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Torun Gp Saturday 7th October 2017

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Well in all The Torun GPs Ive been to I have never felt so ripped off and angry as I do now ,despite the SGP site advertising seats available there were non apart from VIP tickets so I thought why not so paid around £220 for two VIP seats (£150 more than standard tickets ) ,got to stadium to find out they are only VIP seats and you dont get the parking , goodie bag and food and drink , for that you has to pay another £60 each, so basically just paid for better seat, got into our seats only to find they are restricted view and by that I mean couldnt see the forth bend at all , we moved into some other seats but had our view obscewerd by the tv camera man and to rub it really in you could see seats available on back straight and bends , I am fuming 😡update on this , we writ an email to bsi with pictures explaining the situation we had , they replied back saying basically not their problem its torun problem but they would take this up with Torun on our behalf , we have heard twice off bsi saying not their fault but we have not even had a reply off Torun and niether have bsi , to me an offer of a couple of free tickets to a GP from bsi should of been a must as a good will gesture even if not their fault but obviously customers dont seem to matter to them , we are as of this moment forwarding our complaint to Torun again , I am very dissapointed in both Torun and bsi


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We have had a satisfactory outcome to our complaint , we have been offered 2 free tickets for next year Torun GP from Torun and pit passes from BSI 

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