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  1. Photos available via WhatsApp on 07757088279. I have for sale the following: Nicki Pedersen Kevlars Ales Dryml Oxford Kevlars Magnus Zetterstrom kevlars Early 90s British final race jacket 1988 Coalite classic race jacket 1993 Paul Pickering leathers
  2. Haven’t posted for a while so thought I’d see if there’s anything out there! I'm looking for Belle Vue Aces race jackets and leathers, top prices paid. Helmets/boots also of interest. Feel free to email t_newey@hotmail.co.uk or WhatsApp 07757088279 Tom
  3. The Club Coins UK Speedway Legends Series of coins now includes Peter Collins, Ivan Mauger, Bruce Penhall, Simon Wigg and Malcolm Simmonds. There are more big names Including at least two World Champions joining the series next year. The series is online here: https://clubcoinsuk.com/product-category/speedway-legends All the riders have given permission for the coins to be made, in the case of the rider having passed away the family have been contacted and given the coin their blessing.
  4. Top Gun

    Online Museum Website

    A very good friend of mine is a website developer, just this year I put them in touch with the museum yet they never had a response.
  5. Top Gun

    Online Museum Website

    The national speedway museum website is embarrassing quite frankly.
  6. Ivan Mauger is the latest addition to the Speedway Legends Coin Series and is now available online here: https://clubcoinsuk.com/product-category/speedway-legends Also online are PC, Simmo, Bruce Penhall & Bob Kilby. Permission has been granted by the Mauger family for the coin to be produced.
  7. Club Coins UK have worked alongside Wolverhampton Speedway to produce a commemorative coin to celebrate their first Elite League title since 2009. The coins are a limited edition of only 100, are individually numbered and come in a fitted presentation box. The Wolves logo is featured on the obverse with the Elite League trophy depicted on the reverse. Measuring 1.75" in diameter and weighing 100 grams, the boxed coins are an item of real quality. A must for any Wolverhampton fan, most of all one of those lucky enough to see them clinch the title at Belle Vue in October. The coin can be purchased through the 'Buy Now' button on the link below: http://clubcoinsuk.com/wolverhampton-wolves-el-champions/
  8. Now available to pre-order, full details and order form can be found at: http://clubcoinsuk.com/1-6th-scale-weslake-engine/
  9. Now available to pre-order, full details and order form can be found at: http://clubcoinsuk.com/1-6th-scale-weslake-engine/
  10. Club Coins UK are very proud to unveil their latest coin celebrating Belle Vue Aces legend and double World Speedway Champion, Peter Craven. Peter's family have provided input for the design and endorsed production of the coin. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Speedway Riders' Benevolent Fund, this charity was chosen jointly by company owner Tom and the family. The coins are a limited edition of 200, are individually numbered and come in a presentation box with printed in gold lid. Peter is depicted on the obverse with his iconic all action style that earned him the nickname "The Wizard of Balance." The reverse shows Peter in his iconic Aces race jacket with green neck scarf and his characteristic smile. At the bottom of the inner band are the two years in which Peter won the World Speedway Championship, 1955 & 1962, with the World Championship trophy in between. A must for all Belle Vue Aces fans, most of all those lucky enough to see the great man in action. The coin can be purchased through the 'Buy Now' button on their website using the link below: http://clubcoinsuk.com/peter-craven-coin/
  11. Very cold here this evening. Morten round the outside of Charles Wright and Paul Starke was an unexpected surprise! Nico not getting any reward for being out by the boards.
  12. Ipswich were poor tonight I thought, apart from Nico and Ashley. If Craig Cook was present I think we would have lost the meeting. Did Gino only have one bike at the meeting tonight or did he have problems with two? Surely a professional speedway rider turns up to a meeting with two bikes?! Danny King is an out and out number one, something we've missed for a few years. I just wish he would look for his team mates...he gates, goes and never looks back for his team mate. Maybe team riding is a thing of the past.
  13. Wanted: Red year bars 2005-2015
  14. He looked like he'd never seen the place before at times tonight! Witches second out of the gate tonight, Lanham as tactical didn't make sense to me.
  15. Have you tried John Somerville?

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