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  1. Halifaxtiger

    IOW 2020

    Word I have [from two different sources] is that the attendance was slightly up on usual league meetings
  2. Halifaxtiger


    Not sure if this of any use but the track record at Aldershot on 02/07/1960 was 71.0, established on 21/05/1960 by Eric Hockaday.
  3. In attending hundreds of meetings at all tracks across the country I never once considered that I was risking any money because I got to see a meeting in return for payment and despite the fact that on a lot of occasions the product barely justified the cost I continued going. The time I did take a risk was when I became a Mildenhall shareholder back in 2007 - basically, because I knew that I would probably get nothing for it other than a certificate and the knowledge that I had helped the club survive. Based upon fans views on the pages of this forum, whether speedway would prosper taking into account those views is a moot point. Some are very reasonable and practical, some are total nonsense - ignoring weather forecasts when determining weather a meeting should go ahead or not being definitely one of the latter, meetings for as long as I remember justifiably being called off on the strength of them - but one thing is absolutely definite, and that is that I have never heard someone putting forward an idea also saying that they will put up the money to support it. Brilliant, can't fail ideas but any gamble will be made on the basis of a promoters money, not theirs. In your own case, then, I suggest you notify the promoter of your local track that he need not consider weather forecasts any longer because if he suffers any financial loss as a result of doing so you will meet it. Yeah, right
  4. That's completely unfair. Coventry Speedway closed because of the landlord, not the promotion, and its entirely possible that if the landlords attitude had been different it would still be in existence today. Indeed, in most cases those who close tracks down do so for the most legitimate of reasons - either loss - or potential loss - of the stadium [Lakeside, Stoke, Exeter] or financial loss [Workington, Rye House, Newport].
  5. I value Neil's contributions on here - whether I agree with them or not - for the simple reason that he has been at the sharp end of speedway promotion and, for all my experience of the sport, I have not. There are an awful lot of people - most of whom have never risked a single penny of their money running a speedway track - out there who think they know better and, frankly, they don't. A rain off with riders at the track costs even an NL club at least three grand [and possibly as much as 5] so any speedway promoter that ignores weather forecasts is worse than a fool. I should say, though, that I have occasionally considered that some postponements take place a little too early for comfort. 36 hours, in my view, is excessive.
  6. Halifaxtiger

    Football 2020/21

    I don't agree. First of all, I'd point out that those who gatecrashed the stadium did so before the national anthems were played so clearly it had no influence on them whatsoever and, frankly, its ridiculous to even imply that those who made racist comments were encouraged by a number booing a national anthem. Truth is, they couldn't wait for an excuse to do it regardless of what other supporters were doing. Incidentally, a petition requesting that those found guilty of racist abuse are banned for life from football grounds set up 11 hours ago has at this point attracted well over half a million signatures. This is far more indicative of the true position of the people of England - suggesting that we have not 'sunk' quite as low as you initially suggested - than the violence and racism we have seen.
  7. Halifaxtiger

    Football 2020/21

    I certainly don't agree with insulting national anthems - and it was by no means all of the crowd last night that was doing it - but that simply does not compare to the gatecrashing of the stadium, the violence towards police and Italian supporters and the appalling racist comments we have seen. The latter was, without a doubt, the actions of a totally insignificant minority, with virtually everyone else roundly condemning it. By no means whatsoever should such actions be used to bash the nation as a whole. You're absolutely right about that MP - and she has also been rightly condemned for such spiteful and politically motivated remarks - but she is one among hundreds and has, I believe, retracted her statement and apologised. Once again, she in no way represents the views of the English people - or even for that matter the Conservative party.
  8. Halifaxtiger

    Football 2020/21

    Personally speaking, I find the opinions criticising Gareth Southgate to be both and and I can't help wonder precisely what such opinions actually want. It seems to me that, for them, England have to be World and Euro champions, smashing everyone in sight and at the same time playing expansive, open, exciting football. Dream on If truth were told, the football played by England under Southgate isn't always exactly scintillating and when its bad - such as against Scotland - its pretty dreadful. But then again, it wasn't any better under any of their previous managers, the difference being that then we rarely achieved anything. I must admit I only watched the England games, but no other team seemed to me to be playing a vastly different way to England. Italy certainly didn't yesterday - they were just better at it - but I doubt very much that many Italians will be complaining today about how their team played. As you rightly point out, Southgate is - aside from Ramsey - England's most successful manager and yesterday he was one penalty away from besting Ramsey's record. He took over at a point when the team had been beaten by Iceland, has led us to a World Cup semi final and a Euro Final, established the team at the top table of World football and put us in a major final for the first time in over half a century. The teams Euro 2020 record reads played 15, won 12, drew 2, lost 1, goals scored 48 conceded 8 and, by any standards, that's pretty good. It is quite extraordinary to me, therefore, that there are those who are doing everything but suggesting that he should be sacked. I do, however, take issue with your suggestion that the behaviour, violence and racism we saw yesterday is indicative of the English nation as a whole. Virtually every single person I know has condemned what happened and made known in no uncertain terms what they thought of it. In my opinion, these were the actions of a tiny minority of moronic cretins and in no way should the whole population of England be judged by them.
  9. Halifaxtiger

