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  1. topsoil

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    All under 16s free at Berwick
  2. Pools panel have gone for a no score draw
  3. But according to Blupanther, Indians were only dying for the TV cameras. So where do the 305 come from?
  4. There always is a good atmosphere between Berwick and Glasgow fans. For what it's worth, from where I was standing on the back straight, it looked like there was contact between Wells and Andersen's front wheel. In the grand scheme of things it's irrelevant, Glasgow were going through anyway. Better effort from Berwick last night, maybe it took two riders having to pull out the meeting with injury to galvanise them? But nobody was getting close to Craig Cook last night. The racing was poor last night, very one line. There were a couple of races where Andersen and Hume were clearly faster than Sedgeman, but because he rode the correct line there was no way through. I thought the afternoon rain might have helped the track but obviously not. Maybe I'm being silly here, as I have no experience of track preparation, but I can't see the point of seemingly taking dirt from the corners with the grader and dumping it on the back straight. Obviously I'm missing something.
  5. More importantly, are you going to be a man of your word?
  6. topsoil

    berwick bandits 2021

    Drizzle for the last hour in Berwick
  7. Was going to come down to this match, but as I've still never had a refund for my tickets for the postponed Plymouth match, despite contacting the ticket agency and club (without reply from either), going to give it a miss now.
  8. Now there's a song title
  9. topsoil

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    Excellent idea, if you can get somebody to look after the social media side of things. Anything which gives clubs more exposure I'm all for. Maybe I'm different from a lot of supporters, but the tractor racing doesn't bother me, mainly because I'm too busy talking to friends between races. I never really seem to notice it.
  10. topsoil

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    First of all I respect your reply, my pet hate is posters who just flat out moan but don't offer any solutions themselves. That said, this is where I disagree with a lot of your post. I would be heavily against any reduction in the length of a meeting. I certainly wouldn't be happy with a meeting which finished after 45 minutes. Would riders be happy to turn up for a meeting knowing they would only be getting two rides? "Open up bars and snack bars". Good idea if you get the proceeds from these. A lot of clubs run at stadiums who keep all this money. The big screen would be a great idea, to replay incidents, show interviews, give sponsors more exposure. But i) these would be very expensive and ii) would stadium owners allow a club to bring a big screen in? If you had to remove it where would you put it? I know Berwick had a couple of promotions in 2019 where they gave away a free drink / programme with each entry. There wasn't a noticeable increase in attendance. I honestly think speedway promoters have a near impossible job . Facilities are sparse, very few actually own their own ground, costs are escalating all the time. This is where Poland has a huge advantage. Facilities are council owned and those authorities are willing to spend to improve these. Any clubs in trouble are often assisted financially by local authorities. Compare that with the attitude towards clubs in this country. I really wouldn't knock promoters over here.
  11. topsoil

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    See my post above regarding darts and T20 cricket. Speedway could attract a similar audience by just offering cheap alcohol. Where the free admission is scoring, as far as I can see, is adults are coming along with children, knowing that it won't cost them too much. So I wouldn't call it a "failure".
  12. topsoil

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    So your solution to speedway moving into the 21st century would be?
  13. topsoil

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    If you want to attract riders from Ekstraliga good luck trying to pay the signing on fees
  14. topsoil

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    Isn't this a case for all sports though, other than football maybe? I know going back to my own experience, I was speedway daft when I was a teenager, Then I started to go out, alcohol and girls took over. Then you settle down and lose interest in the "chase". Then you go back to what you used to enjoy. I would bet that the only sports which attract teenagers in any amounts are one which also have alcohol nearby? Football (because it is media wall to wall), T20 cricket, darts nights out (sold as a night out rather than a purely sporting attraction). So if you want to attract teenagers, maybe you need to turn speedway meetings into a stag party atmosphere?
  15. topsoil

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    Berwick allow under 16s in free. As a result you get a lot of younger fans going as part of a family. But that side of promotion very seldom gets the praise it deserves. Far easier to be negative.

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