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  1. Sales of Paranoia Weekly must be through the roof. Sweet dreams.
  2. Ah yes, that theory has been proved hasn't it. Still waiting for this 'big day' to arrive.
  3. Or they only report on anything relevant?
  4. How did the gathering of the clan Swampy go over the weekend? According to a BSF source this was to be "the big one", but never heard a cheep.
  5. topsoil

    'the Donald' Trump

    Forum gold
  6. A bit like those who 'swallow it just as they're told' what they read on social media?
  7. It's all fake anyway, people are just dying for the tv cameras (per a BSF source)
  8. topsoil

    'the Donald' Trump

    In four years time he will still be whining about voter fraud and promising 'any day soon' will be 'the big day'
  9. I don't understand. Why release a false line up?
  10. The Bedwetters' Citizen Smith
  11. This was your best effort? Poor but predicable
  12. The irony of this post when the deniers have whined on using terms like Nazis, imprisoned, brainwashed, dictatorship
  13. They're not 'encouraging' anybody to go to israel
  14. topsoil

    Scottish independence?

    Im guessing he follows the UDA / UVF / UFF supporting loons then?

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