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  1. 18 hours ago, old bob at herne bay said:


    My 95 year old father passed away  at the weekend, and as a lifelong West Ham supporter we were thinking of playing the marching on  tune at his funeral. Trouble is I cannot remember it - I'm forever blowing bubbles is one I remember but i don't think that was the marching on music? Anyone on here can help please ?  

    It was Imperial Echoes. (I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles was/is the football team's song.)

  2. 1 hour ago, kevin bass said:

    It's also hissing it down in Suffolk this morn, 10 miles outside of Ipi and it's been constant for the last couple of hrs.

    Meanwhile just south of Suffolk in North Essex, we've had a bit of rain - not much - and it's stopped now.


    Edit: Ooops...it's just started again. Maybe they should call it off!

  3. 22 minutes ago, GeneralMelchett said:

    Well regardless of Buster and his early preventative call offs it is raining North of Colchester / south of Ipswich - It suggests it should be cleared by early PM today buts lets see! I hope its on tonight at Foxhall anyway!

    It's on the Ipswich Website that it's been postponed. Seems a bit premature though as the forecast is that the rain will clear by 4 p.m. I was actually planning to go tonight as well.....

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  4. 3 hours ago, chunky said:

    Please note, the first names I have listed are the names they rode under. So, Split doesn't count as it was a nickname, and Squire doesn't count as he never used it!

    Middle names ARE acceptable, as they are part of the legal name, as are variations (Joshua/Josh, Valentine/Val etc).

    I was replying to BL65's post not yours, which is why I quoted it.

  5. 4 hours ago, BL65 said:

    Plus some who used 'unique' nicknames:
    Bat (Bernard) Byrnes
    Blos (Kenneth) Bromfield
    Gruff (Cecil) Garland
    Bunny (Bernard) Wilcox
    Dilly (David) Gittins
    Tyburn Gallows (Raymond Humphrey)
    Sandy (Alexander) McGillivray
    Dai (David) Evans
    Dink (David) Philpotts
    (Crocky) Emerson Rawding
    Butch (John) Williams
    Clarrie (Clarence) Eldridge

    Split (Squire Francis) Waterman

  6. 43 minutes ago, Split said:

    It's interesting that Murray Briggs assumed the surname, Burt. He obviously didn't want to be confused with Wayne ;)

    I thought you might have mentioned Squire Francis Waterman, Split!

  7. 7 hours ago, chunky said:

    That's interesting! I figured it had something to do with being a training track, but I had no idea the original track was that big!

    So, some extra information; the Rye House Open Trophy (basically a series of smaller individual events) on 23rd June, 1946, has most races run over three laps. It was only some of the event finals that were held over four laps. Most of the other meetings that season were run over three laps, but it looks like the Rye House-Norwich Juniors match on 21st July was a four-lap event. Strangely enough, the 'Consolation Scurry' held after that meeting featured TWO lap races...

    Pre-war, it appears that four laps was the standard.

    Thanks for that, Chunky. Yes, the earliest record I had to hand was from 1952 but I assumed the three lap tradition must have gone back to when they re-opened after the War. It is interesting though that some races were four laps.

    I knew that pre-War, four laps had been the standard.

  8. The tradition of running three laps at Rye House dated back at least to 1952 (probably earlier to the late 1940s) when it was just a training track. This was the original track which was 440 yards long.

    When the new track opened in 1958 it was only 325 yards but initially the races were still held over three laps. However, after just two weeks the traditional four lap races were instituted. The first four lap track record of 70.0 seconds was set up by Tommy Sweetman on on 17 August that year.

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