 2018

    Smolinski talking to Poole! Revealed at Longtrack Herxheim.
  24. Gambo

    PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    Maybe his contract with Denmark was signed when it was declared that GB Speedway would be Monday & Thursday?

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