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A comprehensive section on speedway in Rhodesia, - Northern, Southern and UDI -, has been added to the Speedway-SA website. http://www.speedway-sa.com/rhodesia.php 

It includes full Fixture Lists for the 2 periods of racing, in the 1950s and in the '70s, at the 3 tracks where league racing and individual competitions were staged, involving touring parties from the British League. 
Match results, League and rider points tables are included, as well as detail of Internationals and Golden Helmet MRCs, plus team, portrait, and action shots.

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Discovered this unique Speedway Videoclip from South Africa on YouTube -

It is from Johannesburg, South Africa, and features Mr. Bobby Hack, a former Rhodesian speedway rider, now living in South Africa, where he is a promoter of flat track and quad bike oval track racing events. A few years ago he even attempted to revive speedway bike racing at a couple of venues in the Cape Province of South Africa - with little success, though.   


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