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  1. Gambo


    Monday 4th October 2010. Poole v Coventry. Play Off Final. 2nd Leg. Chris Harris Man-of-Steel. Nuff said!
  2. Can the back straight patrons see the tapes with the podium being in the middle?
  3. Gambo

    Stars v Lions 1st July

    I was there too. It was still raining 15 minutes after the call off, and then eased off as I drove out of the car park. A someone else has already said, I went there to see 15 heats of racing, not riders negotiating their way round similar to Gorzow early heats on Saturday. Correct decision IMO.
  4. Thanks R&R. Teams posted are the squads. Actual teams will be declared later. 2 Riders + Reserve
  5. Gambo

    SGP Scorecard

    Speedway Files List (kandysoft.com)
  6. Gambo

    YOUR Hackney

    Snowy Beattie?
  7. 2024_FIM_Speedway_Grand_Prix_-_Riders_List.pdf (fim-moto.com)
  8. And replace them with...........?
  9. Ipswich already had 90 points, so aggregate was done. Might as well give Hagon track time.
  10. Updates back on after a minute or so fault.
  11. Agreed. Seed the 'best' riders to draw No's 4, 5, 11 & 14.
  12. Gambo

    Aces v Lynn

    No, any rider can have a maximum of 7 rides, even an 8th ride if in a Super Heat. Super Heat rides do not count in the Averages.
  13. Thanks! Now I have the option to switch off if I wish!

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