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  1. chrisssteeven

    New Museum Pics

    Nice photos thanks for sharing liked them very much.
  2. chrisssteeven

    Speedway Museum - Thanks!

    The Museum was the brainchild of the World Speedway Riders' Association. They approached the former rider and owner of Paradise Wildlife Park, Peter Sampson. Peter was an accomplished Speedway rider in the 1960’s and he rode for teams such as Rayleigh, Hackney, Rye House, Swindon and Newcastle. So when the idea of creating a Speedway Museum was suggested, Peter kindly offered it a home at Paradise. This museum project wouldn't have been possible without the World Speedway Riders' Association, Peter Sampson, plus the many Speedway fans around the country who contributed to raise funds for building the museum and we thank them all, including George and Linda Barclay for their fund raising efforts. George and Linda played a key role in establishing The Speedway Museum. The Speedway Museum is proud to have a number of former Speedway World Champions as life Vice Presidents. These are currently: Barry Briggs, Freddie Williams, Ivan Mauger, Ronnie Moore and Michael Lee.
  3. chrisssteeven

    John Erskine

    John Erskine, 17th Earl of Mar (died 29 October 1572), regent of Scotland, was a son of John, 5th Lord Erskine (died 1552), who was guardian of King James V, and afterwards of Mary, Queen of Scots. John succeeded his father as 6th Lord Erskine in 1552, and joined the religious reformers, but was never very ardent in the cause. He did subscribe to the letter asking the Calvinist reformer John Knox to return to Scotland in 1557. The custody of Edinburgh Castle was in his hands, and during the struggle between the regent, Mary of Guise, and the lords of the Congregation he appears to have acted consistently in the interests of peace. When Mary Stuart returned to Scotland in 1561 Lord Erskine was a member of her council, and he favored her marriage with Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, and his wife, Annabella Murray, called by Knox a "verray Jesabell", was a frequent companion of the queen. In 1565 Erskine was granted the earldom of Mar. As guardian of James, afterwards King James VI, he prevented the young prince from falling into the hands of James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, and when the Scottish nobles rose against Mary and Bothwell, Mar was one of their leaders; he took part in the government of Scotland during Marys imprisonment at Lochleven, and also after her subsequent abdication. In September 1571 he was chosen regent of Scotland, but he was overshadowed and perhaps slighted by the James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton, and he died at Stirling on 29 October 1572. He was succeeded by his son John Erskine, 2nd Earl of Mar.

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