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Championship 4's Redcar July 1st

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Nice short trip for the Berwick bus lol. Not easy to control the dust in such a heat but there was no lack of effort in trying to. £2-50 for a can of Stella no complaints from the Berwick fans haha for all the people that questioned why Redcar got the meeting the answer was there yesterday. Well done to all involved proper speedway how it used to be when you go home with a black face and you have had a great day.

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I wasn’t thrilled that Redcar we’re hosting this as I thought Peterborough with its open grass spaces was better equipped, but Redcar Speedway did a fine job. One criticism would be the lack of speakers on the back straight. Very difficult to hear team changes and line ups. I appreciate that the back straight isn’t normally open to spectators, but surely some temporary speakers on the centre green could’ve been arranged?

Food and drink a bargain compared to rip off EOES and I think parking may have been free, compared to the Showgrounds £2. 

The dust was unavoidable on such a hot day. 

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My first visit to Redcar and very impressed with the racing on the track. Plenty of food and drink outlets, plenty of toilets, meant no races missed due to standing in queues (please take note Somerset). Decent prices and not over charged like some venues. Sadly the days are gone where you need to accommodate 4-5,000 fans for a shared event, so no excuses why the likes of Redcar shouldn't host events like  this.

Dust yes, but unavoidable, given the temperatures. 

Overall,  would say well done Redcar, a lot of other clubs and venues would do well to look and learn. 

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