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  1. This will be live today on Canal+ Sport5
  2. This is the big meeting today, not only for the Polish Golden Helmet and the Szczakiel Memorial Trophy, this is the Polish qualifier for the individual World and European Championships rounds. It is live on Polish TV CANAL+ Sport 5 (12.30 UK time)
  3. Who will ride in the Women's races? Celina of course, but who else? Is that already known?
  4. I agree. Four would have been right. Six devalues the regular season.
  5. Bavarian

    Kent Speedway

    When will they form a NORA League? Isle of Wight, Kent, possibly Mildenhall, maybe Eastbourne to join them. How about Buxton, and Northampton?
  6. The USA takes on the Rest of the World in a Speedway Test Match at Bakersfield, California, this Saturday, February 17, 2024. Three Englishmen - Chris Harris, Tom Brennan, and Leon Flint - will ride for the World Stars. The British Speedway Network (BSN) shows the meeting live on Saturday night 8.45 GMT. https://watch.britishspeedway.co.uk/
  7. Bavarian

    Grosskreutz + the Golden Helmet Controversy

    This here is an actual picture of the Shanghai Greyhound Track, the Stadium, where speedway racing took place in June of 1930
  8. Bavarian

    Grosskreutz + the Golden Helmet Controversy

    I have just discovered on Wikipedia that in 1930 they had not just one, but in fact THREE greyhound tracks in Shanghai. Here is a 1930s picture with an outside view of the most impressive of the three Shanghai greyhound tracks, the "Canidrome" Greyhound Stadium. This was a pretty impressive building, but this is not the one, where the speedway racing took place. The speedway was staged at the Shen Garden Stadium, owned by the Shanghai Greyhound Racing Club. The "Canidrome" was one of three dog racing tracks to be built in Shanghai in 1927–1928. The first was Luna Park ("Ming Garden" in Chinese), opened in May 1928. In 1932, the Municipal Council of the Shanghai International Settlement closed Luna Park down because of concerns about gambling, and thereafter it became a general amusement park. The second was the Stadium ("Shen Garden" in Chinese), owned by the Shanghai Greyhound Racing Club, which was also closed down by the Municipal Council in 1932, and thereafter became a sports stadium, and is now the Jing'an Workers Stadium. The Canidrome, being under French jurisdiction in the French Concession, was the sole survivor after 1932. It was also the largest of the three stadiums. On SPEEDWAY PLUS there is a short article written byTony Webb about the Shanghai Speedway http://www.speedwayplus.com/Shanghai.shtml
  9. Bavarian

    Grosskreutz + the Golden Helmet Controversy

    Shanghai Speedway was promoted by an Australien entrepreneur, Mr. Les Levante, who leased the local greyhound stadium. The first speedway meeting in Shanghai was held on Sunday, June 1, 1930, featuring eleven Australian riders. There were no local riders involved. Levante's touring party had initially travelled from Brisbane to Manila, where a track was constructed in a baseball stadium. For some reason, speedway racing did not catch on in the Philippines, and after only a short stay, Levante and his troupe of riders went on to China. The arrangement with the stadium in Shanghai also was only for a short space of time, and according to the support given, would or would not become a permanent institution in Shanghai. But as in Manila, it didn't catch on in Shanghai, either. The names of the eleven speedway riders, who went on this enterprising tour of East Asia in 1930, they are Arthur Yenson, Jack Allen, Mannie Scofell, Harry Lillistone, Billy Lunn, Les Lawrence, Harold Meston, Harry Radford, Len Street, Bernie Rein, and Tommie Tompkins.
  10. Bavarian

    Grosskreutz + the Golden Helmet Controversy

    It's here https://speedwaychampions.yolasite.com/golden-helmet-champions.php
  11. Bavarian

    Workington 2024

    Bergé was doing great riding for my club Landshut in the Polish Div.1 in the past two years. Moody, yes, sometimes, but most of the time simply brillant. He concentrates on speedway now, and does not ride in long-track or grass track meetings anymore.
  12. Bavarian

    2024 Ice Speedway

    Every round of the Russian Individual Ice Speedway Championship is broadcast live on YouTube Round 3 (Day 1) tomorrow, on Saturday, January 13, starts at noon 12h UK time
  13. Bavarian


  14. I have just learned that this semi-final meeting (Final B ) is actually a "home" meeting of the Ukraine, which they will run in Gdansk.

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