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  1. The problem is that they often don't say the figures concerned. 2 cases rising to 4 cases is a 100% increase whereas 4 cases reducing to 2 cases is only a 50% decrease!
  2. I haven't seen the actual report that states (and/or proves) they have not had any contact with un-vaccinated people. I have only seen the snippet you posted that supposedly backs up your statement.
  3. Oh! So you believe that the report actually knows every person that they have been in contact with! WOW!.. Big Brother is certainly alive and well in the USA!
  4. And as a result of having the vaccine, they are both less likely to suffer the serious consequences. And.. How do YOU know that they caught it from vaccinated people?
  5. I hear that Dan Thompson is a guest for Redcar tomorrow.
  6. Well stop leaving the mess then! Take it home.
  7. Gambo

    Why speedway is failing

    Gradings never work (as has been proven before) because of the value range of a grade. Teams will always go for the highest rider in a grade, as was seen before, and you could have a disparity between the top and bottom teams of around 4 - 5 points.
  8. I think you may need to do a name-check on your post, Dan!
  9. Motorway Service Station fuel prices! At least 20p per litre higher than local fuel outlets!
  10. Problems with the track. Only two heats so far.
  11. Gambo

    Leicester Lions 2021

    17th July was originally Cardiff GP. I believe that Leicester have tried to get a fixture but no team was willing to come.
  12. Ah, but would it have given all the stats that Dave & Sam gave you! Updating scores and positions after every race!
  13. Which would have been available if people had asked for a copy to follow the series themselves!
  14. Gambo

    Sheffield 2020

    Dan would have to drop out of the Lion Cubs to ride for Sheffield.
  15. Maybe the programmes were already printed? There has been a similar example of this scenario in the past.

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