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  1. The White Knight


    A worthwhile article for the 'Spectator' and worth the read. Maybe it will encourage a few folk who have never heard of Speedway to visit a Track out of curiosity and maybe get hooked as I did all those years ago. I, for one, certainly hope so. Thanks for the Link Philip.
  2. The White Knight

    Quick Update...

    Well, I wasn't confining my arguments only to Chunky. You are right norbold, when you state that Chunky was one of John's minor attackers. There are, however, a few others on here who are not nearly so mild in their criticism, or should I say bullying (for that is what it is). I will not name them because you all know who they are.
  3. The White Knight

    Quick Update...

    You too moxey63.
  4. The White Knight

    Quick Update...

    Certainly not moxey63. You are definitely not the problem. I too am pleased I came on today. Believe me, it is a rare occasion these days.
  5. The White Knight

    Quick Update...

    Totally agree. The Forum is dominated by a number of self-opinionated folk. They will crash down on anyone who disagrees with them. Especially, it seems, if you are elderly like John. It is his treatment that was instrumental in my cutting back drastically on my time on this Forum. I have other things to do now. So it is immaterial to me what anyone thinks. I too, communicate with John by e-mail - I would far rather listen to what he has to say than read some of the nastiness to him on here. Anyway - that is my final Post on the subject - unless I feel the need to defend myself.
  6. The White Knight

    Quick Update...

    You've never said a truer word moxey63 - and it is a disgrace. The way someone in their high eighties was treated on this Forum was totally wrong. I used to enjoy most of John's Posts. Anyhow, that is why I don't bother to Post much these days. It's nice to know I am not alone.
  7. The White Knight

    Quick Update...

    Can't say as I blame him as you are on his back whenever he Posts on here.
  8. The White Knight

    Driving After Dark

    My health and night vision is fine. I preferred driving at night rather than during the daytime. My concentration levels are probably reduced by about 10% though, and to me anyway, that is a lot. Therefore - time to call it a day. This reply is prompted by ch958's comment. With all those 'folk' driving as they do these days, the last thing you need is someone with a reduced concentration on the roads.
  9. The White Knight

    Driving After Dark

    Well, I am 7 days short of being 76 years of age. I gave up driving a couple of months ago now because I felt my concentration is not what it used to be. I did not want to hurt anyone else, or myself, for that matter, and decided the time had come for me to give up. So I did, and have no real regrets about my decision. It's an individual thing, some should pack it in early or some can go on to a hundred if all is well with them. I believe the time was right for me.
  10. Phill, That seems a very good question to me.
  11. The White Knight

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Yes, there are one or two critics of our Country who don't even live here but criticize from afar. Shame on them.
  12. The White Knight


    He was indeed a super rider Steve. I wouldn't have been sure if it hadn't been for you though.. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your Posts.
  13. The White Knight

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Shame you are just dismissing your home Country. Whatever happened to patriotism?
  14. The White Knight


    I thought I glimpsed Geoff Curtis too. Steve. I wasn't certain until I read your Post.
  15. The White Knight

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I don't think I am attacking the wrong target. Good for Austria though - more strength to their elbow. Their Leader has impressed me at times, not so at other times - this time he is spot on. Good for him. United Europe - that's a laugh.

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