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  1. kevin bass

    Leicester Lions 2024

    Change the record plzyou chuck your w*#k pieces name onto every thread
  2. I was gonna put it that way myself but was trying to be polite
  3. What's the deal with Fricke and Holder, is it an Aussie thing, bad blood between them or just Holder being a bad loser, again last night after Fricke beat Holder in the Quali heats same as the last GP Holder just roared past him at the end of the race, no handshake no nothing.
  4. kevin bass

    Berwick 2024

    Rumours going about were he'd packed it in plus still hadn't paid his fine, and can't ride again till he's paid it anyway.
  5. I knew the forum clown would chip in at some point
  6. I've lost track with various names being banded about, hopefully it's Michelsen and not Madsen coz he's a bit flaky if the track is overly grippy or wet, pretty much a gating tart majority of the time.
  7. Sure it's on Eurosport
  8. He's yet another gating tart tho tbf, plus he ain't overly keen when the tracks are wet/heavy or not well prepared.
  9. Wouldn't want that jumped up little s*#t at Foxhall, he's no better then a moaning faced Aussie, one sure way to bring the team morale down.
  10. Sadly none of the 3 Danes we've named will be a patch on Doyle.
  11. I wonder if they'll take a punt on Thomsen or haps Michelsen, time will tell i suppose.
  12. kevin bass

    Birmingham v Ipswich KOC June 3rd

    If it is Harris and Masters then i hope they perform better on Thurs then they did when they rode for Oxford and Leicester respectively on their visits to Foxhall so far this season, and hopefully Ellis is fully fit if he does make a return coz if not it could be a lot closer second leg
  13. kevin bass

    Birmingham v Ipswich KOC June 3rd

    Just caught up with the meeting on BSN, was expecting Ipi to keep it close at best and not come away with a win, off night for Scotty but didn't really matter as Blodorn and Rew rode really well and better then i expected, even young Hodder didn't disgrace himself and was on the pace, now trying to think when was the last time 3 riders scored 40 points between out of a team total of 46.
  14. kevin bass

    Birmingham v Ipswich KOC June 3rd

    You sure it ain't Freddy Hodder and not Freddy Lindgren
  15. kevin bass

    Birmingham v Ipswich KOC June 3rd

    Luckily Chris Louis don't think like the promoter up the rd at Lynn coz if he did he'd of pulled a fast one and got the meeting cancelled coz of rider shortage, which tbf would've been a valid reason with the side being put out tonight, Scotty, Blodorn and R/R is bad enough as it is instead of Doyle, Ellis and King, and no disrespect to young Hodder but he ain't a patch on Dan with the form he's been in this season, Ipi only hope is they keep it as close as poss for the return leg on Thurs which then again will be a guest fest

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