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  1. martinmauger

    Birmingham Brummies 2023

    Indeed it was . Without checking, think Joel Parsons, Emiliano Sanchez & Ross Brady shared the reserve berths, pretty sure the other 4 (Paul Thorp, Garry Stead, Magnus Karlson & the late Emil Kramer) remained in the top 5. Still have great memories of one heck of a season ....
  2. martinmauger

    Ipswich 2023

    Ben had half a season at Hull 1999, as said not the best gater but was an all-action, leg traling, ever-trying rider ....
  3. martinmauger

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Such a freaking shame re: Swindon. Nutshell: once all the housing started sprouting like daffodills, never gonna happen covenent or not, else there would be a track at the end of every street in every town, sad but true Like I said: a feaking shame.....
  4. martinmauger


    Thanks for the tip. Just finished reading about the late Ronnie's career with Rainbow esp the very excellent Long Live Rock & Roll album. Will be revisiting the listening of Motorhead's seminal Ace Of Spades LP later (3 x LP vers hardbound w 40 page book - reduced from £54.99 to £29.99 in HMV sale ) later accompanied by a burger & plenty of drinkipoos. Likely through headphones as girlf is out tonite - no need 'to behave' - may yet share the experience with the neighbours once all the fireworks start going off, which in Hull could well be around teatime. I'm not kidding. Happy New Year to all in speedway ....
  5. martinmauger

    Mildenhall 2023

    Concur. Have only visited the one time and thought it was a great set-up (the USAF Galaxy C5 Starlifters taking & landing were pretty cool too), hope they can continue....
  6. martinmauger

    Workington 2023

    Can only help, really hope Godfrey provides an ideal solution to Worky's unfortunate security issues, as Scunny sadly suffered the same at one time. Speaking as I find, was told 'Rob Godfrey is a right misery guts', he has his critics & I don't agree with everything he says but he keeps his Scunny track at the tapes each season so there's that. Once when chatting re: riding on his track, he offered me the loan of his own leathers (too big) plus we discussed the need to get right up the front on a speedway bike. He confirmed this advice to be correct with the proviso of also needing to be careful in regard to protecting one's wedding tackle ....
  7. martinmauger

    Peter Collins Book

    Was at an Ivan Mauger talk-in and when asked about the Mortons brothers he said "there was no difference (in ability) between Dave & Chris Morton, until Dave got injured", think it was from when Dave broke his thigh; at Hackney in 1976 ?....
  8. martinmauger


    Ok, was supposed to be working, even though I'm at home. But yeh agree with the above, no surprise we only have the one regular printed speedway publication, Big Shame the excellent Backtrack & Clasic Speedway ended, costs going up a ridiculous amount all the time. I do what I can to support the Star, feel a bit guilty phoning but replacements for missing mags are sent asap by the very efficient Dave Fairbrother, mostly buy another copy from a shop, but none been in stock of late. Again, really hope the Star continues.....
  9. martinmauger


    Yes. Yes I do. I subscribe to all my magazines and have them delivered to our door. Should point out, speaking as I find, the stuff I've seen & done on t'net has been via fibre optic broadband, in and outside of Hull, still pretty random speeds....
  10. martinmauger


    I much prefer printed mags. Speaking as I find, my take on online content of any kind; when it works, it can be incredibly useful and bring so much enjoyment & pleasure. When it doesn't; it can be the biggest frustration & waste of space & time possible. Or: on whatever platform / service: I have watched live sports & accessed Sykpe, Tik-Tok, etc from USA, Aussie, Japan, Russia, etc, we've prob all done it, it was just like being there in person. At other times it can be quicker to print out and physically take documents by hand to locations anywhere in this country or even across town. I work with I.T. BTW, while I'm certainly no Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg (sp) I am surrounded by knowledgable anoraks / geeks / nerds / tech wizards so expert help is readily available, but when online stuff don't wish to work, it just don't.. So, yeah much prefer printed versions.....
  11. martinmauger

    Peter Collins Book

    Me too, over a few days. Like all such books crammed with detail, but told in an interesting way, ( it's just like PC is dictating it to you ) I will be reading it again over the holidays....
  12. martinmauger


    Like buses my late Speedy Stars both arrived together; week ending 10th & 17th December, so plenty to read . So, Schlein is returning then, etc....
  13. martinmauger

    Birmingham Brummies 2023

    Think entry was £18, proggies £1 cost me £20 as I bought a +1 for friend, parking was £1 maybe that's was was meant; entry £20, inc prog £1 & parking £1....
  14. martinmauger

    Birmingham Brummies 2023

    Same here but no drink, still not that cheap but worth it to me as I get so much enjoyment from the sport. Not my team & not over-fussed over the result but I just love speedway. Tried giving up but missed it terribly (there's no cure) so here I still am, like this year will get to as many meetings in 2023 as I can....
  15. martinmauger