    Football 2020/21

    I was surprised he gave the second one having turned down the first. When Kane went down, that looked a clear penalty to me.
  10. Halifaxtiger

    Tigers v Aces. 01/07

    They'll never learn. They might work out one day (although somehow I doubt it) that the £20 (and more) that a paying customer shells out every week pays their wages and therefore to keep their stupid comments to themselves. The rules of speedway - and in particular averages - are important to every single person who supports a team and, in the case of Rowe's guest appearance, something that has been mentioned several times here and on social media. After all, we are well aware just how crooked speedway can be. Thanks to Neil Watson for his clarification, and whether the rule is contradictory or not it exists.
  11. Halifaxtiger

    Is anyone losing interest

    Having sat through the scintillating displays of England's football team for the last three matches, it is difficult for me to accept that speedway does not give better value for money, at least on occasion. Not entirely true. Up to 2017, I attended about 80 matches a season at tracks all across the country without supporting any of them. Based upon his posts here, Cityrebel is the same. Completely agree. Unless exceptional circumstances apply, a meeting should take no longer than 90 minutes and I have no problem if it takes an hour as I go to watch racing, nothing else. I can recall going to an early season meeting at Birmingham a few years ago. It took over 2 hours on a freezing cold night, with fans standing around getting frostbite. You could almost hear the anger when it was announced that there would be 'a short interval'. Another was a bank holiday one at Kent against Mildenhall (which remains probably the worst I have ever seen - it was when, infamously, they refused to bring the ambulance on to the track to treat an injured rider) that took almost 3 hours. What compounded that was how things dramatically speeded up when they realised they might break the curfew. Unnecessary delay is, in my view, a total disaster. Riders put before fans yet again. Its one of speedway's greatest failings. They are paid to perform, I am paying to watch so what I want comes first every time. As I said above, I go along to watch racing, nothing else (a bonus is the opportunity to see friends). There are enough gaps between heats without creating any other and which give requisite time for announcements and interviews. Give me a meeting over in half an hour any day (although the shortest I can recall is about 75 minutes) over one that takes five times as long as that with endless tractor racing, totally unnecessary intervals, announcers and presenters who think they are the star of the show and riders doing precisely what they like.
  12. Halifaxtiger

    Is anyone losing interest

    One thing's certain here. If Cityrebel has indeed fallen out of love with speedway, its in deep trouble. I'm not quite sure how many meetings he attended every season, but it was a lot.
  13. Halifaxtiger

    Scorpions v Monarchs 27.6.21

    I have heard that before. Then again, I couldn't care less what riders think (providing the track is not dangerous). Surfaces should be prepared for the benefit of paying customers, not paid employees. I didn't go today, but all accounts it was a brilliant meeting so we could do with more track preparation like that not less.
  14. Halifaxtiger

    Is anyone losing interest

    On the face of it, what you say is undoubtedly correct - run meetings when you are more likely to attract paying customers. Unfortunately, its not as simple as that. For a start, three quarters of British Speedway clubs do not own their own stadiums and are therefore at the directions of landlords (Peterborough, for example, would have absolutely no hope of getting a regular weekend race night). Consequently, they take what they can get. Even those that do either own or have substantial control over stadiums (such as Belle Vue) may decide that other uses - such as stock car racing or greyhounds - are more likely to be profitable (BAGS contracts for greyhounds are extremely lucrative). Others - such as Kent - may have planning issues, while Isle of Wight could not possibly run on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays due to the situation with the ferries. Secondly, experience suggests that switching to weekends isn't always the solution. When Sheffield switched from Thursdays to Sundays it was so disastrous the club almost folded and I haven't noticed a significant change to Redcar's crowds since they changed from Thursday to Friday. When Ashley Taylor was considering opening a track in Cornwall, he told me that the days he would not run were Friday or Saturday as people were coming or going from holidays (possibly as many as half of our clubs might take this into account) and Adrian Smith advised at a Belle Vue fans forum some years ago that aside from school holidays attendances at Belle Vue were higher on Mondays than Fridays. Football's attendances certainly do not seem to be affected by playing midweek. When Plymouth switched from Friday to Tuesday they gave a statement why : Plymouth Gladiators Club Statement - Plymouth Gladiators Speedway (plymouth-speedway.com). As can be seen, it wasn't all about the number of Championship clubs that ride on that night (although that is clearly another factor as to why clubs do not run at weekends). Mike BV has made the point that the sport seems to be run for the benefit of riders (up to a point at least) and I agree. However, what they require cannot simply be completely ignored. Some consideration has to be given to what they need because we can't have speedway without them. I am not saying you are wrong so much as pointing out that putting your solution into practice is anything but easy or guaranteed to be successful.
  15. Halifaxtiger

    Is anyone losing interest

    An equal - if not greater - loss is the Isle of Wight promotion of Barry Bishop and Martin Widman. Don't take my word for just how forward thinking, innovative and customer focussed these two guys have been - read the comments of the likes of Peter Oakes, James Easter, Bert Harkins and more. The way they were treated - and are still being treated - was and remains shameful.

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