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  1. False dawn

    Kent Kings 2020?

    You'd think, after tonight's game, that a lot of folks would be looking for something else to do when England play their next match.
  2. False dawn

    Football 2020/21

    Now I know why I'm a speedway fan.
  3. That is correct. For those of us who had already purchased tickets for this event, I received an email to say my money will be refund (?) and I should buy new ones. This is important news, because if you aren't watching your email inbox and you turn up on Sunday with the original tickets, I assume you won't get in.
  4. You're right, of course. But many clubs are running close to edge. Any barrier, perceived or actual, to "going to the speedway" can be financially critical.
  5. False dawn

    Wolves Closure

    I deleted the reference to the Panthers..... The fear is that several clubs delay their fixtures by 4 weeks, we won't get the league completed.
  6. I stand corrected. I was certain I saw the majority of fans paying at the window.
  7. That was my assumption. But if a club like Newcastle (and they can't be the only one) is suffering simply because a proportion of it's customer base are put off from attending due to having to buy tickets online, surely it can be argued that if it's ok to pay at the gate in one area, it must be ok in another. Can a local authority can't be so job's worth as to threaten a local treasure simply by applying rules that are not applied in identical circumstances elsewhere?
  8. This not being able to pay at the gate rule is confusing me. We were at Edinburgh last Friday and I'm sure most people were paying on the gate. Leicester say you must buy your tickets in advance. Scunthorpe only recommend it. I assume there may be national rules but it appears individual clubs in England are either making their own rules or they are dictated to by the local authority. Edit: P.S. We've already bought our tickets online for Sunday's match
  9. Was considering paying for the Eurosport player. Still available for £19.99 for the year up to midnight on Saturday. However I cannot watch the meeting live on Saturday evening and there not does appear to be a repeat scheduled. Is there an easy way to record the transmission on the player? Or can I anticipate a repeat appearing on YouTube or where ever?
  10. False dawn

    Anlas Tyres

    Come on, don't be silly. The solution is obvious. Pit stops after 2 laps.
  11. False dawn

    Leicester Lions 2021

    Having the Thompsons as our two reserves was always going to be a bit of a gamble. But the long term aim is to help develop them into top class riders and the Leicester management have taken this brave decision on that basis. The team overall still has the potential to be in the top half of the table with three solid heat leaders and some sensible, not spectacular, scores from the the rest of the team. I would say that we can't afford to be running RR too often as this puts more pressure on the reserves. I reserve judgement on Ty Proctor. It can be a case of which Ty turns up. As for Josh Bates, he really isn't winning any fans just now. We need him to settle down to be a solid second string rather than going for broke all the time and ending up injured. Clearly he has the inside track with his family connection but my impression is that Stewart Dickson does not suffer fools gladly.
  12. False dawn

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2021

    Timo Lahti £50 more Andzejs Lebedevs £50 more
  13. False dawn

    Covid-19 Are we being told the truth ?

    I guess it would be the Epsilon variant. Mind you, if we carry on with the "Formally known as Prince" convention, I hardly see the point.
  14. False dawn

    Anlas Tyres

    It does seem a bit strange. "We" adopt a new tyre across the board to save money. Now "we" appear to think it is necessary to allow riders to use 2 (or is it multiple?) tyres per meeting. The logic appears to be that one tyre is not capable of completing a normal meeting (not to mention 7 rides). How will this save money? Surely two cheap tyres are more expensive than one more durable one? I've seen an unusual number of tyre failures / flat tyres already this season. Seeing some of the pictures and listening to several riders, I have to wonder if the new tyre rulings are wise.
  15. False dawn

    Craven v Fundin

    Well Norwich has shut, but KL are looking for a No.1

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