    "News team were terrible, when i actually got a delivery it was the daily star, will continue as i am at the moment, as it not pinegens fault. Snap but I bailed out and bought copies from local Morrisons, so helping out speedway star in a roundabout way, no fault of pinegen, lost in royal mail back log, probably still gonna get Xmas cards at Easter at this rate.". Same here but my Speedway Star is currently (not) being delivered by Royal Mail though regular mail still turns up, esp junk mail, no 'Stars in stock in local Asda or Tesco this week.....
  16. martinmauger


    "Same for me. When it came by Royal Mail it was almost 50/50 whether it was on time or late/delivered to wrong address/not at all. I'm now two mags missing no doubt the postal strike, if this week's isn't here by Saturday I'm going to get it from Tesco who have it in stock." Same here again, when it was delivered by courier it never arrived at all, ever, now 3 - 4 per year don't turn up. When delivered in brown envelope the mag was on time 99% of the time, was brilliant, now much less so. Local Asda & Tesco don't have any in stock, getting a tad fed up....
  17. martinmauger


    Seems Stars not being collected....
  18. martinmauger


    Or in East Yorkshire, had regular post pretty much every day tho. Seems the 'Stars are being collected late by Royal Mail....
  19. martinmauger

    Should the OAP discount be scrapped?

    Adding another 2p worth, I'm still a good few years off OAP status myself (at least least I hope they will be good) but have seen for myself that times aren't easy for my mum & dad, who are OAPs. Saw one track, forget which, only offered a £2 discount on adult admission for OAPs me, I wouldn't bother over that amount, it might just pay for a proggie or parking. The point I'm trying to make is I think OAP discount should be more, say £5 or so, else isn't really much of a saving....
  20. martinmauger

    Newcastle on this forum

    Personally I don't see why news on Newcastle shouldn't be posted on BSF. Incedentally was listening to Planet Rock Radio on Monday, and a listener with a Geordie accent won £132,000 in the daily cash prize competition. Wonder whether he's a speedway fan ?! ....
  21. martinmauger

    Backtrack & Classic Magazines

    This ^^, I'm sure gonna miss Backtrack, Classic Speedway too tho not really 'my era', I first got into speedway mid-1970's....
  22. martinmauger

    Is the end nigh?

    Thiss ^^. Should add re viewing my first Formula E race: at pit stops I was genuinely interested (at first) and expected to see some kind of fast charge or power cell change, not drivers simply leaping out of one car and jumping into another, still can't believe it. EVs don't really work, range & charge times are a joke, charger output is so varied & unreliable & the cells die, very expensively, after few years use & speaking personally I can't park my car within 100yds of any potential charge point. EVs are likely for our children's children (of whom I have none) or maybe their children, and prob won't improve until or unless someone like Elon Musk gets seriously interested and comes up with a breakthrough but much improved on his current Tesla EVs, which also don't really work. Speedway & motorsport in general is probably 'safe' from emission worries for the time being....
  23. martinmauger

    Is the end nigh?

    Speaking as I find (which some don't like) the first time I watched Fomula E racing I was genuinely interested in so many aspects like performance, quality of the actual racing, range and charge speeds of the cars, etc. I almost fell off the settee laughing when at the pit stops when drivers simply lept out of their cars with a flat battery & jumped into a 2nd car, I literally couldn't believe it. On this basis each driver of Formula 1 car, Touring car, F1 stock car etc would use 2 or 3 cars each per race and speedway riders 5 or 6 bikes each per meeting. Though a potential 'E speedway bike' could probably do one meeting on a single charge. Back on subject re; carbon footprint I beleive as speedway bikes run on methanol and use castor-based oil, which is no longer dumped on the track, the actual engines are pretty clean running i.e much les carbon emissions than engines running on unleaded petrol & certainly less than diesel-engined vans, for example. Someone more knowledgable & inforned than me (not necessarily difficult) could confirm this or otherwise....
  24. martinmauger

    Berwick 2023.

    My thoughts too ^^. Good for the Bandits, Champs League (& maybe Prem League ?), Schlein himself & UK speedway in general, many said he was hanging up his kevlars too early, I'd be interested to learn why the U-turn....
  25. martinmauger


    "This has happened with a couple of other magazines to which I subscribe. I suppose that they think that paper is 'green' after the stuff about plastic. Certainly the paper envelopes biodegrade in the post ." "Of course one of the problems with getting a subscription copy whether plastic or paper packaged is when the royal mail cwu members go on strike!! If the postie decides not to deliver on Saturday then its into the next week before I get mine." And me, 'courier deliveries' never are arrived at all, Royal Mail is as above. One interesting point: on the odd ocassion my Star hasn't arrived at all, like the next Tuesday or so (!), a replacement by 'the man of few words but very efficient' Dave Fairbrother is sent in a brown envelope, always arrives the very next day and, yes, I have shared this info with the Star / Pinegen. Supposed to be 'Speedway Star section' but, as stated, there's no queue to take over from Godfrey, who I don't agree with all the time, or any promoter for that matter. At one time I wanted to be an SCB referee then a team manager and made official enquiries, or if a load of numbered balls line up in my favour, a team & track owner / promoter, nowadays - not so much. I've been into speedway for far too long, or so I'm told (!), but not enough to take on the enevitable & prob endless grief & hassle of becoming an official or team owner, very few do....

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