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False dawn

British Sidecar Speedway Championship R3 King's Lynn 14/7/17

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Another good night's sidecar action at KL last night. In the final analysis Mark Cossar with regular passenger Carl Blyth marched on at the head of the standings being unbeaten in his 4 qualification races and the winner take all final. However this only tells part of the story. The fight for the remaining rostrum places proved a closely fought affair. Leading the way was Mick Cave, also unbeaten in the qualifiers meeting Mark Cossar only once in the final. Tris Winterburn was not far behind and the best of the rest from the last chance semi final being Rod Winterburn. In the final Mark was well ahead but the three way fight behind him was a joy to watch with Mick Cave emerging as the silver medallist and Tris Winterburn third.

An interesting twist in the rostrum interviews was the revelation that Mark Cossar had prepared Mick Cave's motor. It was good to see Mick back to form after recovering from some serious injuries.


A good night's racing with no tantrums in the pits!



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Aggregate scores after 3 rounds, with the Final round to be staged at Belle Vue on Oct. 14th.

Mark Cossar has a clear lead from Mick Cave, loosing his only points from an e/f at Somerset.

RIDER & PASSENGER. AGGR. Mark Cossar & Carl Blyth 45, Mick Cave & Bradley Steer 39, Paul Whitelam & Terry Saunters 27, Tris Winterburn & Billy Winterburn 26, Will Penfold & Ricky Pay 23, Matt Fumarola & Gaz Williams 22, Mick Stace & Kizz Ivy 20, Richard Moore & Carl Pugh 18, Tom Cossar & Ryan Barker/W.Richards 15, Will Offen & Sam Black 13, Simon Beaney & Gareth Bemister/S.Fum. 10, Paul Johnson & Jason Farwell 9, Rod Winterburn & Ryan Watern 8, Andy Cossar & Mike Chittenden/J.Fum 7, Phil Wynn & Adam Cowper-Smith/S.Fum. 7, Stef Blyth & Sam Fumarola 7, Joe Mogg & Jake Cutler 6, Gareth Winterburn & Liam Brown 3, Neville Penfold & Kev Jones 2, Kevin Lapham & Jake Fumarola 1, Shaun Harvey & Dan Hogg 1,


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