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Another wet Autumn day saw 15,000 turn up to see Ginger Lees try and take revenge on Sprouts Elder and yet again he gained the lead in the first heat.But yet again by the 2nd lap Elder passed Lees and never looked back,winning on a wet track by quite a length.As the meeting progressed the rain got heavier though.In the 2nd heat Elder was way out in front when he fell and left Lees to take the heat and level the match.Lees time of 93.7 compared to Elders time in the first heat of 78.8 shows the difference!!The tie break turned out t be a bit of a farce as both riders bikes played up and the crowd ended up laughing as Elder poodled over the line to take the win!!

The 3 lap race for the new Douglas bike was also badly affected by the rain as 4 of the 8 riders failed to complete their race!!Fritz Niss won and almost 3.5 seconds behind him came Graf Strachwitz over the line to take 2nd.Hans Krons and Otto Heinrichs were the other 2 finishers.Heck,Kellner,Stölting and Wunder dropped out.

The international final fell victim to the weather as during the break the meeting was called off!!!The qualifying heats were run and Sprouts Elder again had problems with his bike and failed to make it to the chequered flag,leaving the  Walter's Ryle and Hull to take 1st and 2nd.In the other heat Ginger Lees beat Niels Sorensen,but that was that.And that was the last the Hamburg fans saw of Sprouts Elder until the next season


The next meeting featured another new idea of having 5 match races to qualify for an A and B final.The winners in one and the other for the losers. Heinrichs had a tough battle but just scraped through ahead of Stewie St.George,Walter Ryle also just managed t beat Fritz Niss,Walter Hull beat Wunder,Stölting beat Kay Andersen and in a big surprise Franz Heck beat Niels Sorensen,who went on to win the B final.In the final for the winners the crowd saw the first dead heat at Lokstedt!!!Otto Heinrichs and Franz Heck going over the line shoulder to shoulder.Herbert Drews won the two handicap finals of the night

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