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  1. Devil

    Telford Ice Speedway Returns !

    I agree shadders, will be deffo giving this one a miss at those prices
  2. Devil

    Telford Ice Speedway Returns !

    I have been told that you have to pay twice for this event, once for the afternoon meeting and then again for the evening meeting, can someone please tell me if this is the case
  3. Line-up: Nicki Glanz, Mark Simmonds, Seemond Stephens, Matt Bates, Jaimie Pickard, Ben Reade, David Gough (PLYM)(or Danny Stoneman BOUR.), Tom Brown, Gary Cottham, Richard Andrews WEY., Tony Atkin,(NEWPORT) Dean Felton (I.O.W.) Reserves: (from) Ross Walter, Bob Charles, Rhys Hooper. Read more: http://plymouthdevils.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=discussallthingsdevils&action=display&thread=773#ixzz12QYQrbfF
  4. thankyou very much Danish Webmaster on producing an excelent score card/spreadsheet for me to use today at Cardiff. Saves me buying an over-priced programme when all I want is the score card.
  5. [ not if you are a computer muppet like me its not
  6. is this spreadsheet available to anyone please?
  7. I would have thought that the last thing you would want to do is to take such young children to this event, the noise is deafening even for us adults. You can buy ear defenders but would such youngsters kep them in their ears.
  8. Can someone please tell me the link for free coverage of the Grand Prix on my computer. Many thanks

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