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  1. Thanks for race card
  2. Conner Mountain is number 1 for plymouth gladiators not scorpions
  3. Anyone done a race card for this please
  4. Anywhere I can get a printable race card for this please
  5. Devil

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Well if thats the case Ben Trigger only lives up the road from the track
  6. Devil

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Anders Rowe was at the press and practice with Jacob Hook but no announcement of a number 1 yet, still actively looking
  7. Devil

    Plymouth Gladiators 2024

    Nico Covetti is the last signing according to the Herald
  8. Devil

    Scunthorpe v Plymouth

    Cant quite put my finger on what is wrong with the gladiators at the moment, none of these lads go out to lose, after all nil points mean nil money BUT and its a big BUT something seriously needs to be done, there doesnt seem to be any team spirit, sadly lacking atmosphere, the loss of Joe didn't help but lately it just seems to be pay your money, watch a few processional heats and thats it, just my opinion obviously but the footfall has decreased dramatically long gone are the days you had to get there early to get your space
  9. Devil

    Plymouth Gladiators 2023

    Bens ban runs out on March 1st 2023
  10. Well I was there and it was publicly announced that Richie has signed for the gladiators for 2023, there is also a statement on the gladiators website to this effect
  11. Mark Phillips has just posted that its postponed

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