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  1. Paco comes into the Landshut team today against Opole. He was supposed to replace Victor Palovaara but now Kim Nilsson is off sick so Palovaara is back in and Paco replaces Kim. There is another change in the Landshut line-up, Ben Iken makes his debut, he is replacing the other junior rider Marlon Hegener Marius Hillebrand will be the number 16 rider for Landshut
  2. Bavarian

    Speedway at 100

    You can https://shop.exacteditions.com/speedway-star
  3. In Speedway Star this week, there is an interesting comment of Artem Laguta who was asked for his opinion on Tai Woffinden's disappointing season in Poland. Quote: "To be honest, I don't know the reason for Tai's weaker performance this year. We don't talk to each other on an everday basis - everyone who knows me is aware that my English is not fluent, so it is hard for me to get information. On the other hand, Tai has struggled from the beginning of the season and it seems to me that it is not necessarily the issue of the equipment he uses."
  4. I don't understand why Laguta wasn't replaced by a junior after his tape exclusion? In the very next heat when Tarasenko broke the tapes, Tarasenko was replaced by a junior!
  5. Bavarian

    European U19 Pairs Championship

    Britain is in a run-off for third against Denmark and Czechia. Now Boughen has another chance to shine!
  6. In the late 1970s there was a speedway rider from Luxembourg, Raoul Schiltz. Schiltz was mainly a grass tracker, but did also ride in some speedway meetings here on the Continent. To the best of my knowledge he was the only speedway rider the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ever had.
  7. Bavarian

    European U 19 Championships 2024

    GB Ashton Boughen
  8. Bavarian

    SGP4 Malilla

    Number 16 on the start list for the SGP 4 at Malilla is a girl, but they wrote her name wrong. The correct name is Stepanka Nyklova, and she come from Liberec in the Czech Republic.
  9. Bavarian

    Ronnie Moore Question...

    In the summer of 1953 Ronnie Moore for the last time rode for Australia in a test match against England at Wembley on August 13, 1953 http://www.internationalspeedway.co.uk/engvaus2.htm In the autumn of 1953 (after the world final) Ronnie rode for New Zealand in their first official test series in England. The first test was at Wimbledon on September 14, 1953. http://www.internationalspeedway.co.uk/engvnz.htm
  10. Every now and then there are riders with unusual or exotic speedway backgrounds. One of them is MARIO HÄUSL, who is half German and half Seychellois. The seventeen-year old rides as a junior in the Polish League team of the German speedway club Landshut Devils. Mario, "The Pride of the Seychelles" is pictured here in Landshut racing gear, together with his mum. The Seychellois people ar a unique blend of Créole, Indian, Chinese, French and British Bloods. https://www.nation.sc/articles/18870/speedway-talent-mario-husl-signs-with-ac-landshut-
  11. At the age of 40, Grigory Laguta still rides speedway in Russia. He even is the current national champion and captain of the Vladivostok team in the Russian Speedway League. A week ago at Oktyabrsky, Grigory Laguta won the Rinat Mardanshin Memorial. On Thursday though he crashed in a league meeting at Balakovo and suffered a concussion. In his heyday he was certainly one of the best riders in the world, was European champion, but sadly never rode in the SGP series except for a couple of wild card appearances in Latvia.
  12. What a ride by Artem laguta in Heat 15! Laguta beat Zmarzlik by a mile, and on Bartek's home track ! What a shame he and Emil are still not allowed to ride in the SGP.
  13. With Madsen and Michelsen on form and Drabik coming good again Czestochowa is heading for the play-offs. Woryna and Mads Hansen are quite good, too. I love the Czestochowa track, always good racing there.
  14. http://kergel.ucoz.lv/index/live_stream_2/0-12
  15. Bavarian

    First Ever Speedway Meeting?


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