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  1. If Birmingham get a point at Mildenhall on Sunday they will go ahead of Coventry on points difference. Losing 48-42 Brum will be +86. Coventry are +83.
  2. Gambo

    Poole 2019

    Or, to put it another way, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"
  3. Gambo

    European U21 championship (IMEJ)

    I hope Cannor? Mountain is OK after his crash at Leicester on Sunday. Not R&R's spelling mistake, by the way. That's how the official Starting List has it.
  4. He won't be wearing a Team GB race suit as it is Great Britain v Australia. Team GB is sooo yesterday! Do keep up!
  5. Gambo


  6. Gambo


    Doesn't matter how many riders in the teams. Most fans would still want 15 heats. The only saving would come from 2 less 'signing on' fees.
  7. Ooops! My mistake for not including him along with C Holder.
  8. With the exception of C Holder, all riders just happen to have established CMA's for this season, so it helps in establishing the reserve and supplementary reserve.
  9. Gambo

    European U21 championship (IMEJ)

    Font of all knowledge!
  10. I believe that the No.6 is classed as Reserve, has to be the lowest average rider and can have up to 7 rides in total. 5th highest average is classed as a supplementary reserve, but does not have to ride at No. 5.
  11. I think my missus will disagree with you there!
  12. My apologies: There was a British Youth Championship 125cc meeting (24 Riders) scheduled to take place after the home meeting v Edinburgh on April 1st, but the meeting was rained off.
  13. At the Championship Rounds they not only gain valuable track time, but also learn the discipline of a structured meeting and all which that encompasses, and not just free practice. Everybody learns more from racing against others.
  14. Nobody forces them to ride. You ask Neil Vatcher, they ALL want to ride in these meetings, and you would deny them that chance? How many riders (per Class) would you limit these Championship Rounds to?
  15. At Scunthorpe in April there were 24 x 125 cc riders. Would you have limited that field to your chosen few? Or given all a chance for true competitive rides?
  16. And how do you ascertain who those best riders are in each age group in the first place?
  17. And how do you ascertain who is the best?
  18. Surely any track time is important to gain experience?
  19. I believe it is:- 6 Man Teams, 15 Heats. (12 Programmed Heats + 3 Nominated). Top two riders (from each team) to be in Heat 15.
  20. Just had it confirmed by the University that Student accommodation WILL NOT be available in 2019.
  21. There have been a couple of enquiries on different topics in the EL Section about Rolling Averages and so in case I've missed any similar in the PL Section, below is a brief explanation of how they are calculated. Rolling Averages are calculated using two seasons results (2010 & 2011) to a maximum number of matches equal to the total League Matches for the current season. (2011 EL=28 Matches/PL=38). As the details of each 2011 Meeting are added, the race details from corresponding meeting in 2010 are automatically discounted from the calculations. If a rider completed 29/39 or more matches in 2010, the Spreadsheet automatically only uses the last 28/38 meetings from 2010 for calculations. If a rider completed less than 28/38 matches in 2010, then all of the 2010 figures will be used up until the total number of matches (2010 + 2011) exceeds 28/38. Riders on Assessed/Converted averages will maintain that average until they have completed 4H & 4A. All other riders' Rolling Averages will be effective no matter how many matches they have ridden this year with the usual 23rd of the Month cut-off date. The first revised Green Sheets are due to take effect on May 1st. By the end of the season, a rider who completes 28/38 matches in 2011 will have a Rolling Average that would consist of just his 2011 scores. ATB Dave
  22. One thing that has puzzled me for a while, and not just referring to last night (but just using Klindt's performance in Heat 12 as an example), why is it that a rider off the worst gate or makes the worst start will often finish a long way behind the leader and not just be the couple of bike lengths behind that he lost at the start?
  23. The German line up has changed. Dominik Moser, Fabian Wachs, Marius Hillebrand, Niels Oliver Wessell. No Reserve. Hajek no longer in the Czech Line Up. Kvech moves to #1. No Reserve.
  24. Gambo

    Poole 2018

    Sent him a text?

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