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  1. norbold

    Oldest First time World Final Winner

    Yes, I agree. I think Tommy Price was a better rider and more worthy World Champion (twice if you include the 1946 Riders' Championship) than he is generally given credit for. The fact he and Freddie Williams were both Wembley riders and therefore riding at home always seems to mark them down a bit. The "missing years", 1939-1945, are, of course, a field of endless speculation. There are a number of riders who are often touted as losing out on multiple world championships. Tommy, as you mention, but also Vic Duggan, Jack Parker, Cordy Milne, Arthur Atkinson, Eric Chitty, Eric Langton and Aub Lawson in particular. But there were many others who would have been contenders - Lionel Van Praag, Ron Johnson, Bill Kitchen, Jack Milne, Wilbur Lamoreaux....and on and on!
  2. norbold

    Speedway on film

    Not easy to come by. In 1992, Money for Speed was included in the BFI's Missing Believed Lost project, a list of 100 lost British feature films that it was hoped could somehow be recovered. Two prints were later found, one dubbed into French and the other with German subtitles. Don't know how you can get to see them though.
  3. norbold

    The first Internationale in 1981

    Great piece of work, Robbie. Such an important addition to speedway history. And thank you for your acknowledgement.
  4. norbold

    The first Internationale in 1981

    Missed that! Yes, 1961.
  5. norbold

    The first Internationale in 1981

    I saw both the qualifying round at New Cross and the final at Harringay. I have to say I am not sure why Harringay was chosen. Harringay had closed in 1954, so it was a bit of curious choice. The only other meeting held there that year was the Provincial League Riders' Championship final. And they were the last two meetings ever held at Harringay. The qualifying round at New Cross did give us the chance to seeing foreign riders we might not otherwise have seen. I remember seeing the Finnish rider, Timo Laine, for example.
  6. If you wish to find out more about Clem Beckett, I can highly recommend the book, Clem Beckett Motorcycle Hero and War Legend, by Rob Hargreaves, published by Pen and Sword Military in 2022.
  7. norbold

    Your First World Final

    1963, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1978, 1981.
  8. norbold

    Your First World Final

    1963 for me. Ove's fourth win.
  9. norbold

    Interval Attractions

    Talking of end of season fireworks reminds me that the main attraction at any end of season meeting where Johnnie Hoskins was promoter was burning his hat!
  10. norbold

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    Doug Wyer is the first one younger than me. I feel like quite a youngster now compared to you and Split!
  11. norbold

    Leicester 1959

    Thanks, E.I. I was at both of those meetings.
  12. norbold

    Leicester 1959

    Thanks, BL. Do you know how many attended West Ham's opening meeting in 1964?
  13. norbold

    Leicester 1959

    I said "like that", not exactly the same as that! For example, North v. Midlands would be "like that".
  14. norbold

    Leicester 1959

    I did enjoy PL meetings. It was all speedway! I suppose the only thing I missed about the NL in 63 was seeing the big names like Ove Fundin, Barry Briggs and, for me, Split Waterman. I have no idea how Hackney gates compared. I never went to Norwich and, during 1963&4, only once to Wimbledon (to see a London v. Midlands match - why don't we have meetings like that any more!?). New Cross's gates were very poor in 1963 and led to them folding up during the season. It has been said that the crowds didn't come because they had been used to seeing the top riders.
  15. norbold

    Leicester 1959

    Incidentally, BOBBATH, as far as the PL was concerned, as well as going to Hackney every week in 1963&4 (see my comment above) I did also, of course, support New Cross in their 1963 PL days and went there every week as well, so it wouldn't really be true to say I wasn't "into the PL".

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