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  1. good for you bro, happy to know wolverine is making you happy ? or you stevebum or the other clown, .either way your a junior 413
  2. I don't think mildura will be having the juniors Dave and instead Pinjar Park is having the lot I would bet a few rum and cokes on it, but you wouldnt need em anyway, you big beast, if I was wrong! Make mine double or nothing
  3. It's a pity SKY couldnt of produced a clear 'photo finish' like that one last Saturday when nikki P. put the brakes on versus Darcy Ward in heat 21. The only vision I seen was a blurry sketchy pause frame which gave no clear conclusion. It must be said the ref sure had a blinder, and I can see why he was given the job!!! In my opinion it's no different to the call he made when he excluded Lindback. On the replay he could see the error he made but didnt do squat to rectify it, and the result stood, the reasoning being he was just nervous. Then when the meeting got to the business end a simple who finished in front of who decision was butchered. Did the ref think his eye was that good he didnt need any replays or photos? If thats the case which appears the only likely scenario he is an utter useless ***** and should have let the result stand no matter how wrong he was, as tactics regarding the all important 'joker/sub' 'card' had already happened to the point of Crump being ready to go out. 2 wrongs dont make a right. what he did was make the problem worse and a bigger stuff up causing more damage!
  4. hahahahah youve gotta love it! just caught up with the 2nd half of the meeting thanks to updates, after going to bed after 3 rides each which'd be ht 15. Bridger was what I expected, actually he was evan worse. Im sure I'll find a few comments about his style when syphening back through the pages BUT from seeing his first 2, (on a tiny screen) it could only be described as comical No doubt better still with a better HD TV
  5. If that's the case, I wonder what monmore green is made up of? You are right about the small track being something to behold though that's for sure. I cant help but imagine what sort of entertainment and racing would be dished up, IF! a truly important meeting, with a full competitive (hungry) field such as the Australian Championships or a round of it was ever staged there. Gillman speedway is (or should be) developing a cult following after producing outstanding meetings year after year, and seemingly getting better, still!!
  6. No one! Most likely. you dont get 5K for coming last. Obv Holder and Co was under the impression the prize for winning it wasd a certain amount. Dodgy backdoor dealings by the sounds of it when the sensible option should be to publish for all to see and advertise the winners 'purse' which should be substancial to attract a quality field year by year.
  7. thought it was elequently put tbf and a fair dig at the BSPA. who obv answer to noone
  8. dirt

    Gp 2012 Qualifiers

    very good looks likie Ward and watty are busy clocking up the points from the updates and the weather forecast I saw was obv false Poole will be a few men short tonight. If it goes ahead after the downpour over the w/end at the gp. UPDATE: meeting completed and it does perhaps confirm that this looked a tad weaker field perhaps than the other qualifgiers, on paper at least with the next stage no doubt going to be mre competitive for those making the cull. thanks to martin smolinski for the updates and qualifying also, fair effort.
  9. dirt

    Gp 2012 Qualifiers

    thanks. Will this be live updated when the meeting's on? The weather in Abensberg is not looking great atm so if it was called off early enough maybe the poole contingent could get a flight back in time for the meeting tonight! seeing as its a 2 O'clock start but scheduled rain all day.
  10. dirt

    World U21 2011

    Ward done the job once more on target for no.3, unlucky for Dickie Sweets who got the wrong end of the toss no doubt. Ward likes to let other's claim the podiums when it doesnt matter
  11. dirt

    Upcoming Aussie Season Dates

    Dirts take: Ward was majestic recovering from an early stack (in practice) to dominate before mechanical gremlins slowed his momentum. He was looking quicker than all in one blistering race, but the equipment didnt hold up. Maybe he is too quick for the engines who knows, but he didnt wind down the throttle as anyone would know it is simply not part of his repitere. Proctor showed glimpses of class as he undoubtably has, but Holder was the professional that he is and all credit to him for overcoming a front flip nasty looking spill with kozza, who caught him from 4th! in the 4th or so round of heats. Doyley is guts personified and all the best for him.. this dvd will be well worth a look as with double kurri. Ward is my tip for round 3 and the dvd will be outstanding. mmmmm go #Ward
  12. dirt

    Upcoming Aussie Season Dates

    Forgive me my bad. I forgot its winter and snowing time over their and what else to do than fire up some bikes and burn some fumes. I forgot Australia is the main country running traditional 500cc solo speedway right now and indeed that ice speedway is so popular. No it doesnt matter whos on top but if it wasnt for Ice Speedway, then Aussie Season would be. speedway is speedway as BFD says.
  13. dirt

    Upcoming Aussie Season Dates

    When? Having dinner at Hogs breath.. The only thing you could say about Darcy is he's predictable...not as a bad way though, Thisll be the hat-trick.
  14. dirt

    Upcoming Aussie Season Dates

    You should of been prepared for that one for months . Back to the BrisVegas mud racing. Ill be watching the radar over Brissie Airport and hope this is a goer. Heeps and Ward to reign supreme If I had to pick a winner.
  15. dirt

    Leigh Adams Testimonial

    Thats not my game either. I congratulated Batchelor on coming out AND riding well, and nothing more or less. I insinuated a few possible reasons for his brief stay - but just trying to make sense of it. No doubt hes still gutted from last years proceedings.

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