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  1. It's because they'd had the vaccination first, old folk have turned in to Marvel characters
  2. Lot's to be encouraged about there for King's Lynn. If they can get Bridger & Proctor going they may not be as dead as some think, at least at home.
  3. They've probably all been blocked for a slight negative comment
  4. Daniel Smith

    Football 2020/21

    Mourinho would have been proud of that performance last night
  5. I've changed my mind on British Speedway trying marketing itself. Not a wheel turned & it continues to embarrass itself. The best thing that could have been done this season is not employ any rider's committed to international racing. A few rider injuries & it's going to be super embarrassing
  6. Daniel Smith

    Ipswich 2020

    British Speedway lad, but clearly I just moan for no reason
  7. You don't have many options at all. Most likely will be Richard Lawson
  8. Daniel Smith

    Ipswich 2020

    Ipswich now join the race for the wooden spoon
  9. That's certainly made Ipswich brought down to King's Lynn & Peterborough levels. Ipswich now favourites for wooden spoon
  10. There are medical reasons for needing to eat on a regular basis. 'fat barr-stirred' syndrome is rife in this country
  11. About to say the same, it's still the case
  12. While tongue in cheek I think there is an element of truth. There will be many Stars fans wanting to see Crump race for what could be the last time in the UK.
  13. Daniel Smith

    Football 2020/21

    Scousers are in meltdown I remember all the comments that they'd be never playing Europa League again
  14. Read all the comments following my disbelief at admission costs. What seems to be missed here is the price rises are counterintuitive. We all understand costs go up for variable reasons. With speedway they have a sport when run correctly they should be looking to bring the prices DOWN. With the consistency of fans walking away (and oldies dying) price rises tend to correlate with this rather than costs. British Speedway knows it's on it ass & there seems to be clear evidence that all that's happening is as fans walk away, prices go up, which will continue until the day comes all tracks doors are closed. There no evidence of promoter's trying to grow the sport, marketing the product etc. Also, evidence of it's huge down turn is TV. When Sky Sports took it there was a massive opportunity to lift the sport but it wasn't taken so Sky didn't want it anymore. Then it went to BT who no longer wants it so now at the bottom rung of Eurosport. The sport is even dying on live TV. I used to be a huge defender of Speedway (especially King's Lynn) but it's very true what people say. Speedway is like any bad habit, once you break it you don't find the need to ever return. There's no 'hook' like there was from 20-30 years ago.

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