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  1. Mark sounds like they are trying to prove to us, the fans, the riders and the wider sport and TV that they can run a GP. I can see that getting there requires a significant investment and therefore the SON tickets are higher than we'd like. But I hope they don't think that this sets a norm for future events. I'm sitting on the first bend at Cardiff this year for £18
  2. False dawn

    Oxford Spires 2024

    Back in the day (like 50 years ago) there was no more intense rivalry than that between Coventry and Leicester. However, as a speedway fan I regularly go to Leicester these days while I wait for Brandon to reopen (yes it will, you see). My best friend says he follows Leicester but isn't a supporter. I'm a bit more on the side of being a supporter. It's not like any of the team come from Leicester is it? Seriously, I love my speedway and supporting a former rival seems to me quite appropriate. And just so this doesn't hijack the thread, I enjoy my visits to Oxford, very much. But when Brandon reopens I'll be back there like a shot.
  3. False dawn


    I've got to say that Mr. GPT has not done a bad job. I was particularly impressed with the description of BZ - "a symphony of speed". Reminds me of "The Wizard of Balance"
  4. Well Buster wouldn't mind. There is a "y" in the day after all
  5. False dawn

    Leicester v Witches 02/05

    Only when Greg isn't there. The one meeting Greg was in the pits, Luke rode his socks off. Perhaps that's the cheapest option. Just pay for Greg to be there every week.
  6. False dawn

    Grigory Khlinovsky - who?

    Yeh but, everyone's on a GM these days
  7. False dawn

    Leicester v Witches 02/05

    I think I heard Stewart Dickson say in the post match interview, "I think I've been patient". Make of that what you will.
  8. False dawn

    Phil Morris CEO of British Speedway.

    And let's face it. Most of them are pretty odd
  9. False dawn

    Craig Cook?

    Well the evidence is that the self belief was there. The early signs are that it may be returning, which many fans, me included, would welcome, warmly.
  10. False dawn

    Craig Cook?

    I think there is a lot of truth in what you say. I've seen other riders suffer from "This is the Premiership, I can't possibly win". It was very telling, listening to Tom Brennan in interview last night. He said something like, "You pull up to the gate and it doesn't matter who else is there. They're all just riders that can be beaten". I like that.
  11. False dawn

    Phil Morris CEO of British Speedway.

    I think there is one aspect to this that I agree with. That being that the wider fan base don't fully understand Phil's remit, his job description. Having listened to Phil, at length, at a recent Nuneaton Speedway Supporters Club meeting I think this is a bit chicken and egg. His role is evolving. The very visible bit on TV is but a small part of his job. The recent press day, the adoption of the 2 minute rule, the abolition of the silly guesting "anomaly" in the play offs last year, are but some examples of aspects of the sport that Phil has been instrumental in bringing about. My sense when listening to Phil was that he was well in tune with the average fan and has a clear vision of how to raise the sport's profile, how to mobilise the PR machine, bring in high level sponsorship etc. Look, there has been a consistent complaint from us fans for years that we need independent control. Phil is not that, yet. But it is a step in the right direction and, in my opinion, we can expect more developments to rescue our sport and help to make it thrive again.
  12. False dawn

    Where are the match threads ?

    There were all sorts of concerns expressed when Oxford announced their three team plans. My thoughts were that they would okay at home. More than okay actually. But the Oxford faithful may not travel as much having spent their hard earned supporting three teams at home. For what it's worth, I've enjoyed my recent trips to Cowley. I like the atmosphere and the fans are always chatty and friendly. And I especially like the new pits.
  13. False dawn

    Where are the match threads ?

    It's nice when there is a discussion thread for a particular match. But I have to say that the NDL is alive and well in Leicester. I was at the Middlesbrough match yesterday and couldn't believe the level of support. I couldn't say how many fans were there but a measure of the numbers is that the 50-50 draw prize was over £200. There was a goodly number who stayed on for the MDL match as well.
  14. False dawn

    Oxford Vs Plymouth BSN group 17/4/24

    According to the BSPL site Dan got 21 paid 24 (from 10 rides). He must be cream crackered. It was especially good seeing as how he seems to have got a 5-1 all on his own in heat 12. Edit: They've corrected the error now (maybe we're read, more than we think!)
  15. False dawn

    Birmingham v Leicester 15th April 2024

    I just think there are a lot of uncertain factors at play in this match. The weather (a constant factor at present), PP, new to the scene, Leicester smarting from a couple of recent defeats, Scotty who performed well in his recent spell with the Brummies and, and, and...... Throw into the mix the referee. The last time he presided over a Leicester match, he got a one match suspension. I hope the weather don't win. I wouldn't miss this one for anything.

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