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  1. norbold

    oldest rider to appear in one-off World Finals

    Jack Parker was 45 when he appeared in the 1951 World Final.
  2. norbold

    Wembley and world finals

    Some time ago, I posted this under another topic in this Forum. "I once read in an excellent book (!) called Speedway's Classic Meetings that it has been said that Aub Lawson went to the other two riders (Split Waterman and Freddie Williams) in Biggs's fateful last heat and asked them if Jack had ‘said anything’ to them, i.e. offered a small inducement for them to let him win They replied he had not. The story goes that when Biggs said nothing to them, they decided to ‘fix’ him. Biggs said later when this story began to circulate that he hadn’t ‘said anything’ to them because he was confident he would win – or at the very least get the third place he needed to become World Champion, as one point was all he needed. He had been by far the fastest gater all evening and Lawson and Williams were having poor evenings – Lawson in particular as he was suffering from a hand injury. To him – and probably the whole crowd there that evening – it was unthinkable that he wouldn’t at least get third place. So, even if they did decide to ‘fix’ him, it wasn’t easy to see how they would be able to manage it. The book go on to say, “Nerves seem a much more plausible explanation.” He had a long gap between his fourth and fifth rides and he just sat in the pits getting more and more nervous. The book quotes Ken Taylor, a long time speedway fan who was there that evening, as saying, “It was nerves that beat him.” He said he had seen Biggs in the pits some years previously in the London Riders’ Championship Final when, again, he was in with a chance of winning and his hands were shaking so much, Ken was surprised that Biggs could even hold the bike, let alone race it. It should also be remembered that Biggs came third in the run-off as well – again a race on the previous form of the evening he should have won. But his nerves were shot to pieces by then." I don't know if Aub Lawson gets forgotten. I've never forgotten him. He won the first race I ever saw (beating Split Waterman funnily enough, given the above). There is no doubt he was one of the all-time greats and a must for consideration in the perennial topic, "Greatest Rider Never to Win the World Championship". Between 1955 and 1963 he was one of only three riders to make the podium in the World Championship other than the "Big Five". That was in 1958 and considering that his best days were in the late 1940s and early 1950s, that certainly took some doing!
  3. norbold

    Wembley and world finals

    Yes, Sidney. 1951 and 1994, the winners won with only winning two races, the lowest recorded. As you say, the first three in 1951 finished in reverse order to their number of wins - Young 2, Waterman 3, Biggs 4.
  4. This is the sad truth that people like Blumpet and Wolfie are responsible for: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/08/03/politics/covid-victims-who-said-no-to-the-vaccine/index.html
  5. Gasp! Speaking as a proud leftist, this comes as a complete surprise to me. Billions of virus cells and bacteria? Who'd have thought it? You'll be telling me next there are trillions of stars in the universe. How do you come by such amazing knowledge that is denied to the rest of us. You truly are a genius, Crumpet.
  6. Are these mutations of the disease that doesn't exist, Crumpet?
  7. Wolfie is always complaining that some of us just “don’t get it.” So, I’ve looked back over this thread and I now think I understand where we are with COVID. There is no such thing as COVID, it is just the flu. COVID, which doesn't actually exist, was manufactured in a lab in China. The idea of a deadly COVID panic has been invented by the governments of the world to control the population. There are no excess deaths. There are more excess deaths from the non-existent COVID in the UK than in India. Donald Trump was responsible for coming up with a vaccine for the non-existent disease and ensuring its speedy distribution and should be hailed as a hero. The vaccine is more dangerous than the non-existent COVID and is responsible for more deaths. In any case, the vaccine was introduced prematurely before being trialled properly and therefore shouldn't be used. The non-existent COVID can be cured with Invermectin, which has not yet completed clinical trials and should be used to cure this disease that doesn't actually exist. At last I think I am getting it...er...
  8. So, just to clarify, you do accept that COVID is a killer disease then, Blumpet?
  9. Another point I find unfathomable is the fact that Blumpet has said often enough that COVID doesn't reall exist...so what is this miracle cure actually curing?
  10. It is strange how people like Blumpet, Wolfie and others on here complain that vaccines haven't undergone proper trials and therefore are not safe, yet they are happy to push any old quack remedy before any trials at all are held.
  11. https://youtu.be/u34rnwBnll4 Hahahahahahahaha!
  12. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    The point is, steve, that if you have the temerity to disagree with Blumpet and Wolfie, it must mean you are automatically a "leftist" and hate them personally as there is no other possible alternative explanation. It is a very strange world they live in, where they are so convinced that they are right because somehow they are "in the know", that they will not brook any alternative to their world conspiracy view and if you do disagree with them it is only because you wish to silence them and are probably part of the conspiracy that is aimed at them personally. This leads to them dismissing all contrary arguments as worthless and not even meriting of a reply, somehow thinking this is the way to discuss issues, yet accuse others of refusing to debate with them, when, of course, the reverse is the truth, which is why all you get from them are retweets, memes and cryptic comments instead of taking on arguments head on and debating them.
  13. The top seven riders are some way ahead of the others at the moment, and I don't just mean in points. Six qualify for next year's GP, but we know that whoever comes seventh will get a pick as well, so it kind of devalues the fight for sixth place. Of course there is still time for Doyle, Vaculik, Fricke and Lambert to prove this wrong but my guess is they won't. However, the real fight is on for them to prove they are worthy of a pick next year by finishing eighth, which, more or less, takes us back to the top eight automatically qualifying.
  14. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

  15. Dunno, but it didn't faze Lambert whatever it is!

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