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  1. Daniel Smith

    King’s Lynn 2024 serious team predictions

    As fans, there's no point quoting rules. Teams have signed riders on the day of a meeting & raced that evening before. Teams will do what suits their situation best, they ALL do it, every single one. 100% if Sheffield needed a win at home & Woffinden got his a$$ stuck in the toilet they'd call off the meeting due to an unfavourable weather forecast. This isn't new, but because King's Lynn always find themselves in the s#!t week in week out, year in year out, shady call offs will happen more regularly. Although a sport, they too will have to try & protect their business. Getting whacked at home every week will not help them survive. No defender of Buster at all but fans need to understand the predicament teams at the bottom face. The league can't afford anymore clubs going under, it's a real risk right now for King's Lynn. Closer than you think.
  2. Daniel Smith

    Oxford vs King’s Lynn - Thurs April 25th

    I agree with migrants to Rwanda. Manchester United will beat Sheffield United 3-1
  3. Daniel Smith

    Belle Vue v Ipswich 22nd April

    King's Lynn haven't figured it out after multiple decades, Belle Vue is still a wee nipper, be patient
  4. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn vs Sheffield - Monday 22nd April

    I'm not short, 5'7" is moderately average I have you know
  5. Daniel Smith

    Kings Lynn vs Sheffield - Monday 22nd April

    Absolutely brilliant call by Buster. I have evidence that shows there's absolutely no way supporters could even get their cars on the car park. Nothing to be investigated here
  6. Daniel Smith

    King’s Lynn 2024 serious team predictions

    King's Lynn has to be grippy vs Sheffield. Woffinden always bins it at Lynn when grippy & C.Holder will cry like a female dog about it. The boys would need practice time on it though or the Stars will be binning it also. Run the track slick, King's Lynn won't hit 40 at home, & they can't afford another defeat
  7. Daniel Smith

    King’s Lynn 2024 serious team predictions

    Tarasenko has lost his workshop buddy in Laguta. Getting all you s#!t in order every week before a wheel is turned can make a huge difference, especially someone as experienced as Artem. Vadim (as mentioned) is effectively having to totally start again. Time is need to find his feet again, for both him and Wojdylo. Thing is, a couple more dodgy displays & it's season over for the Stars already as a quarter of the season has gone. Poor performing teams don't have time to wait for form, change/s has to made asap to give yourselves a chance. Iversen, Palm-Toft, Wojdylo & Tarasenko all need looking at, even this early. The biggest struggle though is who is willing & available as replacements???
  8. Daniel Smith

    Stars vs Aces - 11th April 2024

    Maybe the track just isn't conducive to competitive racing in the modern era? Straights to narrow, bends to tight etc. Grippy & slick have been tried with similar FTG results. It has to be down to track shape. Maybe a bit more banking would help giving more lines out of bends 2 & 4.
  9. Leicester 30-60 King's Lynn
  10. Daniel Smith

    What League system do the fans want?

    One big league - 1 fixture vs, 7 home & 7 away, no return fixtures. 14 meetings per team in total. Top 8 home & away twice, top wins the League Title Bottom 7 home & away twice, top wins Craven Shield. 26 / 28 fixtures per season
  11. Premiership threads have been so much nicer without the empty head bunch in them Fingers crossed the BSPL stand firm for Thursday's
  12. Daniel Smith

    World’s best 15?

    This nonsense again. There's not a single sport, team or individual, that has the 'outright best in the world' selected within their sports. Why is that? Simply, based on opinion. Every single sport is selected off of a human beings opinion. Not all F1 drivers are "the best in the world". Not all MotoGP riders are "the best in the world". Not all the players in the PDC Premier League are "the best in the world". It's purely a matter of opinion from the selectors & it's purely a matter of opinion from those opposing the selections. There are zero "facts" only stats as to who is or isn't best for the jobs. Shock, horror for many, stats ain't facts.
  13. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    I'm no Chapman fan but I'm also not blinkered & fair. I've defended Chapman alot over this myself & as I said, most Peterborough fans came to terms with closure until Tomlin started shooting his mouth. Micheal Tomlin is the problem in all this, not Chapman. This guy promised to buy the ownership & trapped off about land to build a new track & it all kicked off from there. Has he now ran off & left it to Bratley & Johnson to figure out?? Don't hear much of Tomlin's name to save the club now do we??
  14. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    Where Chapman gets the blame is the fact that the "horse has already bolted". Bratley & Co have only been allowed to save the club once it was closed down. Tough job once clubs have already gone, so no blame at their door. The biggest p*!ck the fans should be pointing the finger at is Michael "The Musk of Peterborough" Tomlin. Opening his massive mouth, selling the dream to Peterborough fans & not backing it up. Chapman has never wavered from closure after 2023 & he deemed it a miracle to have got that season as 2022 should have been the last. Every fan knew the situation & was dealing with it in their own mind until 'Billy Big Bollox' and his false promises opened his mouth.
  15. Daniel Smith

    Peterborough Panthers 2023

    That's exactly it. If those past businesses are willing to return then they would need to have their name within the fight with the Speedway. Then past accounting becomes viable along side future accounting. It will become extremely difficult to find 'new' businesses to take on the fight. I know it comes across as a doom merchant but I think it's fair for fans to understand the challenges of a standalone fight. Going back to the original post, regarding what are AEPG doing. If they can prove Peterborough 'offers nothing' to the community outside of match days & away from the EoES, Peterborough Speedway absolutely 100% needs past & future businesses alongside. AEPG are looking for those final nails

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