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  1. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich 2020

    Maybe it’s both? Could have hit the kerb which caused his chain to snap
  2. Arch Stanton

    Wolves v Ippo 19/7

    That’s a pretty bizarre thing to say and makes zero sense in all honesty. The bloke’s last meeting for Ipswich was a flawless 15 point maximum where he looked head and shoulders above everyone else on the night. If Cook should give the top league up and “just concentrate on the CL”, then 90% of the others in the top flight should do also! Not your smartest contribution Steve.
  3. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich 2020

    He’s never been this bad though Baldy, even in his poorer seasons! He’s never been particularly great away from Foxhall, but as Hawkins rightly pointed out, Heeps has been a superb home rider and so entertaining as well. Something just isn’t right with him. For one of the golfing “clique” to get the bullet, the Ipswich promotion must know it too. He’s a good lad is Cam, so I hope it’s just a crisis of confidence? Maybe the enforced break due to the pandemic has affected him more than most
  4. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich 2020

    What on earth has happened to Cam? Dreadful again tonight for Kent. Sad to see
  5. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    Agree Badge for all the doom and gloom on here, I thoroughly enjoyed it too. Was some terrific racing. Cookie was top class. On the Covid thing, I hope you’re right. But I’ve a nagging feeling that on Monday when the easing of restrictions are set to be rubber stamped, that he might do a u turn and keep some of them in place due to the rising infections. Mask wearing might be one of them. We’ll see.
  6. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    Another good meeting. Absolute cracker of a heat involving Allen Bewley and King. I’ve no idea what happened to Allen off the final bend as I was watching King’s theatrics after grinding to a halt but I’d assumed Allen had it sewn up until I looked back to see Bewely cross the line first!?
  7. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    But that’s not his decision, and shouldn’t be his decision. He declared himself “fit” to ride against Wolves, and after the first bend, put his bike in reverse before pulling on to the centre green wincing in pain. So if Ipswich put him in tonight because “he was going to ride for Plymouth” and he does exactly the same, other than the Belle Vue fans on the back straight pi$$ing themselves laughing, what have Ipswich achieved by doing that? Another likely home defeat which in turn hurts their business. If they want to be cautious and make sure he’s 100% before they include him, good for them. If their intention is to pull a fast one by getting a guest in as was alluded to be Rob in his original post, then they’ll be doing that for the rest of the season and he’ll never return. There’s been no inclination that that is going to happen to my knowledge. We won’t agree here, so we’ll agree to disagree and I’ll bow out on this particular subject. On the meeting itself, I can see it being another close one, could go either way. I’ll go for a draw.
  8. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    Sorry disagree. Plymouth and Ipswich are not one entity. One club is prepared to let an unfit rider ride, another isn’t. So you’re saying because Plymouth are prepared to let him ride through the pain barrier and ride whilst not 100% fit, then for the “integrity” Ipswich should do likewise? Nah not having that sorry. Ipswich are entitled to make their own private decision regardless of what Plymouth decide. They will have spoken to Crump at length no doubt about it. They’ll know more than any of us if he was going to do himself justice. They’ve decided against it. Their prerogative to do so. Bugger all to do with anyone else. Hardly cheating is it? Oh and disagree about Belle Vue fans not being bothered either. They’ll want to top the table, no doubt about it.
  9. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    By Plymouth, not Ipswich. Look, we know how it is, you Belle Vue fans would much rather see a half fit Crump struggle to a few points to give your team a much better chance to grab 3 or even 4 points (you might still get them anyway!), we get it. As I’ve already said, if Plymouth were prepared to take the hit and still include him without him being 100% fit, then that’s their prerogative. What’s that got to do with Ipswich? Their stance, is they’re going to wait until he’s 100% and will do the team justice, which surely they’re more than entitled to do? I’ve even seen Ipswich fans question Ipswich here which to be honest, has totally baffled me. Why should Ipswich give their opponents an advantage before the tapes rise in the first heat by fielding a 45 year old bloke who only a few weeks ago broke 8 ribs and isn’t yet totally fit? Are you THAT desperate for success??? Ipswich have a business to run, have little to no chance of making the play offs, and up until Monday had lost 7 matches on the spin. They need supporters through the gate as much as everyone else so they’re quite right not to gamble on the fitness of their number 1 until he’s back to full fitness. To me it’s very simple!
  10. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    You’re clearly a fan Badge and have defended the boy a few times, and that’s absolutely ok. We’ll agree to disagree. I personally don’t think he’s been “excellent” other than those two televised meetings at all, that’s quite a stretch. He’s scored well enough in a handful of meetings sure, but without looking particularly impressive whilst doing so. Just doesn’t look anywhere near the rider of 2019 for me, SO FAR. Time for that to change obviously.
  11. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    I was actually expecting that move to happen.
  12. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    So it’s Allen and the two reserves. Shouldn’t be an issue with Starke going so well particularly. Allen needs to start pulling his finger out though, looks a shadow of the rider we’ve seen in previous seasons.
  13. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    Kind of disagree here. Plymouth may be happy for Crump to ride whilst not 100% fit and be patient until he does get back to full fitness and take the hit. Ipswich on the other hand would rather wait until he’s fully fit. They took a chance on his fitness last week and got burned. Don’t see the issue on either stance it’s one of those that isn’t black and white IMO.
  14. Arch Stanton

    Ipswich v Belle Vue 8 July

    You mean you wished Ipswich had a half fit struggling Crump riding so your team had a better chance of winning? At least be honest rather than chucking a sly barb in.
  15. Arch Stanton

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 05/07/21

    I’d personally like to see the club bite the bullet and tinker with the side again. Crump was making a decent fist of it before his crash, but 8 broken ribs isn’t easy or quick to come back from especially at his age. With restrictions easing maybe a few that didn’t want to come over at the start of the season, could now be persuaded? The season is dead already from an Ipswich perspective, so try out another couple of riders with next year in mind. The likes of Rowe and Starke have been real plus points, try and find a couple more.

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