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  1. Team Man

    New Track For Milton Keynes

    Just lately I seem to see more wobblers and fallers watching tired out riders in the Elite League
  2. Team Man


    Are you going to stipulate that a rider can only ride in a team within a certain distance of his home otherwise there won't be much savings to the riders costs.
  3. Team Man

    Live Speedway Betting And Streaming...

    It's just come up on my Schedule now, it really wasn't there before, very strange
  4. Team Man

    Live Speedway Betting And Streaming...

    No, nothing, as I say there you must be in favour
  5. Team Man

    Live Speedway Betting And Streaming...

    Well it's not saying so on mine, you must be in favour
  6. The Danes could float through if they tackle the track properly and don't make a gaff
  7. SCB Rule 4.4.1 A mandatory ban on the use, from 15 minutes before Heat 1 until the end of the Official Meeting of all Mobile telephones, iPads, Laptops, Tablets etc. and other external communication equipment within the Pits/Paddock area and the Referee / Announcer room.The exceptions are:the recording of Heat/Meeting Results,the playing of music via the Stadium PA system,approvedlive broadcasts or to summon the Emergency Services
  8. I'm surprised if Neil Middleditch tweeted that, he should know the rules by now SCB Rule 4.2 BANNED SUBSTANCES (ALCOHOL, DOPING & DRUGS) Riders and Officials are forbidden to use or to suffer from the effects of using alcohol, drugs or any doping product and testing may be carried out at any Meeting or Training Session.
  9. Team Man

    Save Speedway

    Slowing down to try and get your partner through to join you is one way of making it a bit more watch-able, with a lot of riders I'm afraid as soon as they hit the front they are gone, If you have the experience to get your partner through and sit behind him, let him win, you get the same points on your pay packet. The sharing of riders is a killer, but it's a case that there aren't enough Speedway riders for the amount of clubs in this country, we desperately need to bring on more new riders but with little or no 2nd halfs being run at tracks there is little chance of new blood coming through.
  10. It's now at last listed for Saturday on Quest. http://www.questtv.co.uk/tv-listings/?type=day&channel_code=QUUK-ENG&filter=1200&date=14062014
  11. Have retuned, thank you, I can now watch from 7pm onwards if I can't make it for 6 Strange, the TV guide doesn't list Quest+1 yet.
  12. That add says it can be found on channel 37 on freeview, on my TV's Quest is channel 38, do they mean it's on channel 37 or do they mean it's on Quest. I'm sure all will become clear on the night.
  13. Team Man

    Lakeside V Belle Vue Friday 6th June

    Was there earlier, just been removed Now back on in the 8pm slot
  14. Well you had to for Shovlar sometimes

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