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  1. Bavarian

    Billy Gray - Actor and Speedway Rider

  2. Norick's uncle is the former national speedway and world long-track champion Tommy Dunker (brother of Norick's mother)
  3. Lodz are unbeaten (2-0) so far in second place in the league table, and Krosno (2-1) are fourth. Could be a good match.
  4. Krosno is simply too strong for Bydgoszcz. Never expected this, I'm impressed. Well deserved home victory.
  5. Bydgosczcz desperately needs a five-one in heat 13.
  6. Cracking race heat 9 with Zengota and Tarasenko scoring a 5-1 over Musielak. Tough nut to crack for Bydgoszcz now trailing by five points after ten heats. Very interesting to watch so far. Neat little speedway stadium there in this rural little town in the Carpathian mountains.
  7. that was a pretty wild heat 4 - interesting meeting so far - Krosno leads 13-10 after four heats
  8. Bavarian


    Not a "speedway channel" but a "motorsports channel" !
  9. Grigory was a bit on the wild side in his last couple of outings.
  10. That was one bad meeting Grigory had last season, compared to Kasprzak for whom Gorican was his one and only good meeting last year. Grigory has stated he would consider the SGP if he was given a permanent wild card - which never happend.
  11. What a shame that Grigory is not in the SGP, while someone like Kasprzak is.
  12. Motor Lublin is a real contender for the league title this year ! Grigory Laguta vs Gleb Chugunov - what a great race in heat 7 ! Laguta at his best !
  13. F.I.M. Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship 2021 at Gillman Speedway, Adelaide, South Australia on Saturday, April 17, 2021 Final: 1st Mark Plaisted / Ben Pitt 2nd Damien Niesche / Mitchell Spear 3rd Mick Headland / Brenton Kerr 4th Shane Rudloff / Scott Morris
  14. It's the 2021 F.I.M. Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship tonight at Gillman Speedway in Adelaide, S.A.

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